However, today japanese car makers seem to be warming up to the zero emission movement and are planning on going all electric in the next decade. Lets analyze the latest news and review upcoming japanese models that will roll off production lines beyond 2022 latest additions to hondas electrified lineup are represented by a next generation. Hrv crossover with a hybrid powertrain for the 2022 model year. The vehicle got a redesigned body with body, colored, grille, thin, led headlights and a sloping roofline with a tiny rear, spoiler. The suvs powertrain is represented by a 1.5 liter atkinson cycle i4 engine that works in tandem with two electric motors. The combined output of the powertrain adds up to 131 horsepower and 187 pound feet of torque, while the european market is only getting a hybrid model. The brands plans for the chinese market are much more exciting. They include the sales of the e ns 1 and e n p 1, electric crossovers that are to be produced with two chinese manufacturing partners. These models fully retain the design of the new hr v, with the exception of a closed off radiator grille and the presence of the charging port. The differences on the inside are minimal too ens, 1 and enp 1 could be distinguished by a larger 10.25 inch. Digital cluster and 15.2 inch center display installed for easier access to numerous multimedia and driver safety features. Both models are to be built on the brands, all new eevee dedicated architecture.

They will come equipped with a 201 horsepower front mounted electric motor and a 68.8 kilowatt hour battery unit. This powertrain setup will reportedly provide up to 310 miles of riding with the top speed limited to 93 miles per hour en lineup is likely to be updated with at least three new models over the next five years. These models may look similar to extremely futuristic concepts called the en coupe, the en suv and the en gt Music. The bz4x crossover will be the first model in the toyotas new electric beyond xero sub brand. The crossover is to be offered in either a front wheel. Drive or an all wheel drive configuration, the former will come with a 201 horsepower electric motor. This setup generates 195 pound feet of torque, can supply 0 60 acceleration in 8.4 seconds and will top out at the 100 mile per hour speed the all wheel drive configuration? Will be equipped with a dual motor system, a separate electric motor reserved for each axle, thus resulting in a slightly higher output of 215 horsepower and 247 pound feet of torque. The top speed for this configuration remains unchanged, while the 0 60 acceleration is lowered to 7.7 seconds. Both models are supplied with a 71.4 kilowatt hour battery pack, that is hidden beneath the vehicles floor. It will provide about 220 miles of riding and will support a regenerative. Braking feature as well as ccs2 fast charging. The innovations in this model will span far beyond the powertrain.

Bz4X will feature a variety of safety and driver assistance systems, as well as next generation multimedia connectivity features that can be brought up through the 12 inch touchscreen. It seems that toyota bz4x wont remain the brands only full electric vehicle for long as on the 12th of december, the president of toyota motor corporation held a media briefing with an intent of presenting the future eevee development strategy. The new strategy implies the introduction of 30, fully electric cars and suvs to the lexus and toyota brands by 2030, as well as an increase of investments in battery development and production to 2 trillion yen. The list of vehicles on the show floor contained the upcoming representatives of the beyond zero lineup, a compact suv, a small crossover, a midsize sedan and, finally, a large suv with three rows of seats. The showroom floor also found enough space to preview. A variety of conceptual vehicles that look like electrified versions of brands, current vehicles, including a tacoma sized truck with a two tone, white and black paint job and no radiator grille, as well as an electric fj cruiser. According to the companys president, the toyota will pay great attention to power efficiency of their compact vehicles and strive for the power consumption of 200 watt hours per mile. Traveled Music nissans ambitions in the ev segment span way further than the introduction of the arya suv. The company has recently announced the nissan ambition 2030 program. This development strategy involves a 17.

7 billion dollar investment in the electrification of the brands lineup and the supposed launch of 50 new all electric vehicles by 2030. The future of nissan evs will be built on the basis of the cmf ev platform that utilizes an innovative approach to the integration of body elements, chassis and battery modules. The platform will have a skateboard like structure, be suitable for holding solid state batteries and can be used for building vehicles of different types. The versatility of this platform was highlighted by means of presenting four conceptual vehicles belonging to different classes, a crossover vehicle, a compact suv, a two seater performance vehicle and a small pickup truck. All models can boast a low center of gravity, a utilization of the advanced e force and pro pilot technologies, as well as futuristic interiors with tech aimed at keeping the passengers safe and entertained. Although the production models may not keep all of the striking features of these concepts, the fact that nissan is planning on releasing new models with solid state batteries and advanced safety features should get any fan of. Japanese vehicles excited about the future of evs, the official unveiling of subaru soltera marked the beginning of yet another cooperation between subaru and toyota. Since toyota now owns about 20 of subaru, their efforts beyond the joint production of subaru brz and toyota, gr86 models were only a matter of time, the brands. First, all electric suv is to be built on the e tnga platform, that is to be shared with a variety of upcoming toyota models.

The solterras powertrain consists of two electric motors offering 215 horsepower of combined output. The torque indicator is set at 248 pound feet. The powertrain was fine tuned to offer superior power delivery in both city and off road driving conditions when taking the roads less traveled. This subaru suv would greatly benefit from 8.3 inches of ground clearance brands. Signature symmetrical all wheel, drive system as well as hill ascent and descent assist features. The power to the motor is supplied by a 71.4 kilowatt hour battery pack. It can provide up to 220 miles of riding while capturing some of the energy via a range of regenerative braking modes in the cabin you get 126 cubic feet of passenger space seating for five and an ample amount of legroom. Thanks to the nearly flat floor. The vehicles cargo carrying capabilities are represented by 30 cubic feet of space, since lexus is planning to exclusively sell electric vehicles, starting from 2035, the toyotas press briefing was used to showcase a variety of conceptual vehicles by lexus 2.. The lineup consisted of an electrified sedan, an electrified suv and probably the most attention grabbing piece. The electrified sport model. This supercar was greatly inspired by lexus lfa the brands famed two seat supercar. Unlike its ice predecessor, this model will be all electric and equipped with solid state batteries. The vehicles powertrain will reportedly provide the zero to sixty mile per hour sprints in the low two second range, while maintaining the range estimations of 400 miles.

