Type v8 now bear with me. You see. I know that the ami is a little electric car which, if youre in france, you can drive from the age of 14, but just like that old jaguar. They both cost around five and a half thousand pounds see its the same anyway. In this video im going to review the little army and to do that, im going to talk around the exterior the interior im going to take it for a drive im going to launch it from naught to some miles an hour and im going to do a Brake test and try to drift it now, if you want to see some more strange car reviews, make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way, you wont miss a single upload anyway, im matt watson and youre Watching car wow buying a new car then head to car wow, and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison site right lets start this video review by talking about the design of the ami. Here at what i think is the back, because it looks a bit like the front. In fact, the whole car looks a bit like a childs toy. It seems to be built from similar flimsy material as a childs toy as well. Its also like, just maybe, by leaning on it anyway lets move on to the wheels 14 inches in diameter there.

They are steel wheels with some plastic trims over the top, not sure about that reflector. Its just been stuck on dont like this bit. Look an air bump like you get on citroens, bigger, proper cars now check out this door. Look, it opens backwards like an old fiat 500 and in fact you got some retro style little circular door mirrors moving to the front. At least i think it is the front yes, it is because the lights are clear here, whereas at the back theyre red for the brake lights, but the body panel is identical. Reason is that allows citroen to save money on building this car because it doesnt have to design a different front and a different back. It also makes it cheaper to ensure, because the parts just cost less so you can just whack on a front onto the back and the back onto the front, just change the lights, get it also its a mirror image left to right, because if you come around Here youll see this door actually opens that way because its flipped funny funny little thing. What do you reckon to the look of the citronami? Do you like it? Can you drive something like this wouldnt? You want to be seen dead in it. Its still going now lets talk about performance because, obviously that isnt what the army is about at all anyhow youve got an eight horsepower. Electric motor drives the front wheels via a single speed.

Gearbox youve also got a 5.5 kilowatt hour battery pack, which can charge from empty to a full, using a normal three pin socket in just three hours and thatll give you a range of 45 miles. But what you want to know is how quick this thing is. Well, lets launch it and time it from not to 25 miles an hour lets put the handbrake on really okay. Lets see how quick this little citroen ami is over the eighth of a mall and the quarter mile to do that. Ive got my specialist timing gear here here we go. I think this launch is going to be brutal. Lets do this. It wasnt so naught to 25 miles. An hour is 7.38 seconds. I think weve hit a limiter at 27.8 miles an hour come on wheres. The eighth of a mile eighth of a mile in 19.33 seconds bear with me while we complete the standing quarter mile dont click out the video almost there. Oh, my god, this thing did a quarter of a mile in just 35.53 seconds. That is a record for the slowest car ive ever launched on carwo to see the quickest car ive ever launched on car wow click on the pop out banner up there to watch my in depth, video review of the rimac nevera that was boring with such incredible Performance youre going to need some pretty beefy brakes and thats exactly what the ami hasnt got at the front.

Youve got disc brakes at least, and they fit inside. These 14 inch wheels with a few inches to spare either side, so theyre, probably about 10 inches in diameter at the back youve got drum brakes. This is a brake test from well. Whatever the top speed is now im gon na do a brake test from 25 miles an hour, also known as 45 kilometers an hour and see how long it takes this little ami to stop. I wonder if it has abs thatll be a no tires. Oh, it stopped from 25 miles an hour in seven meters. Sorry, french people now lets talk about this cars incredible chassis, so its made out of a steel box section also youve got mcpherson suspension at the front trailing arm at the rear. The rear suspension is actually fully independent. It looks like theres, coil overs as well springs and dampers that rear suspension is actually more sophisticated than that on a normal citroen c4, because that has a simple torsion beam, rear suspension. I think we better put this cars handling to the test right now time to assess the dynamic capabilities of this little citron army. Its french french are famous for doing brilliant, hot hatches, its not a hatchback, but its french, its off of it right were getting up. A hill were losing a bit of speed, im going to chuck it into this corner and lift off the accelerator. See. If i can get some lift off, oversteer well go get these bumps! Oh my god, yeah yeah! You feel the bumps yeah.

You feel the bumps. Oh, oh, its! A white knuckle ride, imagine being 14 and french and just getting to home this thing around. I wish i hadnt slowed down because yeah you want to keep your momentum up in this thing, judge where the hills are, because you need to make the most of the decline. So you can get up the inclines, otherwise you might as well be walking. Here. We go here we go here, comes the decline, let the fun recommence. Oh, it automatically starts to break. I was hoping that when youre going down a hill, you could just roll and go faster, but no, it automatically limits your top speed and it will use engine motor braking to slow you down. If you start to go down a steep incline, so you can never go faster than that limited top speed. I guess this car isnt about you know hooting it around a twisty road, its just for people to get from a to b very cheaply and when theyre too young to drive a proper car. Now lets look a bit in depth at the interior of the ami. So because youve got all this glass, its a little bit like in a greenhouse which isnt great on a hot day like today, because im, absolutely sweating, buckets and theres no air conditioning all youve got is a fan which makes quite a racket but actually doesnt blow That hard, i suppose you can open a window but look look how the window opens looks like an old two cv.

