Today i want to introduce you to guys to gv60, which in the usa will be out in the spring of 2022 and also in the rest of the world. So my friend has been using his new car for the last two weeks and there are five things that he absolutely want to share with you guys about gv60, which i would call the future of the ev. The first thing to highlight is the battery gv60 boasts a battery capacity of 77.4 kilowatts, which should do 451 kilometers 280 miles my owner friend, charged 49.62 kilowatts. That is 64 percent of the total capacity in one go. It took 7 hours 36 minutes in a slow charging station. I hope the fast charging stations will roll out more in near future. What was striking is that it only cost 12 000 korean won thats only 10 us dollars to charge 272 kilometers 169 miles at 92. Battery charge, the genesis connected ab showed me that i could drive up to 430 kilometers 267 miles thats. Why? I think we should all consider buying an ev for our next car and also genesis gv60 gives their nice little touch here with lights, and one thing i have to say that really freaked me out. The security here is really really good, because right now, of course, the profile installed is of my friend, not mine, because this is not my car. So i was boring during daytime to record some youtube videos and then because i did not turn on the engine.

What happened was it immediately sent a message in his mobile app that somebody broke into the car and also this car start alarming as well like this whole car park? Probably if somebody walked past theyll think im a thief, so the security is really good with the key. You are able to drive the car, and this is the white version. There is a black version as well and with this monkey you can drive the car. You can use the heater and so on. However, i realize you cant get this middle display 12.3 inch display, which will show you the gps and so on. You cant activate this middle display, as far as i can see. So yes, the security here is excellent. Super fortified, what makes genesis gv60 stand out from the eevee crowd is the added premium design at the center. The crystal sphere is the design from future. The color of the crystal sphere, as well as the entire interior, can of course be changed. Something very special for an evening ride and the 12.3 dual monitors. The one in front of the steering wheel gives very clear indication of the status of gv60 and the 12.3 inch monitor in the middle provides genesis. Infotainment system that can be controlled by genesis touch controller. Very beautiful the screen in itself, of course, is a touch screen as well, so in the floating console where the genesis touch controller and crystal sphere is set, did you notice the hexagonal patterned aluminium interior materials? It looks very luxurious and that is part of signature design.

Selection 2 that he went for which includes napa leather seats. It also has piping as well, and also synthetic leather interior materials for crash pad top of door, trims, etc, and this wait for it. It is a diffuser. You can enjoy armor therapy inside gv60 for color of the interior. He went for camel beige and monstera green two tone color and that gave contrasting taste to mate home white that you see in the outer design as standard in the drivers seat. You do get lumbar support very comfortable for the driver and front seats. All include ventilation as well as heater and the backseat has individual heating system as well perfect for right now in the winter and right now, im in the back seat and one thing that i have to say: ive been the passenger of this car. For the last two weeks, as you can see, it is very spacious because its a navy car there is no island here. So you do get a full space here, very spacious and also you do get the speaker, bengals and speaker here and also at the bottom and also at the back. So you definitely do get the big surrounding sound from bang and wolfson 17 speaker system, and also you do get that individual air con at the back here as well as over there and you do get the cup holder. You do get all your window control, seat, heat control, which i absolutely love, because it is really freezing here right now and you do get the space here and also over here as well.

So, even at the backseat you do get a lot of luxury with the cup holder here as well, which can be tucked right in gv60. As an ev, you would expect some smart driving a system package. So one thing i really liked doing was asking the car directly for anything press, the speaking button and then ask naturally – and i have to say it was as good and natural as google assistant or siri peter, and the 12.3 inch monitor you get in front of The steering wheel, which also gets heated for winter there was definitely enough room for a lot of driving assistant options. So my friend went for driving a system package 1., which includes a blind spot view, monitor, surround view, monitor ar navigation parking collision avoidance assist and what we enjoyed for driving a system package, one which is recommended for urban driving is that you do get the remote Smart parking assist so with the smart key. If you are packed in a very tight space, then you can press the button to get your car moving out of the parking space so that you have enough room to actually get inside a car. On a side note driving a system package too, apparently thats better for those who drive for long distance in highways, which includes lane changing assist and so on. The third and the final option that my friend went for is bang and wolfson high resolution. Sound system, which includes 17 speakers and banger wolfson sound system, is definitely my friends favorite option.

He thinks its definitely worth the money you pay for Music, hey guys so right now, im in the trunk side and also the back seat super spacious. It really does feel like my own room, and you guys know that gv60 is a crossover suv, so you do get a comfort car, but you also get the space for the utility as well, and here you do get a pretty big space. I am 170 centimeters. So i am rather a big girl and yes, i can we. I can definitely sleep here comfortably and when you do camp out here, you might think. Oh how about your luggage? Well, you do get luggage space here below me and also at the front as well, and the reclination is super comfortable. Well, this is the maximum. It goes, which i do find very, very comfortable. So i hope you guys enjoyed my review of genesis. Gv60. It is the future of the eevee, and i think this car really shows where genesis brand is heading towards. I do really like genesis brand. It does add, touch to all the little details of luxury that you find inside a car as well as the beautiful design outside the car. So if you guys do have any questions about genesis gv60, then do ask me below, because a worldwide sale for genesis gv60 will start from the spring of 2022. So im really excited im, really excited to find out what you guys think about this car and ill come back with some other very interesting gadget reviews.