Just do a quick run through of what i think its like to drive. The kia cell ev price starts at 34 995 pounds on the road. It uses a 64 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery the motor produces 201 brake horsepower and ‘5 newton meters of torque. It has a fully electric driver range of up to 218 miles and 0 to 62 miles per hour, takes 7.6 seconds visually. I think this car is quite striking, actually and also inside its kind of cool. If you dont see that many souls around everythings laid out eventually actually and pretty clear to read, i think thats, a nice touch a bit of trim there by the door handles. I, like that and im forever kind of rubbing it as well. Thats cool inside theres, plenty of room for me and your feet go right underneath the seats which are good, theres loads of room in the rear here loads of room. It reminds me sitting in the rear this, like the original mercedes benz, a class when you could get the long and the short wheelbase version. This reminds me of the long wheelbase version of how much leg room, ive got and headroom and overall room could fit three of me in here quite easily. Everybody just noticed in the race got that as well. Nice. I suppose to remember that this is an electric car when you press the start button to start it up. You hear this Music and for when you turn it off as well.

Music, its nice comfy seats, actually ive only just noticed that soul is written embossed in the leather there, when you just notice that nice touch so whats good with this song is that you almost feel, as though or i almost feel as im driving in a like. A butch off road kind of vehicle because the fight is just dead straight in front of me, which is good for town driving, because i can see both the offside and the near side front wing, the edge of the wing. So if it comes to things like you know, parking or getting through gaps, thats actually quite good visibility, all around its a lot of glass in here. So you see everything steering wise its quite light and its a bit ive said it before with other vehicles. Other cars really youre going to be checking one of these around not really im going to be driving it sensibly, and for that the steering is fine might be well, as i say, might be a bit light. But i dont even think that, because i do like light steering when its you know, when you travel at slow speeds and then obviously for it to weight up when youre traveling at faster speeds lets see what its like around this bend. Its light, its initially light, but i wouldnt say its a bad thing, so im just driving in economical mode at this moment in time. What i will do is ill click, the drive mode into sport and see what oh throttle the throttles definitely become more responsive.

What i do is just touch the accelerator pedal, blimey, thats, quick seriously hanging about this car doesnt. Do i kind of demonstrate its national speed limit road, so i will slow down to all of 35 miles an hour plant it there. You go 60.. What i do likes the sound starship enterprise weve got the paddles behind the steering wheel, which increases the regen with the braking, which i actually quite like it on its highest level. So driving down this hill, its actually quite steep, but ive got it that i dont. Actually have to hit the brake pedal as soon as i take my foot off the accelerator, whilst its recharging the batteries at the same time, its breaking, so i dont actually have to touch the brake, its effortless driving, really um. You dont have to be dynamic driver. I just think that doing you know a to z, driving easy and actually quite planted as well, but if you could be potter around tight, its actually gon na be very pleasurable because of like supportive dimensions. The fact that i can see basically all around in this in this car – and i also kind of think the fact that there isnt any wind noise, its very quiet in here – know theres a harman kardon stereo system in here um, which i havent i havent turned On because of any time, um so ill be giving it back, but just my first impressions of just driving this is very pleasant, its very easy, its, not a very sophisticated word is it, but i suppose well nowadays, as people want definitely an electric car anyway, guys Support those with a short video um, i hope you enjoyed it.

Please, like put your comments down below. If youve got any questions and i always say whatever youre driving, i hope its really enjoyable take care and ill see you for the next video bye for now.