First direct competition in singapore. Should you rethink that tesla watch on to find out? Okay, first off? What is poster well poster. Is the offshoot of volvo used to be the high performance arm? Steel is kind of the high performance arm, but will be better known to everybody as the fully electric um offshoot brand related to volvo, and we have a four pointed start on the bonnet first time. I can say that the four four pointed star pole star, so, as you can see from the car here, this is the poster ii, the brands second car and the postal one was a pricey gt that never came to um singapore or left hand or right hand. Drive market that is but polstar 2 is the global model and its very much like the tesla model. 3.. It is a executive, liftback, saloon, four doors and not as big as a big sedan around the same size as a bmw, 3 series now, like we said pulsar, is an offshoot of volvo, so we can do. We can still see some volvo parts here like the thors, hammer uh headlight with the doors, hammer, drl, sorry door, hammer drl, how about you, i shall bring you death. I am thor and the poster grill is also kind of a signature. Now very square looks like a waffle iron to me. Maybe im a bit hungry very square, and this is the uh radar sensor and of course, actually it doesnt really look.

Very super ev like in the way that the model 3 does with a lot of curved and flat surfaces. It looks like a conventional car, but also down here, not much of a big air intake, but a little triangular motif right. There also something were seeing in modern cars these days, not just evs. So if you look at the model model haha, if you look at the poststar 2, you would think hey. This is an interesting looking car, but you wouldnt necessarily think its an ev okay. So the pole, star 2 – actually this particular car comes with the performance pack ill talk about that later does have 20 inch, forged alloy wheels very large brembo brakes and adjustable suspension, but well get more to that later. So continuing on a little bit of crossover styling in this car, with the contrast fender, this is real its like its really added on its part of the poster design thing clean scandinavian uh design and tells you exactly what it is a little bit like. Japanese brand muji that kind of paired back feel and come along to the back. You see like i said this is a fastback sedan again like the model 3, and what modern, ev or sedan would be complete without a light bar. So this one goes kind of like an inverted c shape a little bit reminiscent of a volvo but not a volvo, because its a pole, star, okay, guys back seat of the postar 2.

Now this car is actually based on the cma platform same as volvos xc40. Small suv and that really shows in the footwell so, as you know, like the mercedes eqa, when they take an existing platform and chuck the battery there, your feet kinda have to go a little bit up and you can see that my feet here, its not uncomfortable. But you notice how much room i have between the seat and my knees, and i assure you i do not have long legs, but on the other hand, the headroom is decent, not a huge amount of headroom but its okay. This is an executive sedan. After all, you wont expect a huge amount of legroom but its decent for the segment and, of course, the performance pack gives you golden seat belts, Music, okay, so the cabin is um post starry. What is post diary some recognizably volvo bits, but some unique touches from polestar itself, so the volvo bits are here. You know the steering wheel, controls the um volume knob as well. This screen as well the aircon knob as well, but the rest of the design, is quite unique to poster. So we have this middle section here quite large, and this is where you put your phone. If you charge it little bit of a cubby hole for your key as well so thats quite useful, quite nice, um ergonomically its all right and not the best. I i quite like its quite natural.

I prefer press, but some parts are not so nice like here. I think to jab my knee, i like to rest my knee on on this part, but tend to jab me when i withdraw my hand ouch. This part pokes me in the elbow, so it does look nice, but some little ergonomic niggles here and there. But i know what you guys really do want to know is the screen. So this is a 11.9 inch vertically oriented, well portrait style screen and just like on recent volvos theres, full android integration into this infotainment system. I cant remember what you call it, but it is the first fully android one so so having android connectivity is. You know a big deal because its fully baked into the system. Now, for example, my phone is not connected im not running android, auto, hey, google. What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow? It really depends if youre talking about an african or european swallow they even got their little easter eggs baked into the system and of course, so i have navigation. I can message people, but its not quite fully there. For example, spotify works, but whatsapp doesnt little things like that. So id say its about. You know 75 there, but thats more of androids fault rather than pole, stars, okay. So, besides the whole google baked into the system thing – and there is also 4g on board – that powers – google um this car is a tesla rival, so it has to have cool techy features like a game called space warp im going to play again.

