The silverado is the companys cash cow. The lions share of its profits. General motors has one chance not to mess this up unless they end up poisoning their most profitable watering hole. So that all being said, lets take a look at what theyve cooked up. This is the 2024 chevy silverado ev lets get right to the meat and potatoes of the chevy silverado ev. The powertrain specs under the body here is a battery, the capacity of which gm is not saying at the moment, but it will provide a gm estimated range of approximately 400 miles on a single charge. So what can you do with all those electrons? Well, at the bare minimum you can warp some pavement because, according to gm in its rst trim, the silverado ev will produce at least 664 horsepower and 780 pound feet of torque in its wide open watts mode. Yes, that does spell wow mode. I dont believe gm is contractually obligated to include all these cutesy acronyms. Nor do i believe, its a world warcraft reference, but you never know truck stuff, should come pretty easily to the silverado ev and its rst trim as well gms internal estimates currently project up to ten thousand pounds of towing capacity and thirteen hundred pounds of payload. Despite the trucks size, it should handle pretty well too thanks to the inclusion of four wheel steering. Sadly, though, that does not include the neat crab walking trick that the gmc hummer ev has now lets talk charging to get those 400 miles back.

After doing all that truck stuff, the silverado ev boasts charging capabilities up to 350 kilowatts, which is about the most. You can get from a charger right now. Thatll add about 100 miles of range in roughly 10 minutes. If you can find a working charger that powerful power delivery can go the other way too. The silverado ev offers up to 10 outlets that can provide a net 10.2 kilowatts of electric power for campsites job sites, you name it, but power tools, arent all the silverado ev can power. In fact, this truck is capable of charging an entirely different electric vehicle using an available accessory charging cord, as you might expect, from an electric pickup truck with a 2024 model year. There is quite a bit of tech sandwiched in this thing. The first thing, your eyes will probably notice, as you move through the interior is the honkin 17 inch lcd infotainment screen, but if thats not enough real estate for you, dont worry theres. Another 11 inches of screen just under the horizon by way of a driver information display when it comes to safety systems, both variants of silverado ev will get chevy safety assist standard. The suite of active and passive driver aids includes automatic emergency braking forward collision warning pedestrian detection. Lane keep assist lane departure, warning and automatic high beams. Now you might be saying to yourself self that list sure doesnt have adaptive cruise control on it and youd be right, but also wrong.

Dont fret, because the silverado ev also comes packing supercrews. If you havent become familiar with this system, which permits hands free operation on pre, mapped stretches of american highway, it really knocks the tedium out of a long road trip and i think silverado ev owners will be happy to have it now that weve taken you through Some of the more granular details of the 24 silverado ev lets take a step back and zoom out and discuss design. Now it is pretty clear where the front end draws a little bit of its inspiration from if youve ever seen, a bull tv youd recognize this full width led bar in truck form. I actually think it accentuates the width pretty well and gives you a hint along this cut line here, that there is in fact, a frunk, and that has a nice low opening to make it easy to kind of load stuff in coming around to the side. Here you might now notice that the proportions arent exactly what youd expect from a modern pickup truck owing to the fact that there is no 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 14 liter engine under the hood. The overhang is about as short as it can be, which will probably make it a little easier to park at the mall now as youre going along. You may not get an idea of the scale of this truck, but it is large im, not four feet tall im six feet tall and these are 24 inch wheels here to kind of give you an idea of just the sheer girth of this thing.

Moving along the side, i actually really like the design, its not very overwrought. There is a little bit of kind of subtlety along the door panels there and i kind of like the way the window moves up on the back door, but really theres. Nothing too crazy. Along here, although my favorite part, this is my favorite part – is the way the d pillar kind of cascades down some people might say: hummer ev, i personally think chevy avalanche. You be the judge. Moving around to the back. We get to pick up just a few. More elements of the gm family design language here in the taillights, you may see a little bit of silverado, especially in the way the element is shaped as youre looking at it directly from the back yeah. The clear lens and construction is a little different, but this is kind of one of the ways to let you know that this is in fact part of the silverado family moving further back its no surprise that gms multiflex tailgate is present and accounted for on the Rst, but what is perhaps the single most interesting part of the entire exterior of the 2024 silverado ev is actually in the bed. Multiflex mid gate is the newest creation on the silverado ev available only on the rst trim. It is basically a back door between the bed and the cabin. The second row inside has a 4060 split, at which point you can fold the seat up fold the door down and get a heck of a lot more space.

