. Now this is a really important car for two reasons: one its coming to india and secondly, this is hyundais first born electric car. Now this is built on a dedicated electric platform, its called e gmp, and you can tell this car never was conceived with an engine in mind. I mean theres, no grill, can you imagine a hyundai without a grill? Well, this one doesnt have anything at all its just got this black little strip over here, not even a mock grill go around and you can see its very, very futuristic. The wheels theyve got that kind of aero look turned to the rear and again you can see the sides uh before we get to the rear again very sharp, very chiseled, very flush, very kind of futuristic and aerodynamic. And if you go to the rear, you can see this whole bunch of led lights, its like out of a blade runner movie so clearly ionic 5. This is the future. The car looks futuristic, but how does it drive but before that lets get inside the car? Because thats, where the magic of a born electric platform can be seen now, this is really a unique cabin. Just look at the space thats been liberated now theres, no transmission tunnel, no exhaust pipes, even the aircon controls the hvac units, which typically would be here. Thats moved to the front where the engine typically is, so this place is just completely free and the floor absolutely flat.

Now you can only get this with a bond electric platform or a dedicated eb platform and youve got the center console here, which moves back and forth. Look at the flexibility and again youve got this very low window line. So again, you can really see outside really well, so clearly you can see the benefit of an all electric architecture, and whats happened is that even the wheelbase thats been absolutely stretched and we see the benefit of that at the back. I mean this car is super spacious. I mean its got: a wheelbase of 3000 millimeters thats more than a hyundai palisade, now again youre getting that because the wheels have been pushed out thats. What the this sort of platform allows you completely flat for floor, so really space efficiency is fantastic, but i have to say the floor is a bit raised because the batteries, the slab of lithium ion batteries are below the floor and it kind of makes you sit Slightly with knees up, but overall the space, it isnt good its mind, blowing again very flat, quite spacious, but you know the whole thing. The floor is quite raised and thats really one of the issues is that the batteries they do take up space, but space efficiency is fantastic in a normal car or with an icy engine derivative. The space efficiency is much worse. So really, this is making the most of this massive battery pack a 74 kilowatt battery pack, which the ioniq 5 has and really in terms of space theyve done an outstanding job.

The ionic 5 comes with a choice of two battery packs. The base model gets a 58 kilowatt hour pack good for 354 kilometers, whilst the 72 kilowatt battery stretches range to acclaimed. 480 kilometers now lets see what its like to drive. So the car im driving its four wheel, drive its got two motors and a combined power output of 300 horsepower. Now that is seriously quick and, as we know, it sometimes feels faster. Because of all that instant talk, i am getting into sport mode and boy. Yes, it does rocket you forward, but i have to say that you know like most ebs. This is a sort of one dimensional performance. Is that linear thrust uh theres, no real character in that sense, just one solid, linear shove which pins you back to your seat. Every time you floor it Music, but whats, really impressive about the ioniq 5 is the right. Now. This is on the soft side, its a slightly kind of floaty ride, which is rare for an eevee, but kyunai has kind of tuned the ionic five more towards comfort and thats, really evident in the way this car drives. The ride really is very, very impressive. The good news is the ioniq 5 is coming to india this year. The bad news is that it wont be cheap. We estimate the ionic 5 to be priced between 45 and 60 lakhs expensive.