So this is the new mercedes, benz vision, eqxx, the most efficient mercedes benz ever made – and this is the most efficient electric car also ever made. So this is just crazy, so the vision eqx is the future of electric cars, how it sees mercedes benz going into the future. So here we can see these extremely aerodynamic vehicle, which we will take a look in the wind tunnel shortly. So first we will take a look at the exterior, then in the wind tunnel and also the interior, and if you like, this video dont forget to subscribe, like this video and turn on all notifications, so real notified for all new videos so lets take a look At the front of the vehicle, so here you can see completely different design than what we saw with other eq models, for example the eqs in terms of the size, the eq access is also smaller than the eqs. So this is similar to the c class size and, as you can see, it has a really extremely aerodynamic design and also we have we have some new design elements such as, for example, the mercedes stars in the headlights. So the light signature is also very unique. So you know that this is a different car, smaller bars, for example, in the sedans, but also here the tree led like a star shape. So i really think this is a really great direction which they are going with the eqxx and with this design.

Also, here you can see the fully closed rims, and this is because of the aerodynamics, as we will see in the wind tunnel, the parts where are the rims and also tires where the wheels its the most problematic one of the most romantic in terms of the Airflow, so here from this side, you can see how the car is shaped and also its going really extremely down and in terms of the rear. Also, the mirrors are very sculptured, so they are the best for the aerodynamics. What is also best for the aerodynamics is this rear shape so going to the back. The air turbulence needs to be as smooth as possible, and thanks to that, we can see this sharp edge. Also, the mercedes benz star batch is painted on the paint, so its not physical badge, and here you can see the light signature it has like uh, the edge of the vehicle are the lights. So let me know what you think about this tail lamps design. Let me know in the comment section down below and the vision: eqx is not just a design concept. This car will also drive very efficiently so now in the wind tunnel, and the range of this car will be more than 1000 kilometers thats more than 620 miles and really crazy. Efficient energy consumption will be less than 10 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers or efficiency of more than six miles per kilowatt hour. So here you can see the airflow around the car in the wind tunnel.

Here you can see on the tablet the airflow around the wheels and also the top of the vehicle so now the rear. Why is it shaped like this? Its because of the airflow as everything about this car is depending on the airflow and also really curious thing? Is this rear diffuser, which can actually extend and then make the diffuser footprint much larger and it will extend above 60 kilometers per hour in this 37 miles per hour. So here you can see also on the tablet, the airflow and here with the wind tunnel. These are, we can see the really benefit of this design, so here you can see that the air is traveling very easily around the vehicle. So the cd value of drag coefficient is point 17, so really crazy numbers the eqs in the best option for the aerodynamic spec has point 20, so point zero, three cd more – and this is a huge difference. So here, as you can see, these extendable rear diffuser really helps with the airflow. Definitely and also it looks cool. In my opinion, it looks very sporty, so overall, design of the vehicle is much more sporty like looking than, for example, the eqs. The class is more like a luxury vehicle. This one is more like efficient, slash, sporty design. It has like a lot of mix also of the a concept which was revealed before so really great design. In my opinion, also, the car has energy efficiency of 95 percent and it can have the solar panels on the roof, which can give you up to 25 kilometers of range on long distance journeys.

So the weight of the vehicle is also much lower than, for example, the eqs thats because its the smaller car, but also because the batteries are now 50 smaller and 30 percent, lighter than, for example, in the eqs, but still having 100 kilowatts of usable power and Thats, because of the mercedes benz, currently collaboration with the high performance powertrain formula, one team from mercedes they joined forces together and create much better batteries, and also the electric drive is lightweight and very extremely efficient. The power output is 150 kilowatts. So now we can take a look at the interior, which is also revolutionary Music. All right so now lets take a look at the interior. You can see the familiar steering wheel, but also with new design elements and brand new seats. These are lightweight seats, as you can see here completely new design and they are lightweight so, for example, you can see the cut out in the seat. We have also some rose gold details. As always, it is very nice dark blue dynamica, which is alcantara material, and here you can see the air vents also with completely new design. They are like a scene through so really great and completely new design. We can say, move the mercedes benz, so the interior features a large number of innovative materials which are sourced from startup around the world. For example, the door posts are made from am silk, biosteel, fiber, high strength, biotechnology based and certified vegan, silk like fabric and a lot of rose gold, as you can see here as well and underneath the interior is incorporated.

The ambient light as well in these stripes also, what is new, is this slimmer but longer display, as you can see, behind the steering wheel. So it has a really huge. This planet is one display, so this display is long and it is in one piece in equals. You can find three displays under one glass, but here its one displayed its thinner, but its larger, as you can see across whole interior. So this is also something new. You can see here so let me know what you think about this here. You can see some animations, for example, for the road trip, and here is the steering wheel, which you know from mercedes models. This is like amg line, but with these chrome elements in the lower part and also dark blue dynamica looks really great here. You can see also this new eq x, x, vision, animation and sounds the invitation sounds are new. The whole interface has been remade. Also, if you have a rotary plant thousand kilometers 620 miles, thats quite a load, i would say i usually drive a lot with the car. Actually more than 90 percent of my driving are long distance drives and i have to say thousand kilometers to do it in one day its pretty challenging – and i would say 1050 in one day – is my record, which i did. Of course, you can do more, but i would say, with recharging with fast charging. This will be sufficient for really long journeys and range anxiety, which is usual for the electric cars will be not anymore with this vehicle.

Here you can see also the calculations which the car makes and showing you energy usage and efficiency, consumption of the energy. So, thanks to that, the car can drive long distance and have really really efficient, and i believe it will be also quiet because the aerodynamic sound which the car cuts through the air also you can hear it in the vehicles when i was driving the eqs. The car was very silent thanks to the aerodynamic design, and this one is even more aerodynamic, so the drag of the arrow should be even better and thats why the car would be even quieter in the interior and also for this car bridgestone developed, low resistance tires. This will also have it rolling on the tarmac and therefore give you more range and yeah. The everything is working together very very nicely here. You can see the advanced animations. It looks really really futuristic. So let me know what you think about this cockpit. In the comment section down below all right guys so thats, it first look at the vision, eqx this revolution in the electric vehicles. Let me know what you think about this vehicle in the comment section down below. I will see you soon in the next video subscribe and turn on. All notifications are notified for all new videos.