Follow me, thomas on autography, here with a look at the mercedes eqxx. This shows us design, technology, efficiency and future materials, probably for most or all electric vehicles at mercedes, and you can see here in the front its first of all. All the way closed for the best wind efficiency, then the daytime runner light goes all the way through two dimensional mercedes star here in the front and really tiny details. You can see it there and there just tiny holes to measure the wind speed and we can later on see that also on the interior really cool thing, and here also once again, two dimensional mercedes star pattern from the front. It looks like a yeah like a race car. A little bit reminds us also of the jaguar xj220, maybe or something the wind is just getting in the lower part for cooling, then its getting out here and you can really so its not fake here or i can almost disappear in there with my arm. So um and then the wind comes out here again once again for the best wind flow and in the front the car is, you know the widest and its almost like a like a raindrop for the most efficient design, its supposed to have an electric range of A thousand kilometers or 600 miles, and thus also a very good efficiency of less than 10 kilowatt hours on one kilometers, thats less than 16 kilowatt hours on 100 miles.

Now, if we calculate that in an ic, so in combustion engine terms, it would be something about one liter of fuel on one kilometers or some 235 mpg us thats, of course, really impressive, and how did they achieve that here, for example, also closed wheels 20 inch Wheels theyre all the way close, but have these you know classic wheel, spoke design, and then you can see here even these details, so the painting on the tires and also the you know the font right here its actually, you know not that high. So its also more wind efficient, really cool, then this is a air breather right here, so that also goes through. I can you know, touch my hands in here so also, once again, the airstream is right here, because at autobahn speeds like 130 kilometers an hour or some 70 80 miles an hour. Two thirds of you know of the energy that is being lost, so to speak. Is because of the wind resistance and thats where this car is kind of attacking it, and how does it do it? You can see in the front its actually wide and then to the rear. It gets even more narrow and narrow and narrow big shoulders for design purposes, but the key to this scene now wind efficient, like the the coefficient, is actually 0.18 its kind of the rear right there. You can see here. This finishes this raindrop design and when its going like more than 40 miles an hour more than six kilometers now here in the lower part, you can see the real spoiler lower, spoiler is actually going out, has a length of about 197 inches or 5 meters.

By that, its even a little bit longer, this is once again improving how the wind is flowing or kind of leaving that vehicle. The thing is really if you also come to the rear. It is very unusual design here, especially in the rear, once again light strip going all the way through right here, and you can hardly see any gaps. It reminds us really of some decades ago, where race cars were built in this very way, to be most efficient and to be the fastest on the road, in this case, really its about getting the highest range with actually low weight as well. So the battery pack here is only 100 kilowatt hours. Net thats not actually thats, not so large. If you consider that high range and once again its more about the efficiency, its not about building the battery even bigger or something, the battery weight by the way is less than 500 kilograms because of new cell technology – and this is now a quite long car actually. But they say they can also fit the same technology in smaller vehicles like a new generation of eqa or the eqb. So this technology here in this vehicle here today will also play a major role for smaller electric vehicles at messages. And, of course, we already know they are going all electric anyway. Another aerodynamic detail is here the side mirrors you see they are completely integrated, theres, hardly any gap and thats.

Why also the whole mirror has to be moved, and not the glass on the inside one feature is coming later is also a solar roof. It will cover the whole roof actually and will bring you up to 25 kilometers or 15 miles of range per day. At a sunny day or something by the way, the overall efficiency will be 95 of the energy from the battery will be put to the wheels in going forward to compare that. One, for example, with an internal combustion engine, its just one third of the energy. That is going to the wheels in a you know, ideal case, so most combustion engines are even less efficient and also other technology details. You maybe know that also from tesla from these giga castings, similar technology theyre, also using here now may say, is that the lower part of of the body of the internal body is made from one piece and also in a so called bionic design. Where you can see holes in the structure to once again reduce the weight just use material there, where its actually needed – and these holes are once again then filled by recycled materials made from waste. So this car is also as sustainable as possible. The least use of resources by maximum efficient efficiency, both in materials and also while going forward here by the way you have this. You know augmented reality ipad here and once again, you can see how the wind is being channeled over that vehicle and also how the rear part plays the vital role for that, and we also change the view um.

You can, by the way, see how the a pillar how the wind has been directed right there and even more interesting, hey whats, going on with the wheels we can even get closer to it, and the thing is, although there is this optimization, you know by the Wheels that are closed and also here that the channeling of this you know air curtain. This view here shows these are basically the losses where its not ideal, but if you would compare to a normal vehicle, it would be even more extreme. So, although you have these all these measures here at the wheels, you can see that you do lose a lot. You know of efficiency still with the wheels. If we go further here, you can see hardly anything anymore at the a pillar and then at the rear. Also, just a little bit, but this what you can see here is already highly optimized heading towards the interior. We already know these door handles from the eqs or from the eqe and then yeah its a concept stage so and then here on the interior really interesting. All these materials first of all, this is the known, dynamic car. The microfiber surface now also with a high recycling share about 70, then this is completely new. This is vegan silk, so this is a silk like material. You can see its also kind of shiny, but its completely 100 plant based. So just this strap here really interesting, then here this is kind of like a three dimensional service, yeah its more like a fakie or something.

