That is so true, but no more. In fact, these days wow, we actually think the best cars are not necessarily from the brand. You might expect absolutely true. The electric revolution has really scuppered badge snobbery. You basically want the best car, not the flashiest badge thats, not true at all. You still want the flashiest bag. No, that is not true. That was the old nikki. This is the new nikki and when it comes to electric, the better car wins every time. Okay lets get back to the test. Shall we because here i have a kia ev6 and i have a vw id4 but which is best but first a little bit of housekeeping. Please do remember to like subscribe and comment on our channel at yeah. We really do like to know what you think you know, what do you make of them both? Are you in camp kia or voting vw, so the vw id4 is probably quite familiar by now, a large ish suv with a pure electric drive train and relatively conservative styling. Now this one is the life pro performance, and that means a big battery one electric motor, which powers the rear wheels only at a price tag of just over 42 grand its big, its practical and its decent. The ev6, on the other hand, is slightly harder to quantify its as big as an suv, but with coupe ish looks its certainly more interesting to look at than the id4.

However, you do lose some out and out practicality. It also has one motor is rear. Wheel drive and comes with a similar 77 kilowatt hour battery to the vw. It costs around 43 000 pounds, but has got more range, more speed, more kits and also the possibility of faster charging, its also an a plus grade in a new electrifying efficiency rating. Where the vw is an a, i appear to have dropped my mic, so the ied4. It is basically the same car as the skoda enyak, which means its slightly bigger than you might think, with a kind of rounded off bit of a slippery looking shape its clean neat unassuming without too much fuss going on now. The id pot that stands for intelligent design, i think its just been designed to appeal to a much wider audience. You know, overall, its quite a safe design and its completely the opposite for the ev6, because this one is quite a lot more polarizing. There is a bit more fuss, its a slightly more aggressive design and something that really does stand out from the crowd rather than just blending in i like it, though, i really like it now, as we said its the same size as an suv, but its just More squished, its a little bit wider and its got that sloping rear roof line. It has a slightly unusual, kicked up rear line that houses a massive light. Shes, definitely not one for the shrinking violence amongst us, but, as i said, i think this car looks absolutely fabulous, darling.

Okay, so you know, we said that the id4 was quite neat, not much fuss going on the outside. That kind of continues through inside as well its a nice streamlined design, theres a flat floor to give that sense of spaciousness ive got a small drivers display in front of me. Then youve got the central touchscreen. This actually comes as a standard 10 inch, but you can get an upgrade if you want to a 12 inch touchscreen. Now the seats are rather nice and comfortable. Actually – and i like the style with the two tone and the stitching, you also have a really decent view from the drivers seat and certainly something better than what you would get in the equivalent in a ford mac e. The only thing is the nose drops away, which can be a bit of a hassle when youre parking but overall neatly put together. I think you can pick out some cost saving measures if you do look closely, but overall, its really competent, but no the touchscreen still hasnt stopped being annoying, and i think the thing that bugs me, the most has to be the sliders for the heating theyre, not Backlit, so they disappear at night. It doesnt make any sense at all its really quite strange. You still get sat nervous standard voice, control, lots of usb ports, apple, carplay and android, auto all the usual stuff that you would expect and a proper suite of safety systems are included in the price.

So if you do want a full rundown of the vw id4, then do go to again the kia steps outside the box for the interior, and that, i think, is really welcome. Drops in its whopping center console, which takes away the flat floor in front which also has loads of storage um generally, it just feels more techy, i think than the vw um ive got this big bank of screens in front of me. The left hand side is a touch screen which is faster. It works better than the vw system and also feels more intuitive. However, while the vw gets rid of a lot of the buttons, i think there are almost too many in here its almost a bit confusing. Sometimes you do need to take time to familiarize yourself with them. I guess its also a bit darker in here than the id4, not quite as easy to see out of, but the quality of the execution just shines through. It feels really well put together. There are lots of recycled plastics and interesting materials, and you know what its comfy its really really comfy. I think ive driven close to about a thousand miles in various ev6s. I always find them. I guess just really relaxing to be in. I get out the other side of a long journey and my back remains intact, which is always nice um the ev6, as you might expect, for a car that does cost more than 40 000 pounds, get all the same safety and infotainment gadgets that the id4 does.

But it does get a few extras. You do notice. There is more standard kit with this, where the vw has various cost option, packs for the nicer bits, as always, weve got all the details on that all the specs for both of these cars over at Now this is where the id4 is going to score. Well, because you can sit three full size grown ups back here. Um, it really is quite spacious. Youve got a nice, upright seating position and the flat floor, which just gives you that extra leg, room plus youve actually got not one but two usb ports down here for uh. You know keeping your phone charged up on those long journeys and the boot is positively enormous, plus it has a nice big opening and an adjustable floor even better when you drop the seats, the vw has a massive space for moving stuff around, although it does always Bug me when seats dont fold completely flat, and although this boot is properly massive and theres split and fold and a ski hatch, there is no trunk, which is always a bit sad yeah. The id4 is really useful. If you have a dog, however, the ev6 is practical, even though maybe not quite in the same league. These back seats, though, are brilliant. Theyve got acres of leg room, however, the windows are smaller, so it feels less airy in here. However, the seat is really nice and wide youre going to get a couple of child seats across here and have room for a third child in the middle and, of course, youve got the lovely flat floor, which makes it easier.

