This is obviously the recharge, the all electric version. This is a twin motor. It has 400 horsepower, so stay tuned and im going to give you a little drive out in this car, see what i think of it. Okay, so im quite intrigued with this car, i mean 400 horsepower in a fairly compact crossover suv. I, like the looks of it i like that color its not too big its quite square at the back, its a practical space inside, and i like the infotainment system on the pole style, so im quite intrigued. With this, it could be potentially a good alternative to model y long range of performance, but let me get it out see what i think of it on the bumpy la streets. So look at the boot space. Yeah nice flat floor just lifts up a little bit of storage under there get some cables anything under that thats. Actually, a bit more storage under there look its pretty good. I put the parking tickets in the front, windshield thingy, excellent, good stuff, excellent, see, split fold and then youve got this nice boot space, nice and square its a massive, massive but im sure its. What most families will need, as you expect nice flat floor with a seat folded as well? Actually, this works well center, armrest, okay, front seats in that position. That would be comfortable for me and ive got plenty of room in the back here. Actually, glass roof on this one thats nice knee room leg, room head room, all pretty good, certainly for kids, itd, be plenty adults, comfortable transmission tunnel, though we dont like transmission tunnels, do we and thats a problem.

This platform is based on the same uh platform that the combustion vehicle is also based on. So you get compromises like that transmission tunnel anyway, in the front here its nice, it just feels premium theres, a nice kind of mixture, a couple of different materials. There i mean its plasticky, but its just well finished its trimmed. Well, it doesnt feel too big. I mean it feels like quite a compact car, but i can still see the bonnet because its all quite square, i think youve got pretty good visibility for placing the car and harman kardon sounds nice. Bits of chrome trim around here. Just quite nice see theres plenty of adjustment, easy to get comfortable arm rests there, not bad at all. Lets take it for a drive. I like how theres a display with the mapping in front of me here – thats, nice and clear, and the polestar infotainment system here is super easy to use, so one of the best and the market actually pretty close to a tesla entertainment system. So really nice pairs up with android, auto apple carplay – i like it in here. This should be a good car but whizzing around the city streets of la certainly easy to move around the car park. Steerings nice and light ive got one pedal driving on, so it just comes to a stop on its own, very easy to drive. It feels quite light. Actually, these kind of dimensions are perfect for some of these streets in l.

a and some of these junctions and kind of entrances and exits like from the car park, its really steep, so youre not going to get grazed the kind of bottom of the front. Bumper. On that, is it a really good urban vehicle? Possibly lets see how it goes in performance, whoa, Music, thats, a pretty quick car, so its got a kind of a moderately kind of soft takeoff, its quite progressive, but it starts pulling. I mean i cant go too hard and fast here, but this is a pretty quick car. I have to say that was quite impressive. It picks up pretty good. This has to be comparable to a model. 3 long range ill put the stats down here, but its knocked to 16, something quite quick im. Sorry were jumping in now quite a lot of cars today, its impossible to remember all the figures. Weve got limited time its a good opportunity, but itd be nice to reel off all the stats here now, but its a 300 kilowatt hour power and battery uh motors on this. It works at about 400 horsepower in a compact, sonic crossover family suv. I mean its a practical car that isnt going to be slow to drive. It keeps you a little bit entertained and its certainly great around here. Visibility is good. It doesnt feel too big. It doesnt feel like an suv or anything like that. Im remarkably impressed. I would admit this is a good car.

Do i prefer this to a model y debatable? It depends on usage, really ive found that the pole stars have to struggle with efficiency and charging speed, although they are receiving updates. It is getting better with software update so its interesting to see where it goes. So a tesla makes it easier for doing long distances. Just because of the charging network, it makes it easier, but just in terms of a car to live with and drive, this is a really good competitor. You need to try both. I think you really do. This has got a little bit of pole. Star firmness to the ride, but it its not too bad. I think these bigger tires take the shock out of some of it, so over some of these potholes, its a tad more comfortable model y, its not super soft. The vw id4 that i was in just now was slightly better at absorbing some of the shocks and impacts, but its not an uncomfortable car not ever experienced yet anyway, its a pretty good all round balance. Really, i think the way to look at this is its probably not the most exciting. Its got the performance to put a grin on your face, but its going to be hugely practical for a car that isnt too big and just feels quite nice and premium in here. Its very nice easy to dry. One pedal driving good regen there, and then we can go so its quite soft in it how it accelerates, but its its got to go.

