If a few people are talking about it, i dont know i didnt search youtube, but i would um. I would guess that very few are talking about it because its simply not in the its not the hype. This is going to be uh, my ev for years to hold years. Why can i? Why do i say years with so much confidence, because this company generates over a hundred billion dollars in revenue? This company is so well known. You know it for sure this company creates some of the most highest top quality, most cars. You can buy and hold them for years without really any troubles, they have the best reputation all right. The company is called honda and you know honda very well, im pretty sure its at 29.10 as im doing the video. This is not talked about a lot at all uh. To be honest because its not its, not the hype, you know. No one cares all right. The free flow market cap is 50 billion, free float is at 1.7 billion and the shares outstanding 1.7 billion. Honda also has some growing paints, but it is a company you just cant shovel on the side right when everyones talking to you about. Let me skip real quick to one thing when everyones talking to you about lucid motors, for example, that all that hype about a company that has hasnt even delivered, i dont, think theyve even delivered more than 400 vehicles or more than 100 vehicles.

So far right uh. All this hype about a company thats gon na that says im the pure play electric vehicle company or some other company that may promise you in the future im going to create fuel cell vehicles and this and this and that what is wrong with people. I dont understand how people lost their minds you can in the united states right now in the u.s. You can go to a honda dealership right now today go tomorrow, you can go to a honda dealership and get this car that you see here in the picture. For 379 dollars a month, you lease it and guess what this car is: a fuel cell car, its a fuel cell vehicle theyre, saying that we will come out with an ev car when honda already has electric vehicles. Look at this. This is their hyundai. We might not be good looking for americans, because americans have large roads, highways and so on, and they i dont think i mean you know no im sure theres american citizens who want to drive this im im guessing that it fits more for europe. This particular one right, the the fuel cell, one this is largest for united states. This one is pure electric vehicle, pure electric, that youre seeing here its called the honda e uh honda e car – or i forget the name of this – of this model, its awesome, its already on sale, its already been reviewed by countless reviewers who review automobiles.

This is a beautiful car. You can buy this in the uk if you go over germany and look at the interior, its awesome, its got its got awesome reviews if you go to hondas website in the united states right, because if you go to other the other world regions of honduras website, You see different vehicles, but if lets say you go to the united states version of their website, you click on vehicles, electrified, guess what they got they got right here is a whole lineup of hybrids and then theres a fuel cell. The knock on on honda by some analysts, which is a joke. It is a complete joke. A complete joke is what they say is honda is not a good investment. Theyre focused on hybrid, they dont come out with electric vehicles. First of all, thats a joke. They do come out electric vehicles, maybe not for the united states, not yet i see that on their website, theyre offering hybrid vehicles. Well, let me tell you something: yes, the world is shifting to electric vehicles, no hondas not behind on ebs at any at any. Second, whenever honda wants to theyre powerful enough got the technology, the mindset and so on, to create any ev car you want, they can do it right. Why theyre offering hybrid we cant were not forced to buy electric vehicles until 2045 right from 2045 and on supposedly were supposed to have only evs electric vehicles right up until 2045? First of all, uh you can buy combustion engine vehicles, although i think from 2030 and after in some places combustion engine vehicles will stop being sold.

So what do you do if you dont buy a combustion engine vehicle? What are you gon na do? Are you gon na go straight for the ev that cost seventy thousand dollars, or are you gon na buy a car thats big, beautiful, powerful, but its hybrid and it costs twenty six thousand dollars? Twenty five thousand dollars? Thirty thousand dollars? Thirty three thousand dollars, depending on the make and model lets, say that this one here, their quarter hybrid twenty six thousand dollars. I would rather buy a hybrid for twenty six thousand bucks then spend seventy. Eighty thousand dollars on an ev spend 60 70 000 on an ev because even after 2045, hybrids will be allowed to be driven right, uh, so up until then, until people can make the transition and until electric vehicles become cheaper hybrids will be the top selling vehicles. Trust me on that so thats that uh hybrids and if you want a fuel cell vehicle here it is fuel cell vehicle. So honda to me makes all the sense in the world i i fully trust uh buying honda and keeping honda for years and years and years like even at 29 is perfect, and i believe that next year honda will be higher right now. So far honda has been was. I mean its still up its up 238, since it went public, but um people are saying well, its struggling. You know its mostly on its making, mostly most of its revenue lets, say from uh motorcycles.

Not not. Vehicles sell more motorcycles than vehicles right, but i expect them to sell more vehicles from here on and i expect honda to focus more on the electric vehicles and so on. They will uh as far as the motorcycles uh one analyst ive read im, not going to say who it is said: um well, theyre, selling, motorcycles and thats pointless were shifting to everything electrified who said that electric more motorcycles wont be electric motorcycles in the future. They will be, they have to first of all in greece and italy theres more more cycles than there are cars. There are more motorcycles on the road than there are cars thats because in greece and italy, the the way that the the roads are set up and the way things are built and everythings, narrow and everythings cramped uh. It makes more sense to ride a motorcycle than a car. The same thing goes for southeast asia, where theres like about about 20 different countries in asia, that motorcycles outnumber cars right, theres, plenty of future and sales for motorcycles and motorcycles will all turn electric uh from 2040 and after honda isnt going to run out of any. Is going to its not going to run into any troubles? Another thing is they point to honda, saying that honda has very low volume about 80 000 40 000? Is the volume at the average volume lets go to the average volume real, quick heres, the average volume? The average volume the average volume is about eight hundred twenty one thousand dollars and sometimes its even lower than that right, uh on on certain days and its oh, its horrible, no ones trading.