Oh god, oh im, dead, oh im dead. Is that, like a is that, like a spaceball reference, my schwartz is bigger than yours, yeah, but okay, but but you cant play the game while youre driving importantly because you know its a volvo slash poster and of course, tesla has come under fire for allowing people To play him while theyre driving, which is quite dangerous, okay, but the rest of the walkthrough of this system, um, okay, so the pulse r2, you can choose steering feel there are no drive modes, but you can turn off esp. You can chose one pedal drive and whether or not you want to be a creep, oh hey baby. What are you doing? Im kidding thats automatic creep forward and, of course, this is a volvo slash, poster lots and lots of safety equipment, and i have no reason to doubt the the efficiency of the safety systems. I would definitely trust these systems with my life and stuff. Okay, so were driving the poster too im going to draw up the specs here for you, and if you read our news story, you will notice that its very very similar to the tesla model – 3, of course, pitched right against the tesla. Now, one of the first things that really stands out to me besides the normal eev stuff of it being quiet, being refined battery in the floor very low center of gravity is the fact that the performance pack adds quite a bit of jiggle to the right.

Now. I havent tried the non performance pack once so i cant really say, but i think you know the stiffer suspension is whats doing that, so you can probably see on the camera yeah. So, in addition to the bigger brakes and the nicer handling thats one of the trade offs, you have to expect with the performance pack. Okay, so, but the handling overall is pretty nice, its a very nice flat handling car and like a lot of evs a little bit heavy. But you dont really feel that until you start pushing a little bit more so for day to day driving very sweet. Very easy to handle and, of course this car is the dual motor version. It has 400 horsepower and quite a lot of torque so zero to 100 in well under five seconds. Just gon na go around the corner here: nice and neat im going to accelerate Music thats pretty fast, so dual motor lots of acceleration exactly what we expect from an ev. But what you want to know is in singapore really, how far will it go now? I havent driven the car that far just yet. I just got over 22 uh kilowatt hours per 100. Kilometers julen has done a few hundred kilometers in this car and he got about 21.7 almost 22. So that translates to about 400 kilometers on a single charge, which is pretty good for an ev. Some of the more expensive and larger ebs weve seen get around 300 350 ks the longest range ev ive, driven in singapore with the car nero eevee.

I got almost 500 ks in that one, so 400k is pretty good, its right there in the middle good range for nav. So in summary, what do we like about the model? In summary, what do we like about the pokestar 2? What do we dislike about it? So what was good about it? We like the styling, not too ostentatious kind of a middle ground between very, very eevee styling and normal car styling. We like the way it dries. The interior is nicely made minor ergonomic quibbles like the fact that the aircon vent is here and can only blow at your forehead im, really hot singapore. Why cant? You call my body down, i dont know why yeah so little things like that. We, like the google connectivity, even though it doesnt feel super mature. Yet we have confidence that it will become better in a few years time or maybe probably much less time than that. We also like the extensive safety features, and you know because of the volvo heritage, we have absolutely no quibble um, you know asking people to engage, drive pilot while youre driving, as opposed to teslas full self driving, which is not really self driving more of the story, Is dont pre order and to sum up, the comparison between this car and the tesla model: 3. Three models for sale, post r2 here theres the single motor standard range as the dual motor standard range in the dual motor long range, which is the one were driving here and to add on top of that theres.

Also, the pole star package, which gives you the nice, wheels the brakes, the golden seat belts and the adjustable all in suspension. Now that makes the car drive nicely, but, of course, one of the problems there is that to get to the olympic suspension to manually adjust it, you have to actually turn the wheel, remove part of the rear, wheel, lining and then delete, which means that absolutely nobody Will do it unless theyre really really concerned about the way the car handles so performance pack? I think sixteen thousand dollars extra its nice to have but um only if youre gon na really wan na drive more dynamically. But overall, if we look at the pricing of the model 2 and model 2, like the fifth time, ive said that the polestar 2 and the model 3. They are very, very competitive in terms of price, and that is you know on purpose, because you know poster is pitching itself right up against tesla and in singapore right now. If you want an ev of this size, um of this segment as a sedan. These are the only two cars that you can get next year. The bmw i4 grand coupe is coming until that happens its um just these two cars, so you choose between the two of them. Personally, as a person who likes driving more, i will take the poster too. Okay, that was car buyers review of the polestar 2. If you like this video, please like it please share with your friends.

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