This is the latest electric cargo, three wheeler in the indian market and possibly the most advanced yet, and we are here to find out what it is. All about i, for one am super excited to take it out for a spin, so lets go three wheeling when looked at from a distance, the euler hylo tv looks like well a cargo three wheeler well thats, simply because it follows this generic formula of making a Cargo three wheeler that is having a single seater compact cabin up front, a single wheel up front and at the rear, youve got the loading bay. However, when you look at the details, you realize that its not really your normal three wheeler, your normal cargo, three wheeler youve got lots of design details on the vehicle up front. You will see this black cladding that runs across the entire front. Fascia in them is integrated the headlamps the oil logo is placed on them. You also got some reflectors on it, and down youve got the bumper and also youve got the black colored mudguard. The vehicle is finished in a shade of white. Now look at the headlamps, so you will notice that this one comes with a projector headlamp. Yes, those are not leds. Those are halogen units. However, it is a projector unit and having a projector headlamp on a three wheeler is a segment first, so kudos to euler. On that end, now lets talk about the rest of the vehicle.

So when you look at it from the side profile, it looks like a normal generic three wheeler. As i said earlier, the principle the formula followed is still the same. However, there are slight little cuts and creases and of course, youve got the graphics that set it apart. Youve got the hi lo tv written in bold on the door also got the electric logo and some graphics to distinguish it from a normal three wheeler. So this, when you look at it, you will know that its an electric vehicle. Also, if you have an eye for detail when you look at the euler hi lo dv from the side profile, you will look at a few things: the mechanicals working underneath the body. So sandwich between the beams of the chassis youve got all the electricals working youve got the battery pack. Youve got the motor youve got the gearbox all working together, so this also is visible from the outside. Also on the left side of the vehicle, you also got the charging slot, so youve got a normal home charger. Now do keep in mind that this one does not come with an external charger, so its just a normal cable that connects the 5 amp socket at your house and the euler high load ev. So its just a cable that runs between the two. There is no adapter or charger in between everything has been integrated into the electric three wheeler, and that again is a great thing placed right.

Next to that, socket is another port for you to plug in your dc fast charger. Euler has some chargers installed across the country so right now they have more than 200 charging stations and are building up that they are ramping up that number very fast. So you can plug in this electric three wheeler into one of those fast chargers, and that will give you just enough juice to give you 50 kilometers of range within just 15 minutes of charging. So that again is a great thing on this vehicle. Now lets. Take a look at the most important aspect of this vehicle, the rear end and the cargo bay at the rear end. It is a pretty simple affair, so under the load bay youve got this little part that houses the indicators, the reverse lights and the tail lamps and thats pretty much it when it comes to the design now lets get to the loading bay, so youve got four Different variants when it comes to the high load ev this here is a pickup vehicle configuration. So youve got this pickup truck like bed at the rear, so you can load up a lot of stuff on it. Now, all the configurations have a payload capacity, a rated capacity of 688 kilograms. This again is the highest in the segment. Now this here is the open load configuration so most of it is walled except the upper half, so you can load lots of things in it.

So this can be used for various configurations: various loads like probably gas, cylinders, water cans, etc. This one currently houses water cans. You can fill it up uh to the top as well. There are two other configurations available. One is a flat bed, so you get nothing but a flat bed at the rear. You can build up whatever you would like on that, or you can load that up as well and then youve got another one called the delivery vehicle where everything is enclosed and well that can be used for perishables or whatever items you want to transport. So these are the configurations available with the high load, ev and well in terms of design and features. That was it, this being a bare bones vehicle we shouldnt be expecting much on the inside, but should we Music now, as i was saying earlier, its a bare basic vehicle? However, in here there are a few things that set it apart from the competition a few segments first, however, before we get to that lets talk about the overall layout, how it feels in here. Firstly, it feels very basic. It feels what you need is your nothing much, nothing less so the door as you can see its finished in a very basic paint job, so what the exposed welds the exposed, seams, etc. Now keep in mind that this is a pre production vehicle. This is not how it will make it to the production line.

So when you buy one of this, this is not how it will come to you. It will be more refined, more finish, more polished, etc. Now this is how we open the window on this and thats how it locks up and uh well theres, nothing much else on the door. So youve got this little lever here on the door that you pull and thats. What opens the door for you and that is it with the door now lets get to what you see when youre sitting in this seat. So you get to see this dashboard youve got this blacked out element over here. That gives a good contrast to the white paint job on the vehicle on the cabin and then youve got this handlebar. So youve got this brushed aluminium finish. Actually it is an industrial aluminum finish. So this has been done on purpose is what euler tells us, and then youve got this switch gear here. So its pretty simple is the basics. Again, youve got the indicators which youve got the high end, low beam switch and the horn switch over here and over here is a little switch. That controls the drive modes, just three drive modes – that youve got neutral, youve got reverse and youve got forwards, and that is it. These are the controls on the vehicle. Also, you get a few switches over here. Youve got the switches for the hazard lamp for the parking light and for the headlamp, as well as the wiper down here integrated into the dashboard.

