This is the 2022 mercedes benz eqs and its the first ev only model in the lineup and its very, very good Music. A quick note before we dive in we started the week in the mercedes benz eqs 580, and we were planning to fully review that one. But we got a screw in the rear tire the morning of our full shoot. Mercedes was kind enough to lend us an eqs, 450 plus to finish our task. We had to use some footage of both cars, as the weather was also against us here in southern california. At the moment, so youll see either one in some shots now back to the rest of it all, and thank you for watching. We say stand alone, but its at least related to the s class. Still it looks different enough on the outside that were okay with the designation and speaking of the outside its our least favorite part of the car, its like a melted s class. Still the optional wheels on the eqs 580 are excellent, as is that satin gray paint you can get. The grill is visually interesting alongside the daytime running lights too. So there are good elements on the outside, but we dont think it needed to go full jelly bean or did it because the eqs has a coefficient of drag of just 0.2, making it the current worlds, most aerodynamic production, car, the tesla model, s and lucid air – Are right behind it, though, and none of those are actually the most aerodynamic production cars ever if you want to get into some obscure car trivia, the admittedly low run gm ev1 and the volkswagen xl1 held coefficient of drags of just 0.

19 slide to the inside of The eqs, though, and any issues with the outside are quickly forgotten here. It feels far more connected to the s class. The seats are excellent. With the wheelbase pushed to create small overhangs. You have plenty of cabin space, even with an oddly raised, rear, seating space and then, of course, theres the hyper screen. What youre looking at are three screens put together to create sort of 56 inches of display space and its curved and molded, so that you can see it clearly from pretty much any angle inside the car now powering. All this is an 8 core processor with 24 gigs of ram, and it looks good. It responds quickly and honestly, its not distracting while youre driving thats, because you also have augmented reality, head up driving directions, mbux voice assistance and, of course, carplay or android auto as well. And if you dont want this gigando screen remember its an option, as the standard screen is a far more simple, 12.8 inch display. Now, as for power, you have two options on the eqs: both bens models, utilize a 107.8 kilowatt hour battery pack. The eqs 450 plus employs a rear mounted motor to deliver 329 horsepower and 419 pound feet of torque and returns around 350 miles of range per the epa, but many sources are claiming this is far more easily achievable to go over that number heck. The one were driving here displays 370, with three quarters of an electric tank.

The model that we tested recently or earlier in the week is the eqs 580, which adds a second motor and delivers 516 horsepower and 631 pound feet of torque here. Youre still ready to achieve around 340 miles to charge at home. On 240 volts youll go from 10 to 100 percent in 11 and a quarter hours on the road with 200 kilowatt dc fast charging. You can go from 10 to 100 in just 31 minutes. So from behind the wheel, the eqs is pretty much everything id hoped it would be earlier. In the week i had the eqs 580, which is the model i would want to get where im buying one of these, and then it was the one we were going to talk to you about today, but i got a screw in the tire and mercedes was Kind enough to send in the eqs 450 plus as a replacement, which is kind of a bonus to get to explore both models and they are similar. But the eqs 580 is worth the extra coin. Because of all that extra power and the fact that its a 4matic drivetrain, this one is rear, wheel, drive and im curious if you could get up to some hooliganism, if you could find where to turn the traction control off, maybe ill explore that later, when the Cameras arent rolling, but from behind the wheel, the steering in both models is weighted perfectly for the vehicle. You can change the driving modes between comfort, sport and then theres an individual mode, and you can really just cruise very comfortably in this.

It really is like a quiet s class in here the seats are excellent. The visibility is great. The light coming in from this panoramic roof is wonderful and and theres really a lot to like on the inside of this thing. Now you can even get these with an optional rear steering system which the cars come fitted with them, whether you want them or not, and then, if you decide later on that, you want to spend the money to upgrade to it, you can do it via an Over the air update, which is kind of a neat feature, the brakes on this version feel a little softer than the one on the 580.. I wonder if thats just a pad wear issue, but i did notice that the 580 seemed to grab a bit more aggressively and how i like my brakes to feel this. One stops fine, it just takes more pedal travel to do so. So that does lead me to believe that it is possible that it is brakes knowing the way other, auto journalists drive their cars and the way they treat them now. This car, if you see on the steering wheel, does have a pair of paddle shifters but theyre not shifting gears. They are shifting the brake recuperation mode. When you start the car, it is just in normal mode which, when you take your foot off the gas theres a little bit of regen braking happening, you can hit the up paddle or the positive.

You know plus sign paddle, and it takes its no recuperation. And this thing will just sail along and then, if you go back down and hit the negative paddle or the minus paddle and go into increased recuperation when i let off the gas its its much closer to a one pedal driving experience im not on the brakes. At all, and were basically coming to a stop, so it is possible to one pedal: drive this thing, or at least get very close to it. Now, as far as power goes its fine here in the 450. theres, even decent punch to be felt, i will tell you, though, in the 580 its pretty awesome. It is not as quick as the model s thats for sure it is a wonderful s. Class like ride, and i really appreciate that and thats what the customer buying this should expect and mercedes is delivering on it, and now we have to talk about price. I expected this thing to cost a lot more than it does its still expensive, but it is far less expensive than i assumed. An eqs, 450 plus starts at 103 sixty dollars and the eqs 580 4matic starts at 120 160. Our tester here this eqs 450 plus, is around 116 and the eqs 580 we tested earlier in the week was about 133 and yeah. I was shocked to see this thing anywhere under 150 000. people are spending that much and more on the model.

S a full bore plaid starts well over 130 000 before any potential state and federal tax credits, and yes, that car has greater range and truly insane off the line, speed but which car would you rather have here? This eqs has far better build quality. A much nicer interior and a better infotainment and audio system overall, and we havent even brought the lucid air into the conversation yet because we havent experienced that one for ourselves regardless. I hope you enjoy whichever vehicle youve chosen.