I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im reviewing the upcoming and promising hyundai ioniq 5. Music ill, be covering the most important features to see whether itll crush the competition or not. Oh and one more thing before i start whats an electricians, favorite car, a volts wagon. Okay, now back to the video, did you know currently hyundai controls 33.88 of kias corporation and is the sole owner of two brands: genesis: motor a premium automotive subsidiary, an ionic and electric vehicle sub brand? The hyundai motor group is made up of these three brands: Music. The third 100 electric car of the brand after the ioniq and kona, the ionic 5, is a compact crossover built on an unprecedented platform from the hyundai 45 concept revealed in 2019. The ionic 5 may resemble a 1980s hot hatch with a dash of concept vehicle and a dash of delorean, but its actually hyundais. First fully customized ev their target, sidestep tesla mug, the vw id series and launch the ionic ev family on the road to global dominance. Isnt it true, though, that hyundai has previously produced electric vehicles right. The previous ionic and current kona electric are both incredibly nice in an average inoffensive sort of manner, proving that its capable of making some truly excellent and deserving electric automobiles hyundai has transferred what it learned with those cars to a new chassis developed, particularly for battery powered Vehicles and clothed it with its most ambitious design, yet it is egmp which stands for electric global modular platform theres a lot of stuff to take in when it comes to the concept itself.

Since 2016, ionic has been the moniker of hyundais volkswagen golf size, liftback, which is known for being the worlds first hybrid plug in hybrid and electric vehicle. That car will not be replaced after its lifecycle finishes and ionic will become an ev sub brand, with a more premium character and pricing than anything weve seen from hyundai. So far in 2022, hyundai will release the ionic 6 a mid size saloon and in 2024 the ionix 7, a huge suv. All three will be based on hyundais new egmp electric vehicle platform, which has super fast 800 volt charging and the mass markets. First integrated drive axle, which combines the drive, shafts and wheel bearings for improved ride, comfort and handling stability in terms of competitiveness. The ionic 5 is aimed squarely at volkswagens id4, while hyundai executives claim that the electric vehicle market is still so young and fragmented that their car could take sales from everything from the nissan leaf to the tesla model s. The ionic 5 was announced in january 2021 and officially presented on february 23 2021. The manufacturer presented it as a cuv for compact crossover, utility vehicle design and engineering Music, quoting hyundais description of the design of the car inspired by the future past and present confidently sporting clean, sharp lines throughout its electric suv body. The all new ioniq 5 is undeniably distinct and modern. I wont go into depth about building quality because there are only prototypes available. The finished car youll buy will include, trim, made from recycled plastic bottles plant based fibers and eco friendly paint.

It has an angular shape, appearance. The ionic 5s new platform is ideal for the current eb brief. The wheelbase is longer than that of a bmw 5 series at 3.0 meters and the bodywork overhangs are small. The ionic 5 may appear to be a regular hatchback. The geogra style forward, leading c pillar and fierce clamshell nose date back to the classs conception, but its a far bigger beast than the golf its length of 4735 mm brings it closer to the bmw, x3 suv and its 3 meter wheelbase outperforms, even the x5. Even before you notice the insane riffling on the wheel, arch cladding, the fabulously 8 bit led matrix light with their 256 cubic pixels or the zaro slash that gives the cars flanks and a resting origami light quality, all of which are carried over from the 45 concept. From the 2019 frankfurt motor show its the stature that makes for the sleek look interior Music, because the batteries are buried beneath the passenger compartment to keep the vehicle center of gravity under control. A ruby cabin with a flat floor is expected and because the wheelbase is so long theres already enough space for batteries. The front boot has a small 57 liter, carrycot thats, just big enough to fit a charging cord, but itll mostly be stored. Beneath the back boot floor in a shallow but functional storage tray, however, you do get a true 5 seater, as well as a substantial cargo area of 531 liters, because there are no transmission tubes to trip over the doors open, wide and clambering in and out is A snap once youre inside the ionic 5s interior shape shifts to meet your needs.