Even though we would like to see the lfa successor as soon as possible, the title of the first, all electric lexus will go to rz 450e. This electric crossover has been officially previewed by the manufacturer and its official presentation is to take place in the upcoming months. The information about the rz450e is scarce, but we can already tell that it will be based on the lfz electrified concept that was presented earlier this year. Just to briefly review. The concept was using a dual motor powertrain with an innovative direct 4 all wheel, drive system. The system output was 536 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque, since the model could be using the etnga platform. The 90 kilowatt hour battery may be installed underneath the vehicle, thus leaving more leg room for passengers and allowing up to 373 miles of non stop driving Music. Modern vehicles rely so heavily on information technology that its not surprising that such tech giants as sony are considering the development of automotive products, sony vision. S is an electric sedan concept that has been co developed with the austrian automobile manufacturer called magnestaya. The vehicles powertrain is supplied by magna and is represented by two electric motors. With a combined output of 536 horsepower. The dual motor powertrain can propel this vehicle from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds and offer the top speed of 150 miles per hour. The sedans battery capacity is undisclosed at the time, but the range estimations will reportedly be set at about 280 miles.

The lavish technological package is supplied by sony. The company is currently testing a safety system that utilizes 40 sensors to continuously monitor the road at over 1 000 feet distance. The autonomous driving features with 5g connectivity support are also being tested inside. You will find a large panoramic screen as well as infotainment screens for passengers sitting in the back seats. The vehicle will use 360 reality audio and cloud technologies to bring the best quality media playback. During the official unveil at ces 2020, the company stated that the vision s will not go into serial production and will only be used as a canvas for testing various types of automotive tech, infotainment systems and autonomous driving technologies. Still, multiple press releases suggest that the company continues the development and road testing of this vehicle. So could it be that sony may soften their stance and end up selling this vehicle to the public? Are we in for a real treat? Well, just have to wait to find out Music after a series of delays. The deliveries of nissan aria have been confirmed for the summer of 2022. The crossover will arrive with the bold design styling that was first previewed by the arya concept at the 2019 tokyo motor show. The design language developed for this model is referred to by the manufacturer as the timeless japanese futurism. The arya crossover is to be offered in four core modifications. Two of them will have a two wheel drive, while the other two are to be supplied with an all wheel, drive system.

The main distinction between the two wheel drive models is the capacity of the battery unit youll get to choose between a 63 and an 87 kilowatt hour battery pack that can offer 188 and 277 miles of range respectively. Both battery packs will be paired with a single 218 horsepower. Electric motor, the all wheel, drive models are to be equipped with a twin electric motor powertrain that is geared towards performance rather than the longer driving range. Its output is raised to 306 horsepower, so the zero to 60 mile per hour sprint would take just 5.1 seconds, while the top speed is set at 124 miles per hour inside arya offers a cabin with minimalist styling an ample amount of passenger space, as well as Great technological equipment, namely a pair of 12.3 inch screens that are stretched across the vehicles dashboard. Finally, the brands latest infotainment system with built in alexa new pro pilot 2.0 driver assists also deserve a mention, unlike the majority of japanese automakers, that used a more conservative approach to electrification and chose the development of hybrid and fuel cell vehicles as their first step towards Zero emission future mazda took a plunge into the battery electric vehicle development right away, the brands first battery electric vehicle is called the mx 30 and it was carried out in a form of a sub compact crossover with a coupe body. Design. Mazdas original idea was to create a city commuting vehicle, so the specifications offered by this crossover could be described as nothing else, but humble the powertrain is capable of producing just 144 horsepower and 200 pound feet of torque granting the 0 60 mile per hour.

Acceleration time of 9.7 seconds and the top speed of 87 miles per hour. Moreover, this motor is coupled with a 35.5 kilowatt hour battery pack, so the real world range estimations are set at just 100 miles. Since for the majority of drivers, the range is the most worrisome aspect of owning an ev, starting with the 2022 model year. Mx 30 will get a supplementary wankel rotary engine. It will serve as a gasoline range extender, Music being a manufacturer of one of the most popular plug in hybrid suvs in the world. The mitsubishis venture into the all electric segment was inevitable for this endeavor. The company resorted to the help of gac their joint venture partner from china mitsubishis front wheel. Drive crossover is to be motivated by a 181 horsepower electric motor. It will form a tandem with a 70 kilowatt hour battery pack. The pack was placed in the center of the floor with an aim of achieving favorable weight, distribution and a low center of gravity. Estimated range on a charge will be close to 230 miles. Thanks to the suvs long wheelbase, the interior will provide ample room for five passengers. The horizontal infotainment will be one of the most notable high tech features in the interior, while the seats will have soft padding and two tone upholstery with intricate stitching. At the moment. The air trek ev is to be exclusively offered in china, while the plans for international availability have not been announced at the time which iconic, japanese vehicles.