Youve got handy usb points on the side of the seats and also pretty good storage in here as well. However, the plastics here on the back of the seats do feel a bit cost conscious. It just doesnt feel as plush here in the back as it does in the front um. Oh before i forget this is cute. I do like this armrest and then there is your yeah. If i can open it ski hatch, yeah, i go skiing. All the time. Lovely if i lived in switzerland or somewhere, but its really handy for the dog, the dog sits in the back and he pops his head through there to say hello, no, its, not cruel. He enjoys it honestly. The boot isnt as useful, though not great, if you have a larger dog and certainly not as convenient, although there is a decent size front for storing your charging cables in and its bigger in this model than the versions with four wheel drive, because theres no extra Motor under there, all in all, the ev6 is good and practical, but the id4 is great for carrying stuff as much as it pains me to say it. This live pro performance gets 125 kilowatt dc charging, so youre, looking at 10 to 80 in just under 35 minutes on 150 kilowatts or rapid charging, or just over an hour on a more common 50 kilowatt. A full charge at home should take just over 12 hours, and a hundred percent in the battery should equate to 314 miles of wltp range.

Now we have found that to be a bit optimistic, so i reckon around 250 miles in the real world is more realistic. That is still pretty good going gotcha the kias 800 volt charging system means that it can charge at 233 kilowatts dc. So if you can find the biggest charger that you can find, itll take 10 to 80 charge in just 17 minutes, but those whopping 350 kilowatt charges arent everywhere. So a 50 kilowatt charger will basically take the same time as the vw because they have a similar sized battery and the same goes for home charging. It just pips. The vw at 328, miles of wltp range weve been seeing in the 290s in the colder weather, and this means that the kia driver will be going further between plugins and also spending less time at the charger too, which all plays into the overall efficiency. I think sensible is the word that i would use to describe the way the id4 drives its got enough power to do the usual day to day stuff. The ride is firm, but so comfortable and theres no sort of crashing through the bumps. It is a calm and comfortable experience, although one thing i would say is what it doesnt do is encourage you to really enjoy it. I know everything has to be really sporty, but i think this is almost just a bit too safe its maybe on the side of boring, which is what a large family suv should be.

You know no one is getting out of this feeling green, because the driver has been over enthusiastic, which is a good thing. Of course. I just think. Maybe i was looking for something a bit more from my family car now. One point which occasionally worries me is the brakes. Dont worry theres, no actual problem with stopping, but they just dont feel that powerful or responsive. I think you need to give it kind of extra push a bit more force because youre having to push a bit harder than you would expect from time to time, theres a b mode to give extra regenerative braking when you lift off the accelerator, but its not As strong as the keyers, i think the trouble is ive driven the ev6, and i know that its better to drive and actually probably a bit better at cruising as well. Although lets not tell jenny that okay, so this isnt the fastest ev6 in the lineup, but even with one motor and rear wheel drive, which is the same setup as in the vw, its actually got quite a lot to interest the driver and im. Not just talking about the gadgets its over a second faster to naught to 62 than the id4, and it does feel like its very nippy. The steering is also more direct and the brakes feel more positive. But more than that, when you get to a corner its really nicely controlled, you just feel connected to the road in a way you dont in the id4, the brake, regen thats, also stronger, which allows for really nice one pedal driving.

I would say basically, this car is just more fun to drive. I also think that this is a nicer car to drive than the more expensive four wheel drive ev6, that ive spent a lot of time in the steering on this feels slightly less artificial. The smaller wheels mean it feels a bit more comfortable because those tyres absorb the smaller bumps. You might not feel quite a smug if you wake up in the morning and theres been a huge dump of snow, but i actually think the payoff is worth it because this just has still engaging, but a more relaxing feel to drive. As you expect, you have different driving modes and theyre operated just here on the steering wheel, so normal, of course, put it into sport mode which just livens everything up a bit steering gets a bit tighter, theres, just more of a sense of urgency as youre driving Its great its really fun, but if im very honest, i just pop it in eco mode, all the time thats because im a tight, fisted northerner and i like to get the most out of my range, no its. Not at all that its. Because i really like the maximum brake regeneration, i love one pedal driving and that allows you to do that. You can also play around with the levels of regeneration that youve got going on at any one time and if youre getting a bit confused by all this talk about regeneration, we have an explainer here on the youtube channel, which uh just will fill you in on It its in the whats it like to drive an electric car video and it just uh talks a bit more about it.

So if thats befuddling, you go and take a look at that, but what that does mean the regeneration is that makes this a very efficient car in our electrifying e rating, which assesses lots of different things to work out exactly how efficient electric cars are. Not how efficient the manufacturers want you to think they are its looking like a full house for the care isnt it okay time for the verdict, and actually this is a bit of an interesting one, because i think no matter which way you cut it. The id4 just doesnt really blow you away, yes, its competent its practical, but i just dont think any of those things actually really make you want it, and actually the biggest issue for me is that you can get a skoda eniac, which is basically the same car. The less money with the same equipment, which could be why we chose it as our family car of the year we did indeed and the key ev6 i dont know it just feels fresher. So its a bit more interesting. I think we both agreed on that arent. We absolutely its also faster its more efficient, its got that brilliant charging capability as standard now. One thing, though, i think that would swing it is that you are unlikely to get a cheap deal on the ev6, whereas weve seen some id4s cropping up for surprisingly reasonable money on leases or as x, demo models. And actually, if you can get a good deal, then it does make a lot more sense.

Yeah, you know thats so true, and i guess you also might think the ev6 is just a bit too out there to look at, but not us. We like out there dont, we no, i mean look at your its, not that out hats we like pink, so does that mean we agreed? I think we are. We, like the id4 id happily have one its a great family car, its easy relaxing to drive, but the kia ev6 is gon na win this test. As ever. If you want to know more about other cars at this price tag or size, then please do log on to electrifying.