All right, we got a harley davidson live wire here, electric motorcycle, all electric owner tells me he did put a larger diameter rear tire on it. A little larger diameter, which will obviously give it more top end, i mean, on the one hand, its a changing gearing that would make it less quick, but it could also help on traction and give you more top end. The interesting run to take this down the drag strip next to the tesla, never raced an electric motorcycle before probably not the last time i ever will either. So this is the future right here. All right we got a special treat were making a pass against an electric motorcycle looks like its gon na be a pro tree, but it doesnt so much matter, because i am giving him the hit now. Do i want to drag strip it? I think sure why not as long as i dont get timed out here, wait till it goes completely there. He goes. Oh yeah, we got him. What do we do? Oh yeah, we got him quiet race. That was, i think, an electric bikes, even quieter than an electric car, only two tires on the ground. Instead of four you dont even get the hum or the road noise that you get off these teslas. I thought hed be a little quicker out of the hole, but he doesnt have as much traction as we do. We got so much more tire on the ground than he does well.

I wasnt down here i just got here so i watched you walk out all right. What number 35 it just says black. That must be the motorcycle. It was me in the motorcycle, yeah well just says black. Would that be it ill know from the times? No, i ran a six something so thats, not mine. Am i on that one somebody came by here before i got here yes and were pulling tickets, so i dont know huh, do you know what kind of car it was that had the tickets? It was one of flying, ryans, okay, one of the mustangs the because he said theyve been coming in to get there. So i just got here so the only thing i have okay, somebody picked up our ticket, but well find it well. After a little bit of effort, we found our time slip. The guy who had it had it crumpled into a ball seriously about this big in his pocket, im, not sure thats, the etiquette. If you get a time slip that isnt yours, you just uh crumple it into a ball, but anyway on that pass against the harley davidson live wire. We ran a 610 at 119.8 and he ran a 727 at 97.9. Hes been running pretty consistently seven twos at 97, something miles an hour and on the reaction he was a 0.35 after the light went green. I was giving him the move and i left point four after him.

So uh point three five to point: seven: five and thats about what a move is its somewhere between point three and point four seconds. At least in this car hes sixty footed at one 180, i ran a 152 and he was 477 to half track and i was a 404. I crossed the finish line 0.76 or three quarters of a second before the electric motorcycle. That was fun. I would do it again im hoping to find faster ones in the future, but first time i went down with an electric bike.