Youve got a cubby hole here and also a lockable storage compartment on the right side. Now youve got this. This is the most important feature on this vehicle inside this vehicle, at least. So this is a telematics solution. That is a segment feature first again, of course, youve got telematics in other competitors as well, but this one has a few features that set it apart. So lets turn it on. First of all, so when you turn it on, the first thing it says, is sanity checks, loading so well. What thats doing is yep now its ready sanity checks. Loading is basically its preparing the systems, checking all systems, checking all sensors, etc, and now the display has turned on it displays the battery level. It displays the speed it displays the time and lot of other things. Also, when you switch the drive mode, so you switch it to drive and it goes to d on the instrument cluster and then you switch it to reverse. It goes to reverse and that that is the reverse uh sound that this vehicle makes. Also. You have the telltale lights for the indicator and the high beam etc on this very instrument console now. What sets this, apart from the rest, is the capacity to have over the air updates. So this instrument cluster receives over the air updates through a machine to machine sim card that is integrated into the vehicle, its hidden behind the dashboard, and this allows it to get over the air updates for various reasons for various functions.

Even you can also get over the air updates for other functions like the mapping for the electric motor, so you can map it to produce more power or increase the range etc. So all this can be done via over. There updates also some other features. Youve got this phone holder placed right here, so, of course, uh users of this vehicle will need this, the most where theyre navigating through busy city streets and then, of course, youve got a mobile phone charging socket as well. Now. Another thing that sets this apart is this optional accessory. This is an add on youve got a music player over here with a usb slot and sd card slot, and two speakers mounted here. So this is an optional extra. This will have to be paid for so this is something cool to have in the euler high load ev on the wall, its pretty obvious that there are a few panel gaps here and there are few things that can be improved on this. However, as i said, this is a pre production vehicle. This will be smoothened out on the production vehicle. So when its being delivered to you, it will all be fine and for a vehicle of this stature of for a vehicle in this segment. Well rugged looks better and there we go kilometers again hour: 35. 36. Okay, it appears im having way too much fun on this. I really need to stop. This is a serious review.

I am here to test this vehicle. Okay, now lets start from the beginning, neutral handbrake on there we are. We are inside the oiler high load ev, and what we are doing is we are riding this. We are in delhi. Of course, we are in a bit of a secluded place, not going to tell you where and handbrakes off gon na turn it into forward or drive. So over here the switch it says f which stands for forward and over there it says d which stands for drive as long as both of it does. The same thing were good and full throttle there and im already at 20. 25 30. I just cant stop grinning its. This thing is seriously fun. I am having fun in here 41, 42, 43 and break break. No! No! No! No! No! No! Stop stop! Please stop now: im carrying about half a load of water cans in the back time to talk. Specs now this is powered by 12.4 kilowatt hour battery. This is an industry first, because its liquid cooled, of course, the battery capacity is also very high on this compared to other similar vehicles in the market. Now other vehicles in the market have battery capacities of nearly about eight kilowatt hours. This one is at 12.4 kilowatt hours, so there its a win already and then youve got the liquid cooling technology. So this has liquid cooling for its batteries, which means that the battery is kept at optimum operating temperatures, which is about 25 degrees celsius, and that also means longevity of battery, and also you get good power delivery and in all circumstances, the battery sends power to a 10.

98 kilowatt motor, so that is a peak rated power of this motor that powers, the euler high load, ev. Also another thing that is more than sufficient on the euler high load. Ev is the torque. It produces 88 nm of torque, and that is pretty good. So that should be more than enough for the load that this thing is built to carry speaking of loads, its built to carry its rated at 688 kilograms, which again is the highest in the segment. So there is no other ev three wheeler ev out there that can carry this much load. This is the rated load mind you uh. In reality, it can carry much more uh again. That depends on the usage pattern. Uh so well, all in all specs wise technology wise its right up there, its its very good bad roads, arent, really, the euler high load, evs forte. Neither is it the forte of other similar vehicles, because these are meant to carry loads and not just keep the occupant in comfort, so it does manage to carry a decent amount of load and the ride quality only gets better with the load thats in the rear. So if youre taking this vehicle with an empty load, all the best now we need adequate brakes also – and there is an industry first from euler in that segment. Also, when it comes to the braking, so braking prowess has definitely increased with the addition of the disc brake up front, its a 200 millimeter disc brake that has been added to the front of this vehicle.

So the front wheel is break by that disc, brake and the rear. Well, you get drum brakes as usual, so well, usually we find drum brakes on such vehicles this time with the addition of the disc brake. There is a little complication in the mechanism because well the disc has to work in sync with the drum and there there is a little loss of breaking prowess uh that definitely could have been better, but on the whole. Well, this is an experience. You should definitely try im sure every one of us has used a three wheeler before to carry whatever sort of load. However, if you havent ridden one, if you havent taken out one for a spin well, i suggest you to definitely do it. It will make you rethink the way your ride scooter. It does look like youre riding a scooter except that well, it feels so much more involving so to say and well its a brilliant experience.