Hmm, so you can get a bit sweaty in there yeah. There are a few things i do like, though, like these practical additions on the dash. So theres a cup holder, there look theres a little cubby just here, which is full of dead insects. This area here for pens this, oh and look. You can hang a bag off there door bins are massive, though absolutely huge. The seats arent too uncomfortable either considering theres not much to them. Now you cant move the passenger seat at all and you cant recline the drivers seat, but you can move it forwards and backwards. Weve got some tech in here. Look theres a place for your mobile phone. Yes, you have to bring your own tech actually well. It kind of fits my silly big samsung fold, yeah sort of fits speaking of which theres space for a bluetooth speaker there, because theres no stereo in this car. There is a usb input there for charging your mobile phone and lucky here a digital drivers display, though the display, i think, was actually made back in the 1990s thats very blocky, like an old digital watch check this out, though, a car like should have an appropriate Sounding horn, that is the right horn for a car like this theres fabric door, pulls like in a porsche 911 gt3 in terms of putting the car in gear theres nothing up here. Your gear, selectors down here, youve got drive, neutral and reverse select whatever you want.

Use the accelerator and off you go tell you what, though, this steering wheel its its the ugliest steering wheel, ive, seen in any car here and theres. Certainly, no air bag in this, in fact, because this isnt actually a proper car, its a quadricycle, it doesnt have to reach the same kind of safety standards, and that brings down to five annoying things about the citronami. The orange storage solutions on the dash really reflect badly in the windscreen, its quite annoying in it. Theres no ratchet mechanism in a door hinge, so it constantly swings open or shut, depending on which way. The slope, your part on, is going theres only one windscreen wiper. So while it will clear water from the drivers side in torrential rain, it never actually clears from the passenger side. So if youre the passenger, you dont get a great view. Looking forward theres, no central locking on this car, you have to use a key look: thats thats the wrong key. You see you have one key for the door and one key for the ignition its like being back in the 1980s. The ami doesnt have a rear view mirror and because the side mirrors are rather small, if you really want to see behind you, you have to just turn around and look over your shoulder a little bit like if youre on a motorbike, its not all negative, though Heres five good things about this car. You know how, in most electric cars, you carry the charging cable in a bag in the boot and it eats into your luggage.

Space well theres, actually a little space for the charging, cable and yummy get it from out of there plug it into the wall. Then you just put the cable back in there when youre done. The citroen ami has a turning circle of just 7.2 meters. By comparison, the turning circle of a london black cab is 7.6 meters. As a result, this ami is super maneuverable and, if you want to, you can use it as a little merry go round Music. You might think that in such a small little box, as this thered be no room to stall luggage. Not true is that sign down there its because that area is dedicated to be able to hold a suitcase today and again in france, which is the only place. The ammo is sold at the moment. Not only can you drive it from the age of 14, you can actually hire one for 25 p per minute now by comparison, a lime bike is 15 p per minute, but obviously the army can seat two. So two line bikes will be 30 pm, so this is cheaper to rent per person than a lime bike and obviously, if its raining its much more pleasurable, to use to get from a to b check it out a manual handbrake which is perfect. If youre, a french teenager who wants to be the next sebastian lowe because it means oh yeah plenty of handbrake, turn practice, do you know what i havent actually tested this car in the environment that its designed for so now? I am going to drive it in town now.

The speed limit is not such an issue: 28 mile, an hour top speed, 30 mile, an hour legal limit in a uk town and in places in london, its 20. So more than enough do you know what i fancy a quick drinky, i dont know. If i can pop in here, people are looking at me like im driving something a bit odd. Hello got my car. I dont think he does like it anyway. Lets get out of here lets say it handles a roundabout right, which way do i want to go? No, not this way. Oh look at this tight turning circle right, thats enough for that dont get squished by the truck where to next its gon na, be interesting to see what its like fitting into a parking space. So theres a little shopping area there lets go in here should be easy to squeeze it into a slot speedup its a bit interesting in it yeah its going to be simple, look: hey easy, peasy! Now i wonder reversing out it should be easy. In fact that gives me an idea, Laughter, hey i mean so short this car. You can actually drive it like this people, probably arent aware that i am going backwards, because the back is the same as the front. This is perfectly normal people. Nothing to see here. This is so ridiculous right, ive had enough of going backwards, lets go forwards again, yeah thats. What im talking about right? I think im done with yummy ill just find somewhere to park it, and maybe this is the ideal place.

Yeah thats, perfect ill, do just leave it in here. I wonder if i can get out yeah just about Music, so then whats my final verdict on the citroen ami.