Card technology has been changing a lot and to know about new generation cards. You have to search all the time. We do for you a little bit easier and want to review four best cards before we get. Please hit the like button and motivate us with subscribing or comment Music number one. The bmw, ix3 hurls, a new era of the ultimate driving machine, explore the first all electric bmw sports activity, vehicles that combines the best of two worlds: the driving dynamics and premium quality of the bmw x3 and the increased performance and efficiency of the fifth generation. Bmw e drive technology with a range of up to 460 kilometers. The bmw is 3 sets new benchmarks, fully developed and all electric the bmw is already given the future and electrifying presents Music and number two. The new fiat 500 is a huge car for the turret car maker, not in physical terms, of course, at barely 3.6 meters, long, its still one of the smallest new cars on the road, but it does represent a commitment from fear towards electrification. The fact the new third generation model will be ev only means this little city car is under more pressure than ever to succeed its not as if the pure electric field 500 has the segment itself either or the richer style. Electric super mutants include their recent name. Top spec icon, trim 500 electric hatchback looks like a winner on paper. When the logitech 42k wh battery, you can achieve a wltp rated 199 miles on a single charge and thanks to 85 kw charging capacity, this 500 electric can recharge from zero to 80 percent.

In only 35 minutes and number three with a striking appearance, as well as a highly customizable and high tech interior, porsches electrified four door lives up to its premium pricing. The testing also does a remarkable job of reminding its pilot, their their a porch thanks to its living, steering, stone, composure and refined, ride, stomping and electricated to like firing a missile, except it can be done repeatedly while its brakes are great at corellian and that quickness They lack the regenerative properties of traditional evs and the pedal has a massive feel: Music, Music, Music, good Applause boom. Music number: four: the id3 brings you a connection with your vehicle like never before organized you when you approach the vehicle, thats creepy, with the key with the optional keyless advanced. Looking anna stockton system, the optional front, mattress led headlines, the ridleys volkswagen logo and the additional lightening lead into the logo from the sides. Few tristicks from front to back in perfect form the brand new look continues seamlessly in an interior, futuristic, comfortable and convenient all things to enlighten, seeks plenty of leg room, a design dispensing with a central tunnel and a large touch display, as well as the ideal light And a dippable ambient lighting and number five with a near ideal, blender performance, driving range and accessible pricing. The 2022 tesla model 3 is in a literary vehicle that lies to the hype, its fast, especially the performance stream that its air drive means.

The model 3 is an eevee that driving enthusiasts like us can get behind. The driving range is an impressive 358 miles per charge on the mid level. Long range trim so its not necessarily to change the model 3. Every day, its all attractive entry, price, doesnt unlock the model, 3s full potential dev and its fit and finish dont quit match alternatives such as the tv bolt and forward mustang, still theres, no more expensive way to park, one of teslas groundbreaking evs in the diabetes. We are at the end of this video and thanks for watching this video we are appreciating if you also subscribe to our youtube channel, make sure youre leaving comments. We want to hear from you as well.