New et5 is a rakish compact saloon aimed squarely at the tesla model 3. unveiled at the firms. Annual neoday showcase. The et5 is the brands fifth production model, joining the ec5 es6 and es8 suvs and the upcoming et7 luxury saloon. It is priced from the equivalent of 38 935 pounds in china, including battery slightly less than the dual motor tesla model. 3 performance deliveries in china are set to get underway in september 2022, with european examples arriving in spring 2023.. Unlike the tesla, the et5, based on the same technology platform 2.0 as the et7, is available exclusively with a twin motor powertrain, which comprises a 201 bhp asynchronous motor on the front axle and a 282 bhp motor at the rear for total, combined outputs of 483 bhp And 516 pounds featuring the 0 to 62 miles per hour. Sprint is dispatched in 4.3 seconds, but neo has yet to give a top speed figure. Three battery sizes are available. A 75 kilowatt hour standard range unit with a claimed range of more than 342 miles. The 100 kilowatt hours long range unit, which bumps the range past 435 miles in the range topic, 150 kilowatt hours, ultra long range battery, which claims a range of more than 620 miles, a figure which could make the et5 one of the longest range mainstream evs on Sale globally, however, these figures are homologate according to chinas cltc test cycle and will likely not be emulated in wltp testing.

The relationship with the et7 is clear. In the 4 700 millimeters long, et5s rakish lift back style silhouette neo claims, the rear haunches are inspired by its ep9 supercar, while a wider track and sharp chiseled forms hint at the cars sporting intent additionally features such as the subtle ducktail, spoiler flush door handles frameless Windows and prominent front air intakes aim to boost aerodynamic efficiency, which will be key to the et5. Achieving its impressive claimed range figures. The minimalist cabin is similarly modeled on the et7. Sharing that cars, largely featureless dashboard, vertically oriented, infotainment, touchscreen, digital gauge, cluster and panoramic roof highlights include a sustainable, clean plus upholstery material which is claimed to improve the interiors acoustics, invisible air vents, a 256 color ambient lighting system and a standard fit dolby. Atmos sound system neo also claims the et5s will feature an industry. First when it comes to in car entertainment. The manufacturer has worked with tech company nreal to develop bespoke, augmented reality glasses, which can project a virtual 201 inches screen 6 meters in front of the wearer. The et5 will be equipped with autonomous driving functionality from launch and will gradually achieve a safe and reassuring autonomous driving experience for scenarios such as highways urban areas, parking and battery swapping. The features will be rolled out to owners after launch available for the equivalent of an 81 pounds. Monthly subscription battery swapping is a defining feature of neos business model and customers who opt to participate can cut the equivalent of roughly eight thousand pounds off the price of their et5 battery swapping can be carried out at a dedicated facility in as little as three minutes.