Can you hear that theres, a little creek coming from the dashboard come on polestar? They said volvo, then oh see if you jab it it does. It does give you a pretty good pull in there and acceleration, but the dashboard creaking thats not acceptable premium car. This. It all looks premium but ill. Tell you what for whizzing around city streets it doesnt get much better than this. I, like the display in front of me here, thats really nice. The seats feel really supportive, really good amount of kind of lumber support on this one theres a lumber adjustment, but the seat feels quite firm, but its really supportive. This headrest is, in the right place very easy car to drive. The pulsar. Never quite won me over, but this is winning me over much more. You just see a bit of motor wine is a little bit annoying. You can hear. Do you, like my impression erica didnt do roundabouts, but here is one the steering. This is so light and easy, and you can actually make the steering a little bit firmer if you want to theres even an off road mode in the driving options on here. Look at that inflatable, father christmas and a very warm and sunny yellow doesnt seem quite right. Does it so theres a speed bump there and it bounces quite a lot at the back. I mean its a quite brutal speed. Bumps lets have a go, see how it bounces over this speed bump.

Well, i can hit a parcel shelf or the boot floor bounce at the back, but it handles absolutely fine. It absorbs it enough a mirror. I seen many of those i think ive seen two in here lately, so theres a few more rounds, so right theres a good example. I dont know if we can see here. Let me try and turn this around this camera a little bit of how this angle is on this parking garage entrance. Look, you cant really pick it up on the camera, but its a really steep kind of entrance and it drops over. So i know many cars that just wouldnt fit through there, and this is where these little kind of crossovers come in handy. This is perfect for it. This car yeah look at this little detail here and the glove box. You pull that over and youve got a little handbag hook. Nice detail wireless charging pad it just feels nice in here, and then i like this little material texture here so youve got something in the door. It doesnt rattle around on plastic im, really impressed by this little car, so ive got one more test. Lets get four people in here, recruiters some volunteers, to see what its like with three adults in the back any good good for 20 minutes. You got a transmission tunnel down there, though, but i got air restraint. Okay lets take one at the back. Lets have a look lets.

Take one out the back im guessing two adults are gon na fit quite comfortably in there. Yeah hows, that, for you guys so for quite a small car for adults, is actually absolutely fine isnt. It yeah, i think so, its pretty good yeah okay thumbs up for the xc40 okay. So, by direct comparison test, the model y, three adults in the back of a model. Why would you reckon uh? The middle seat is a lot worse. Is it than the volvo your legs hit lower, but your back is more uncomfortable. Okay, you can adjust the back rest on this. If you hang on this lever down here now, push back oh thats, better hows that well now my head hits this thing: does it yeah? Okay? So take one person out same test, two darts in the back, which is better like this. I think so, a little one yeah a little bit a little bit more youve got a flat floor here as well. Yeah the floor is lower in this yeah and for three adults in the back. Would you call it even in as long as that back rest is back or would you call the volvo better um id say id say this is a 30 minute ride, while thats a 20 minute ride with three people in the back? Okay, it is a smaller car and it feels smaller inside, but its done too bad in comparison. Is it yeah excellent? Thank you very much guys and theres a little bit of storage under the front there enough for a cable set, not massive, but enough.

You know. I wouldnt say this is a soft ride, but its not too bad at all and considering this ones got some pretty big alloy wheels. What have we got its purely all season? Its got 20 inch wheels on this one. So, given that i was actually quite impressed and you can see the little short overhang and clearance at the front, it does have off road mode, but its ideal for those little steep entries and exits and junctions you get here. Okay, so whats. My verdict on the xc40 joe, i drove it without really having expectations, but i could admit i really like it its a compact car and yet its got really good practical space inside shame. It has a transmission tunnel in the back shane theres, a creek on the dashboard of this one, but its a really compelling little car, and is it a competitor to the model y? It is damn right. It is, and this version here with the twin motor, its powerful, its gutsy, its got good pull its like a tesla model. 3. Why long range? It is a really good competitor and you need to try it to some people. It will really appeal over the tesla to other people. The tesla will appear a little bit more, its certainly to drive. It feels a slightly more compact car, i would say, and it is compelling so hold on volvo. My surprise of the day, really, i was much better than i was expecting so um yeah pleasant one anyway.

Thank you for watching hope, thats useful, its quite brief, of course, but thats. What it is today, just a brief chance to drive a few different cars and that one has been a bit of a surprise today. I really like it thanks for watching hey everyone thanks for watching our videos, if you like our content and want to see more dont, forget to not only subscribe, but also hit the bell icon for notifications. So you dont miss any new videos, as theyre uploaded plus were also on instagram.