This is the new, updated version of the mgzs ev with a much longer range and still a low price tag, but whats it like thats what were going to find out in this review, but before we start, if you want a great deal on your next car, Go to just look in the description below or click the link above to go straight to all the deals that we have on our website and to make sure you can see. All of our new car reviews do subscribe to our channel Music, so whats new! Well, the car does have a different look at the front here. You can see that the grille from before has been swapped for this body. Colored covered one and it does give the car quite a different look. Doesnt it. Another change is that the charging port in the old car was actually part of the mg badge, but now, on this face lifted version that charging port has been moved slightly to the side and something else you get. Are these four led lights there? So when youre plugged in and charging these light up to show you the current state of charge of the car, it also gets a redesigned rear, bumper and new alloys. But the biggest change is with the battery, because under here you used to only have a 49 kilowatt hour battery, but now you get a 68.3 kilowatt hour battery, which means a longer range, and the result of that is the mg.

Zsev now has a claimed wltp electric range of 273 miles, which is around 100 miles more than what it could do before. That is a very impressive electric range, but its not much use if the rest of the car is rubbish so whats. It like well start with this interior, where, if you focus on the fact that this is a kind of budget offering in the ev world its actually pretty good, you got some soft touch. Materials around and the fit and finish is decent. Doesnt feel wobbly and cheap. Its definitely classier than a renault zoe and its pretty similar, really to what you get in a vw id3 as well. You might, though, want to go for mid, spec trophy trim, because then you get this synthetic leather with the contrast stitching and that just feels a little bit plusher than the basic fabric upholstery you get an entry level, se trim now whats new with this facelifted zscv Is this 10.1 inch touchscreen infotainment system here now its not the best system in the world? There are also some systems that are much worse than this, but it is a shame that these icons are really small. The menus are quite confusingly, laid out as well, but it is reasonably responsive and you also get apple, carplay and android auto as standard which is great below the screen. Here you can see that youve got some physical shortcut buttons, so that means you can easily adjust the temperature and the fan speed.

But it is a bit of a shame that if you want to turn your heated seat on, if youre in an mgz that has it youve got to click on the climate menu and go through the menu itself. To do that, which is a pain particularly again, because these icons here are just really small, and it does feel like this infotainment system is mounted quite low on the dashboard here. So you have got to take your eyes quite far from the road to be able to see whats going on and thats also a feeling you get partly because youre sat quite high in the mg zs. In fact, some people might get in this car and just wish that the seat would go a little bit lower than it does and thats also something you get in the mg5, which is another fully electric mg, but its an estate rather than this suv. And if you want more info on the mg5 by the way, click on the link at the top of the screen to watch our full review of that car. Another new bit of tech that you get with this zsev is the digital driver display here, which is a nice big screen, but its a shame that youve got this massive space in the middle, but theyve just put some kind of graphics in there and youre left With really really small numbers for the range and the percentage charge left in the battery, but maybe a bigger problem than that is the fact that this steering wheel only moves up and down it.

Doesnt move in and out, so some people might find that they cant. Quite get a perfectly comfortable driving position in the zv. The visibility is okay out the front, but in the back its pretty poor, because youve got some massive chunky pillars back there too, but you get rear parking sensors as standard and if you go for mid spec. Trophy trim and above then you get a 360 degree camera and whats great about that is that it gives you control over the different cameras that you can see and gives you some different layouts as well. So youve got a forward facing camera. Youve got your reversing camera. Youve even got some side cameras to help. Stop curbing your alloys when youre, parallel parking, but whats annoying is that the resolution of those cameras is terrible. So it looks like youre watching a tv from the 80s or something – and that is a shame – they couldnt just make it a bit sharper and crisper than that, but generally up front its pretty good one of the really great things about the mg. Zv, though, is the space thats on offer so im just under six foot the driver seats in my driving position and you can see ive got loads of leg room. Its really impressive in that regard and headroom is good, especially when you consider that a panoramic sunroof is standard on everything. Apart from the entry level trim, but even with it fitted ive still got a reasonable amount of headroom.