This can holdings. Look it up, look up, can holdings and look it up. How its been doing any year, you any any time you want! You want to look at a year. You want to look at it five years. You know what can holdings doing going straight up. You know how much volume can holding has on a daily basis about 2 000 thats it on a daily basis. Average right. I know because i i have can holdings right. I know i actually sold some shares. Some of my can holding chairs because we talked about. Can holdings when here on bull market watch when it was 24 and then when it got to 40, i sold half of my shares at 40 and im still holding the rest right. In order for me to sell half my shares of camp holdings, i will admit i had to wait two days because the volume was so low. Nobody was buying. I eventually sold them still. I sold them from from 24 to 40.. It really doesnt matter. If the volume is low, if the company is good and no ones and more people want to buy and hold and sell, itll still go up ken holdings with an average of 2 000 volume a day was still one from 24 to 40. byd holders. We talked about this on bull market watch. It was at 24 when we talked about it thats at 38, again, the same uh things that they were saying for byd is what theyre saying for honda, and you know what byd is still doing awesome.

Another thing to keep in mind is pulse start, but i think its no more 12, its gone up a lot all right. Honda motor develops manufactures and distributes motorcycles, automobiles power products, other products in japan, north america, all over the world. You know honda motors its all over the world. It operates through four segments: motorcycle business, automobile business, financial service, banking and life creation and other businesses. The motorcycle business segment produces motorcycles, including sports business, commuter models and so on. We have the clarity, fuel cell vehicle available, ready to drive this one all electric, and this other versions are going to come out with the hybrids theyre going to be top sales guaranteed within the next decade and also on october 26. 2021 honda announced its return to sema with the debut of its 2022 civic si race cars with knocked over landing trucks, and so on so fully equipped for over landing. The passport trail port, rugged roads, project 2.0 and the ridgeline hpd trail. Tour project highlight the companys consistent product innovation for the fiscal first half in the september 30th. 2021 honda sales increased 21 year over year. Keep that in mind to 61.33 billion us dollars, 61 billion dollars. Lucid motors right now will see 61 billion dollars as of right. Now, in its dreams, it will sleep at night, the ceo and everybody who works at lucy motors. They can sleep every night and dream about 61 billion dollars. Theyll, never see it here on paper.

Maybe theyll see it 10 years down the road right now. Lucy can only dream about that. The companys operating profit increase 161 percent year over year to 3.8 billion dollars all right. Its profit came in at 3.4 billion dollars, which was up 143.25 year over year. Now, hondas revenue is expected to be 131.6 billion dollars for the fiscal year ending march 2022. Keep that in mind all right, which will represent a 365 year over year 365 growth year over year, ending march 2022 revenue at 131.6 billion dollars and whats everybody else doing. Theyre running after rivien, who still hasnt, delivered a vehicle came out at 100, plus as an ipo theyre running after lucids theyre running after nicola all these companies, which to me in front of honda, are crap. So, in addition, the companys eps is expected to increase 31.4 percent year over year to 4.21 uh billion dollars for its fiscal year ending march 2023, im sorry, 9 billion dollars to 4.21 cents for its fiscal year, uh ending march 2023.. Also it surpassed the consensus. Eps estimates in three of the uh trailing four quarters over the past uh year. The stock has gained two point: three percent in price to close yesterdays trading session to twenty eight seventy, its now at twenty nine twenty. It keeps you know. It trust me now with the electrification of it, with everything having to be electrified. The stock will move at a higher pace than what its been doing since it won public trust me.

The market cap of this company is at 49 billion dollars. Total debt is 69 billion, cash is 25 billion. Other uh is 2.2 billion enterprise value at 94 billion dollars. This is another thing: the total debt they say, 69 billion dollars, so it cant really go up well the same. They said the same thing about ford, which has huge huge debt also, and they were telling me that last year, when i said four, that six dollars was a buy and 41 to 20., like it just some things, just dont make sense, you dont need to be Go so fundamental in some things you really dont need to. It just makes sense here in the brain, like warren buffett said if the company makes sense to you, if you like what the company is you like the product that they have, and this is a company you would like to own, or you would like your kids To own then, most likely this probably might be a good stock. The one thing that you can say this is one thing that i do agree. Honda doesnt make honda so far has been very quiet, very, very low key. They havent really made a big splash lets, say with uh to advertise themselves to to be creative and innovative in a way where they can push to new customers uh about new products that they can come up with or or lets say about. You know theyre theyre, not so theyre, not chasing the social media, theyre not coming out with this new ev and the marketing part.

The marketing part lets just say that the marketing part on honda is kind of classic its, like theyre focused only on you know, lets lets get our old users to upgrade their cars, and so on, uh, our current you uh people who already own hondas and so On but as far as the market, they sort of lack good marketing. Although the company is awesome, the products are awesome. They rely more on their reputation, hoping that people know that honda is good ill, go, buy honda, but things change a little bit so honda. I think needs to work on marketing, be creative, now thats, it thats an ev stock that thing no ones talking about. I think its a navy stock thats worth holding for the long term its worth having in the in the portfolio of course thats up to you to decide. Do your own due diligence. Let me know in the comment section below. Thank you very much for watching this.