Bmw suv. Well, take a closer look right here with thomas on auto fuel lets go. You can also get a normal sport package here for the ix, and this is also equipped via with the m60. You have a dark look here in this part: huge double kidney, thats all standard for the ix and option. You can also get these titan bronze accentuations inside the grille and headlamps led standard optional, the bmw, laser lights, thats also the same for the m60 mode here, by the way they do not differentiate anymore between and performance and true and modes. This is the model and thats it. This will be different than here for the all electric vehicles not possible to open the hood. The only thing you can open is here: the fill in for the wiper fluid yeah. Also, a performance car needs wiper, fluid 4 meters. 95 or 195 inches in the length, and it would usually come with 21 inch wheels. These are the optional 22 inch wheels and also with an m batch. Then you have a black ambassador at the side and these titan brass accentuations here also at the side mirrors in the side profile. I think the car works very well. It doesnt look too high actually, but the interesting thing is its as fat as an x6 length of an x5 and the wheels of the x7 is always a nice thing to say. Definitely here its kind of like split in design element right here with the big ix logo and this one here.

The m60 model always comes with air suspension, front and rear, but its set on a stiffer tone and power wise already, one figure for you, 619 horsepower or 1100 newton meters is the power peak. This will speed up. This will speed up this car in 3.9 seconds to one kilometers or 62 miles, so this model here is 0.7 seconds faster in the acceleration than the x drive. 50. 0.2 seconds from that goes where the launch control you might wan na electric vehicles and launch control. Yes, it somehow makes sense. You can also pre condition the electric motors for that. It has some kind of effect, this point two seconds and there will even be kind of like a shaking function. So the electric parts will induce a shaking effect that you, when you get off, feel a physical hardware induced shaking when using a launch control, interesting idea. We will find out when we drive this vehicle whats. That thing, in the background, all the time yeah its measuring the wind, of course, because this one is actually a helipad, so usually helicopters, land here in this case here a nice stage for the m60 of the ix and, of course, also the all the small stones Here they would be removed when the next helicopters landing a strong styling here also for the rear, horizontally, integrated tail lamps ix logo and also the m60 logo are also in this dark and bronze finish. Pretty cool lower end with a diffuser style, its all about wind efficiency, this vehicle as well.

Therefore, we also have this recess in the top part right there. The color for the day by the way is storm bay metallic. It has a kind of matte noise, but its not a matte color, depending really on where the light and how the light is shining in and another special feature of the m60 is that the top speed is enhanced to 250 kilometers an hour or 155 miles an Hour, while the xy50 would be limited at 200, kilometers or 125 miles an hour, the m60 will get the very same battery, just like the extra 50, so 105 kilowatt hours net, and we had a driving review already of the extra 50 and we had some consumption About 19 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, so some, like you know, 29 kilowatt hours and 100 miles means this. One would also be somewhat in 550 kilometers of range or 310 miles of range. If you keep it rather steady, of course, here with a different hardware, with the little bit stronger liquid motor a little bit less range than the comparable model, which is a little bit less powerful, but it wont have such a big effect. I can already expect that recharging 11 kilowatt ac or 195 kilowatt dc supposed to bring you from 10 to 80 in 30 minutes when you have the full charging power at the station. This is the car key of the ix, and in this case the m60 also gets the m colors at the khaki door.

Closing sound is frameless door and yeah its kind of weird that the dog closing sound. Indeed, then, instead of the doors, it really depends on the trim level, what you get there as for colors and materials, but with a very refined interior styling. Here these crystalline cool, looking dials for the seats, they are an option gladly i mean they look cool. Definitely, however, they are really catching the glass and they can blind you while driving. So i would recommend sticking with the base version, and this looks also definitely. Okay, then, the steering wheel with the flat bottom thats already spotty, but also in the base version of the ix. As for the seats, you can get a fabric, microfiber mix or also animal free, sensortech, then in oyster, so the rather bright color or in black or in brown, and these are the animal skin seeds. You can see here in the more symmetric shape in black or red, but the center tech seeds, of course, do a great job and also offer ventilation. You can also see them right here how they would look like seating position, comfortable and upright open space atmosphere, but whats different here for the m60 model. Well, the thing is they worked on the sound design, so this cooperation with hans zimmer – and you already have that in normal ix, but then for the m60 there will be a special, sound design, yeah, probably in a more sporty way, more maybe sonorous way of sound And so on, looking forward to that when we drive the vehicle sporty atmosphere here, this widescreen curved display 14.

9 inch right 12.3 inch on the left, but it looks like one unit, no manual climate dials. You have to do it here in the screen. Thats to me, a drawback – and you know everything very nice when styling glove box right here. The steering wheel has still some manual dials, for example, right side here to choose the content on the left screen and here on the left side also for the cruise control. Any digital instruments you can have the map in the inside part or some assistant system, information and so on. You can switch that through. You can also change the whole layout of that and, once again we expect special, sound design in here for the m60 model and the screen itself. This is the very complicated climate menu i mean who thought about that here. You can also activate the seat cooling here, for example, then the home screen is split kind of in these two. So either you have this home screen or then a second home screen, and this looks like that so um yeah, but both i think they lost kind of the pass for the overview. The system is good. As for the cpu processing power, um, Music yeah, this was kind of like double in language, so here you can see very fast as for the map, movement and so on, but i think it was easier before at least you have kept this menu from the os 7 yeah to make it somewhat usable, lower part.

You have this matte wood. This is really cool actually, but then you have this crystalline lever here, which can also get some reflections in the base model is again an option. It would be then, the black here as the cover and then uh, you know more basic, turning and pressing up, which is actually delivering a better user interface. I think this is the shifting lever, then, by the way here back for the drive mode, reverse and listen for the parking mode and the whole middle console here is kind of floating, so that underneath you get an inductive charging pad and cup holders here by the Way also, a cooled inductive charging pad that the smartphone doesnt overheat like it used to be at bmw and then on top. But you can also put another smartphone, oh by the way, and also at the inside of the doors. So a lot of spaces. To put your smartphone so much fun to move around here in the rear bench, because theres no middle tunnel, a lot of space, a lot of legroom – this is really very cool. You feel so much at home here in that rear area. So this is where they put the emphasis, also on also here with this electrochromatic roof. This is pretty fancy. You can change if you rather want it a little bit shaded or a little bit more open. We now have seen here in our autograph channel the electric performance models by mercedes and now by bmw, and one thing comes, you know really directly to our mind.

The differentiation between the performance models and the normal modes is not as big as it used to be from the internal combustion engine models. Well reason: number one: is the electric vehicles always have the instant torque, so the normal models are already quite sporty. They have the center of gravity quite low because the battery pack is placed in the lower area of the vehicle, so theyre already kind of performance speakers in the base versions from driving, agility and also from the performance. So the only thing they can do here are some visual changes, maybe near software, sound design and so on and, of course, even more boost actually from the electric drivetrains, so partly its just software, but here what they? What i told you earlier, they also did some hardware chains to put a more you know: powerful electric motor in the rear, but definitely the normal models of the electric vehicles are more alike. You know when you compare their performance ones.