It doesnt feel too cramped and really six footers can get comfortable back here. No problems at all, so its more spacious back here than i owned, icona electric and also than a kia nero its really good. The boot is a pretty good size compared to other evs. In this price range, so in total, youll be able to get five of these carry on size suitcases into the boot, which is the same number that you can get in the kia e nero and also the vwi d3, all of which are pretty practical. Electric cars, to be honest, the mg gets a height adjustable boot floor as standard, so with that in its lowest setting here you do, of course, increase the overall capacity and youve also regardless of where the boot floor is, got these side compartments too, with some storage Nets which is fairly helpful, the only problem you might have with the boot floor in its lowest setting is that if you fold down the rear seats, the batteries are actually underneath the rear seats. So that means theyre mounted quite high, which leaves a bit of a step from the boot floor up to those rear seats. But what you can do is put the boot floor in its highest setting and then that smooths out the step that youre left with and you still have plenty of room really and what it also does is offers quite a lot of underfloor storage there.

For the charging cables and anything else that you want to put in there, but if youre hoping for some extra storage under the bonnet in your electric car, then you wont get that with the mg zs ev. So this is a practical car, thats, pretty good up front as well, whats it like on the road. Well, as weve already said, this new model gets a new battery, but it also gets a new electric motor as well. Although you are probably not going to notice that, because the difference in performance is that previously, the mgz suv could do not to 62 miles per hour in 8.5 seconds now, itll do not 62 in 8.4, so really on the road youre not going to notice that Difference at all are you, but that doesnt really matter, because the car was certainly quick enough anyway. Whats also really good about this car is the brake pedal, feel a lot of evs dont get this right, but in the zs ev its really quite firm, but its consistent. You know exactly how much pressure you need to exert to make a smooth stop. So that is good. Youve also got a few levels of regenerative, braking that you can control using these toggles down here on the center console and as well as the regen youve got a few different drive modes too, so you can toggle through eco, normal and sport and basically, what that Does is change the response of the accelerator pedal, so in eco, things are more kind of slow, easy smooth, but in sport thats, where you unlock the full potential of 8.

4 seconds from not to 62, and it does actually feel really responsive and very sharp when you Use the accelerator pedal there, but for most of the time, youre, probably just going to want to keep it in eco to eke out as much range as possible. What isnt great about this car is the ride. Now this was a problem with the previous car as well, where it just felt really unsettled a little bit firm. Now this car, because its got a bigger battery pack, its around 90 kilograms heavier and rather than help settle things down. It potentially makes things a little bit worse so now, if youre going around town the ride, isnt quite so bad, but on longer stretches of road on the motorway at higher speeds, its got a really reactive suspension setup. So it gives the sensation that youre kind of constantly bouncing around in this car and now, with that extra weight, the impacts that you feel are a bit harsher, theres, quite a lot of suspension noise to go with it as well. So if you want to buy this car, which trim, should you go for? If you really want to keep the price down, then entry level, se is still really well equipped and definitely worth a look. But if you want a few more luxuries, then go one step up and look at trophy trim. That gets things like heated front seats and also a slightly nicer interior at the top of the lineup youve got trophy connect, which basically only adds some extra connectivity features on the infotainment like real time, traffic alerts and things like that.

But, to be honest, the entry level model gets apple, carplay and android, auto so on the infotainment system. Youre just going to be using that on you. This is cheap by electric car standards. But when this car first went on sale, you could buy one for less than 25 000 pounds which, particularly at the time, was a real standout bargain. Now, yes, you do get a bigger battery with this car and it goes a really useful amount further than that car. That was much cheaper, but the price is creeping up to territory of other much better. All round electric cars still the mgzs ev might not be the complete bargain. It once was, but its got a much better range. Now, its still practical inside and dont forget you get a very impressive 7 year or 80 000 mile warranty as standard and overall. This car represents very good value for money in the electric car world, for more information on the mg, zs ev and every other new and used car around go to whatcar.