Please subscribe us and wait wait until the video ends. Thank you into device. We have a seven inch multifunctional lcd screen. Um the left side is showing the battery level and right side is the field level and all the information is displaying over here. This is same seven inch lcd screen. So this is a honda next generation nine inch infotainment display uh. So its the same like civic um, you can connect the apple, carplay, android, auto and its having the basic feature like fm bluetooth and usb connectivity. Apart from that, you can change the vehicle settings from here like the light settings and everything um. So uh, you can see the trip details here. This is a leather appointed material, its a good material but its having a basic design, not a classy design, but it looks good for this vehicle and we have a digital automatic automatic climate control, brake hold parking, brake, echo mode gear lever and no wireless charging options. Uh 12 volt power outlet usb charging and the usb connectivity here is the automated uh climate control, its pretty handy, and there are satellites and the infotainment system, and this is a big button for change. The brightness of the lights. Uh lets not change, they need the interior lights. I think the brightness of the headlights – and these are the safety features parking assist and this one for the whole all features and headlight leveler yeah. The basic functions. Uh applied door lights in here.

Music seats are really comfortable; it comes with the leather uh. You have the console boxing here yeah and the clock compartments. You have one over here and another one in here on the door. You will have the basic mirror, changing options center, lock in and window slot. So this is not a sport car. This is a economical car. Uh, well go for ride and see uh the performance of the vehicle; okay, so the vehicle is ready to drive okay. This looks fine now and im going to put the give up to the d. Okay, so its d in here and im releasing the parking brake. Okay, this one is not comes with the rain sensor. Wipers uh yeah, i feel like uh, more economical it doesnt have any sporty feeling, but with all these safety features and its having a good feel consumption so, overall, its a good daily basis, Music um. This is a good car. Uh.