The center console, slides 140 millimeters forward and back giving you more convenient charging connections or extra leg room for your screen, zombie youngsters to lose sweeties in hyundai. Nicknamed this feature the universal island, since it was clearly too realistic. The ionic 5s lounge, like attractiveness, is enhanced by extensive ambient lighting on the doors and dash and the graphite effect trim. Inlays and the doors look fantastic, even if theyre, just plastic inserts after the island has undergone some seismic movements towards the back. The driver may exit the passenger door useful if youre parked on a narrow street or got trapped sideways in a ditch. Its clear that this is going to be a car that prioritizes technological comfort from the touch sensitive climate control panel to the bright crisp displays and the magnetic panel to the side of the 12.3 inch twin screen. Multiplex, where you can stick notes and photos of your favorite pet child or cold war fighter jet, it can mask all the modern silicon valley based mobile coffee stores performance. However, like the honda e, this is an ev that you will buy mostly for its looks only here when you fall in, for the looks you wont have to make any justifications or compromises the rear drive motor with 123kw of power standard, a dual motor 4×4 setup, Which slightly over 223 kw will also be available. The most long range ionic 5 will of course, have an rwd chassis to match the larger battery.

The automobile will really drive itself when empty out of small garages owning to the button on the key. All you have to do is call it from a safe distance and watch as it crawls closer to you. Like a frightened forest creature, youve seen lots of ordinary hatchbacks masquerading as suvs. The ioniq 5 is a polar opposite of the ionic 4. in a car that resembles a bulky hatchback, it boasts a dominating driving sense. The ionix 2020 kg curb weight is masked by all wheel, drive and 443 pounds feet of torque, making it a serious piece of a road overtaking equipment, its quick, but it slows down at 80 miles per hour, theres no noticeable motor whining and despite the lack of Rear view cameras hyundai promises that wind noise will be kept to a minimum. It also promises agility but im sure the ionic, 5s weight and overall lack of athleticism will catch up with it. This isnt a car that seeks out corners its a car that handles them. Well and goes about its business here are some of my favorite features of the ionic 5.. Some automobiles make the claim that they improve the world by making all excursions within them thrilling, expeditions of discovery and amazement. This is simply absurd. Hyundai seems to be saying something like look. We understand traveling by car is tedious and frustrating in box halls. There are roadworks traffic bottlenecks, speed, bumps and middle lane hoggers, even in a boring average speed.

Camera zone theres an audi q7 so near to your rear, bumper. That he can read what radio station youre listening to. As a result, hyundai has created an electric vehicle that aims to alleviate all of this. Its made to be comfy, simple, to use and not overly athletic. The ionic 5 appears to be an eb designed for the sometimes vexing reality we live in rather than the ideal society which we wished. We lived in battery life. A 54 kwh battery will be included in the basic model. If you want additional range, you can upgrade to a 72 kwh battery, which will give you a stated wltp range of roughly 290 miles. The real world range will be determined by the number of motors you have until today. Porsches take hand was the only electric vehicle with the 800 volt charging capacity, which entails heavy duty electrical architecture beneath the skin that allows energy to drain down like a fire hose into a paddling pool. Hyundai, on the other hand, have crammed the same technology into the ionic 5.. With that result, you can see how charged from practically empty to 80 charging in just 18 minutes using a 350 kw quick charger. Do you have any 5 minutes for a pit? Stop? Even then, youll still get 62 miles from the recharge in alternating current. The ioniq 5 offers a charging power of up to 11 kw. Keep in mind that the top of the range executive finish also benefits from an option called v2l.

This allows you to benefit from an additional 220 volt socket for recharging or powering small equipment using the car battery charged as an option. The photovoltaic roof allows you to benefit from solar energy to recharge the car. According to hyundai, the device could make it possible to travel 2 000 kilometers per year. Price and model range hyundai hasnt disclosed how much the next ioniq 5 will cost, but it has stated that it will be on sale in the fall of 2021. We expect the ioniq 5 will start at around 45 000, based on the current hyundai kona electric starting price of around 38 thousand dollars. This wraps up my review of the new hyundai ioniq 5.. Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of this video. Nothing helps out my channel more than yall watching the entire video. These videos take a lot of time to make and are a labor of love.