So this is like um yeah a neatly surface. Here you can see here integration of the window, and this is um here once again. These bionic structures, where you dont leave you where you just leave the material as its needed, actually then also recycled fabrics here in the lower part, and no just you know, plastics or something. So this has a nice fabric structure and then you can see here this futuristic interior. I mean it, on the one hand, comes close to the eqs or eqe we see already, but the ear is even more futuristic here. Nice also with a dynamic microfiber covering of the steering wheel and then even new materials. So this one here on the steering wheel around you can see its a animal leather alike surface and here as well on the seat. But this is actually with a high shear of cactus, so they actually grind cactus and from these fibers from the cactus, they can make an a leather wrap, and this is really cool. Its really soft looks cool feels good and another material choice is here the inserts right here. This is um from mycelia, so this is then basically the roots of a mushroom, and then they can also make a leather red from it. So different material innovation. The thing is the whole interior is animal free, more sustainable, less use even than of petroleum, for example the floor here. This is then made from 100 already bamboo fibers, so all plant based all natural and, of course later on.

You can also recycle it or, for example, um. You know whens made from bamboo fiber it wouldnt be such a problem. Then you know just putting plastic somewhere. So this is really really interesting with the detail. This is definitely way to go sitting here on. The inside is riku with this um blue and white atmosphere so really inspiring. Definitely it is a sporty singing position, definitely feels like driving concept vehicle, and you can see here. We have a nice animation. This one here is a 47.5 inch screen from left to right its one screen. That goes all the way through 8k resolution. The voice here of the mbux is more natural now and you can have different animations. This is the normal speed here you have the capacitive capacitive bs buttons on the steering wheel. We know that already so theres, not so much concept alike, but maybe you heard something from the speakers already so in the seats here we have integrated speakers, so this reduces energy consumption once again and is also you maybe know this fight. You know with you driving and then you have your passenger next to me next to next to you and then youre, not really, you know, in line with what music is being played. When the speakers are in the seats we already had with some concept vehicles, you can listen to different kinds of music at the same time, yeah when you think about 3d surround sound, maybe its not that good, because you just have to see the speakers integrated in The seats, but it has other advantages, then here one more perspective of this very cool, futuristic interior, its part that is like kind of like you know current and others that are more futuristic.

Definitely you know this really wide screen and here see the animation of the vehicle as well, so, for example, in the gps system in this huge screen, you will also have the animations of you know your surrounding, for example, that you can see the city with 3d Buildings and so on, and even you know where the sun is actually standing. This is calculated in real time, so the image on the screen will show you the correct standing of the sun. At this moment. You can see it here, for example, on the right side. At the same time, you might think what a big screen is that combinable with efficiency? Actually, yes, because when the screen is black, somehow its really kind of like off so to speak because they use different zones inside this led screen where they really do not use any energy. When the screen is black at that point, so they just use energy. Where you can actually see an animation at the moment, this is once again to increase the efficiency, also from what is being consumed on the interior and here by the way, then we can also see you know how strong the wind is from the outside, and it Will even calculate where the wind is coming from and then calculate the best route, the most efficient route here, also with the simulation of the solar roof, that is to be included at a later stage and whats also really interesting.

Once again, here with the wind speed, you can see here this, this raindrop form again of of the vehicle. This is really what has the crucial factor here. This is like, as it would be in the wind channel, so this is how the wind is being directed. Also, the floor of the vehicle is completely even. This is also one of the crucial elements how it is so efficient, actually and yeah. You can see once again also here and this this part that is wide in the front part and then really you know going smaller and smaller to the rear and really looking forward. Maybe at some point we can also drive it. The back seats are by the way just for show in this case and yeah. I would definitely smell these time. Code comments come coming, thomas in the back seat, but in this case i think, although the car is quite long, not too much space here in the rear yeah, but it looks also fancy right and another bionic piece is this one here this is actually the wiper Holder for the front windscreen, and then you can see once again they save weight and save material by just leaving gaps right here and then, once again they are filled for noise, insulation and so on by lighter materials. But the metal material used is then once again reduced, and indeed it looks kind of you know natural, like also once again like.

We see with you know, with mushroom forms, maybe with beehive things so really inspired by nature. Nature still knows what to do best, and this is an example how the formula one racing team also helped the development here, this carbon fiber casting for the electric motor. This is only rear, so rear wheel, driven and by that its hold tight and also, of course, crash safe crash safety. Proof as well – and this is a glass fiber spring – they are actually built in the vehicle, so no traditional metal coil. They still await the results of the real driving test for that, if its supposed to work or not, this is something they want to test here. There will be the additional damper running. You know alongside that of course, but looking forward how that one actually feels while driving so whats already clear. Is this front design here we will more or less see in future mercedes vehicles, definitely where the typical mercedes grill is actually gone and probably also where the star is kept in a two dimensional site, but maybe also illuminated once again well see about that as the Car here itself: well, it rather depends on you what your feedback is, if you think this design is also okay or if its work or if its maybe even cool, could this be, for example, a future all electric cls or something, but whats definitely clear. Is that the elements we see, for example, also closed wheels? We already see somewhat today on the eqs and the technology details like the efficiency models and also the battery technology.

We will definitely see in future mercedes vehicle, so this is definitely a big technology carrier and also from the whole sustainability aspect and also, of course, the interior weve seen. Definitely the vehicles and messages will be more wind efficient. They will be more efficient. As for the electric motor, for example, also less friction inside the electric motors, the range will be – probably it will double double actually from nowadays to the future cars, and they will also be animal free on the interior. This is what we can definitely take already right now. Audi, for example, also has their approach, how they actually see their future vehicles, and we also have a video of a future bmw.