Now how much space am i talking? All right lets go through some numbers. If everything is closed, the tailgate and the mid gate you get about five feet: 11. Inches of storage. If you open the mid gate and keep the tailgate closed, that number expands to a hair over nine feet and in its maximum configuration, which is where the mid gate is open and the tailgate is open and set to its load. Stop you get 10 feet. 10. Inches of stuff back there thats pretty darn crazy. Now that weve taken you through the exterior of the silverado ev lets slide on inside, but not fully inside, because im not allowed in there. Now, when gm said that the silverado ev is all new, they really meant it. There is no carbon copy piece of anything in here aside from maybe like the trailer brake controller. Otherwise, the design is clean sheet other than the two screens in the middle, which kind of join together. Everything else is nice and low. You have an interesting use of mixed materials. It feels like a good mix of car, ish and truck ish, so to speak, and the cabin should feel a little extra car ish thanks to one gargantuan, fixed glass roof above, which should add a little bit of head space and make the whole cabin feel a Little more airy now, if youre wondering why ive been referring to the rst trim so much its because that right now there are currently two variants of silverado ev on offer.

The rst trim is the consumer focused trim, but there will also be a wt. A work truck aimed at more fleet, focused buyers or the ford lightning pro and whats funny is that that will actually arrive in the fall of 23, whereas this guy shows up in the spring. A lot of things are the same between the two, for example: rst and wt share the same battery pack, and although gm isnt saying how big the pack is, both trucks have an estimated 400 mile range. Wt can accept the same fast charging as rst, and it too can backfeed power to tools or other evs and theres four wheel. Steering on offer here as well. So now lets talk about whats different. The wts output is a little lower promising up to 510 horsepower and 615 pound feet of torque. Towing capacity is a little lower too at an estimated 8 000 pounds, while payload is about 100 pounds down at 1200. But those of you looking to haul a lot of stuff shouldnt fret later on gm plans to unveil a model with a maximum towing capacity of 20 000 pounds, usually youd have to upgrade to a 3500 model, medium duty pickup for that kind of capability. Alrighty. Its comparison time, i know some of you are eager to hear how the silverado ev stacks up against a certain rectilinear quote: unquote truck from a certain manufacturer, but since its release is still very much up in the air, well be focusing on how the silverado ev Stacks up against its hometown competition, the ford f, 150, lightning, gms, internal estimates for the silverado ev trump, the f 150 lightnings estimated specs in both standard range and extended range formats, roughly 30 percent higher than fords best estimates.

At the moment. The lightning cant charge as quickly either as its limited to just 150 kilowatts versus the chevys 350.. Now, when it comes to truck stuff, its more of a mixed bag, while the silverado evs 10 000 pound tow rating estimate is in line with the f 150 lightning extended range, the chevy simply cant put as much in its bed offering 1300 pounds of payload compared To fords 2 000 pound maximum on the standard range fords onboard power delivery does lag behind chevys, though, at a net 9.6 kilowatts versus big bow ties. 10.2 chevy also wins on screen size with its premier infotainment system offered up on a whopping 17 inch screen. Now the ford isnt very far behind at 15 and a half inches – and we know fords system – is great from our experiences with the mustang makis portrait display so well have to wait until we get some play time in the silverado to figure out which system is Truly better for the owner. Both trucks offer standard safety suites with largely the same collection of individual components, whether its automatic high beams or lane departure warning. But gm can no longer claim outright superiority in the highway road trip game because, while the silverado ev does come with supercrews, so too does the f, 150 lightning come with fords own blue cruise now, i would say: lets compare frunks, because both trucks do in fact Have them, but chevy is still hard at work, finalizing the design of its front to maximize interior volume, whether or not it matches up to fords 14 cubic foot mega power.

Frunk has yet to be seen, but they are certainly trying to hit that number. That leaves us with the cost im sure youve already figured out that something. This technologically impressive and physically massive wouldnt be cheap and youre right. The silverado, ev rst will start at 105 000 when it goes on sale. The work truck variant, which goes on sale earlier, does not yet have a price, and the first years allocation is already all but spoken for. So, if youre looking for something a bit more pedestrian in the 40 to 50, 000 range youll have to wait a few years yet or you could hop on the ford lightning reservation list since ford is making affordable electric trucks right off the bat. Its pretty clear from this price golf that gm and ford are targeting different customers to start. So when can all this cool stuff land in your driveway? Well, if youre watching this video on january 5th, the day it came out, the answer is soon ish, not really but kind of the reservation. Books are open right now for rst models, and both rst and wt will be built at gms factory zero in detroit. As for when the car will actually show up, work, truck models will be coming out. First, in the spring of 2023, followed by rst in the fall.