Perfect timing, perfect timing. Right there dont attract attention was the only rule. Yeah dont attract attention cops. They said uh anyways, so im out here with jeebs hes about to take over the xc40 recharge, its all gassed up its gassed up and uh no joke off camera. I like to be honest, uh. I asked him if it had if it had an engine in it, i thought it was a hybrid, so my channel is probably not the one. You want to get any information on this subscribe here, not to me for this video, because none of the information is going its going to be brutal, im just going to be driving and talking about the four cylinder it doesnt have so uh yeah good. To do a little collab, yeah and ill link, his channel up above cool thanks man welcome to jkev im joe, and today we have the volvo xc40 recharge. As always, i want to uh thank the whole crew at out of spec studios, for inviting us all out to california and getting all these cars together has been a treat to drive some all these vehicles im going to give you some quick details about the volvo And then were gon na, take it for a drive uh up to angelus crest highway, just outside of pasadena, so ill get to experience this vehicle on city, highway and canyon roads. The volvo xc40 recharge features a 75 kilowatt hour usable battery pack that results in an epa estimated range of 223 miles, the dual motor setup that the xc40 comes with features 402 horsepower, which allows this sub compact suv to rocket to 60 miles per hour.

In just 4.3 seconds, it has a maximum dc fast charging speed of 150 kilowatts, although it does not hold that speed as deep as some other vehicles, such as the e tron itll charge from dead to 80 percent in 40 minutes. According to volvo, one design feature of this vehicle, which is a positive to some and a negative to others, is that it looks extremely similar to the regular xc40. This allows it to blend in and it doesnt scream hey im driving an electric car. Please comment below on your thoughts of the styling of this vehicle. The vehicle is built in belgium. One interesting feature about this vehicle that make gives it a very conflicted driving dynamics is. It is based on the same platform as the polestar 2 sports sedan. So this, while this vehicle can be very comfortable around town, its also extremely capable on a canyon road or in any sort of sporty situation, you might throw it into one thing to remember is this is a subcompact suv, so it is a little bit smaller than The id4 etron q4 e tron model y mustang maki all of those vehicles are compact suvs, i believe. Actually, the e tron is a mid sized luxury suv. However, this is a sub compact, so its just a little bit smaller, but from the drivers seat it doesnt. You dont notice this uh as a negative. It actually is a positive uh is a very comfortable seating position and makes it very maneuverable in parking lots where youll see.

This is in the cargo room as well as the back seat. The volvo features a 12.3 inch. Digital gauge cluster as standard the volvo uses, the all new google infotainment system, which currently features android audio and will feature apple carplay shortly. Although this system is relatively new, i feel it has great potential, once more apps become available on the market and youll be able to just use all the same apps that you frequently use on your smartphone in the cars infotainment. So when you want to find a place to eat or play a song, you can use spotify or navigate you use google maps. All of these will feel very, very much at home to people that have regularly used their smartphone. This model had the available uh pilot features, which are also commonly found on the polestar 2.. This gives the vehicle adaptive cruise control with a semi autonomous, uh driving mode, which essentially is like a a nice version of lane keep assist. This is the ultimate package which features the 20 inch wheels automatic head automatic high beams, a harman kardon stereo system, the, as well as the safety features of the adaptive cruise and semi autonomous driving, but without further ado lets, get this vehicle on the road and see How it drives all right, finally get my chance to uh take the volvo xc40 recharge for a spin. I think, were gon na try to were on a little bit quicker time crunch today, but were still going to try to head up to angelus crest highway.

Real quick and uh see how it does. I was able to ride along with john the regular ev dad uh yesterday, so i was able to get a little bit of feel for how it was and uh im definitely have high expectations. Now because it seems like a very good performing vehicle, considering its just a compact suv. Actually, i think its technically a subcompact suv, but uh. Definitely a very good feel inside here. Very everything you touch feels very premium. This is a little bit smaller than the id4 that we have, or than the id4, i should say um, but it still seems very usable uh where it definitely knows the difference. The back seat rooms a little more cramped but uh the premium feel like the fact it just feels. Like a nicer, i mean the volkswagen feels good and well built, but this just feels one step further. Almost you know its got a. I have the steering set to set to the heaviest uh setting. We are in a dynamic mode right now, and the performance is also just another another step higher its. It definitely gets get up and gets up and goes its built on the same platform as the pulstar 2 uh sport sedan. So its got a lot of potential. The regen is very strong in this vehicle. I was able. I brought it to a stop right there. I didnt have to touch the pedal. The one pedal mode is very good um, not sure if its the motors uh have enough resistance to hold the car still or if brake is being applied, but its its a very good, blended uh system.

Dont you dont have as much you dont, really notice when youre shifting from regen to the friction brakes. If i creep and let off, i can feel the brakes grabbing ever so gently. The only downside of this car is the range uh its i believe, 205 miles, but once we roll on the highway you can see it just goes its very impressive. You can definitely feel the the short wheelbase uh. It feels almost a little bit darty um, but you know thats uh thats, also both the positive and negative, the short wheelbase really helps get around town effectively as well. You definitely feel its a small car, but whats nice is the like the drivers cabin here. I dont feel uh cramped at all, whereas if i was in another competitive like a honda hrv, i mean thats, not a luxury vehicle, but you know same similar size vehicle that feels as small as it is. This does a good job of feeling a little bit bigger than it actually is. One really cool thing is the google integration uh, so you have google maps built into the system, which is i mean, in my opinion, the best maps. There is so thats very a useful tool, uh its very nice. Very nice driver display too uh, at least for the navigation point of view. Ill, probably switch it to see if i can get a different view for when im on the angelus crest highway.

But for now, while im navigating there, its uh very nice, all right headlights are turned on cars in dynamic mode time to see how it handles, in the canyon its just like ridiculous, how excessive the performance is on this little vehicle, like it doesnt know what it Wants to be in comfort mode, its completely at home, on city streets and in dynamic mode. It just turns itself up its turning its just, so direct now well slow down a little bit. Let this uh civic get a little gap, but, as you can see because its the android system here um lots of you know apps that you would expect from any android phone. I im an apple user, so this is all uh foreign to me. But if youre an android user, this uh thats got to be a great, the android integration, i should say, is excellent or google integration, so thatll do it for the volvo xc40 recharge its been a real treat to drive it again. I want to say thanks to the whole out of spec studios team and uh, please like and subscribe. It really helps our content, reach more people and helps us get access to awesome.