The evs youre going to want to buy, if you like your car to be as small as possible today were going to be driving the volkswagen e up at the same time well be discussing its very closely related brothers, the say at me and the skoda city Go and were going to be putting them up against the iconic smart 4. 2 Music Applause weve picked the e up and its brothers, as well as the smart four two as the cars to look at today, because they are the most compact tvs in the marketplace. At the moment, there are other compact tvs, such as the fiat 500 and even the renault zoe. However, if you like your cars to be as small as possible, then these are the cars youre going to want to look at whilst its the volkswagen here that were going to be driving today, um the the skoda city go and the cme are built around exactly The same platform and are fundamentally almost identical cars and, as a result, uh when im discussing the up im, referring really to all three of them. The party trick of these cars is their size, theyre super tiny and compact and make great city runarounds. Some might argue, actually theyre, not very practical because of their size. I would counter argue that in fact, there are extra practical because of their size. If a city, urban driving car is what you need. If you need a bigger car for practical purposes, then these are not the cars for you, but if you like your car, small fun and for life around the city, these are the perfect fit when talking about practicalities, theres still, one obvious advantage of the e up.

The me and the city go over the smart, and that is despite its compact size. They all have four seats instead of two like the smart car. Obviously, if there are going to be occasions where you need more than the two seats of the smart car, the choice between the two cars is going to be an easy one. The boot of the e up the citigo and the me is – is much bigger than you expect for such a compact car, its actually really quite nice and deep. You can also get a rather nice little shelf that goes in the boot, which raises the floor level. So its level with the rear passenger seats when theyre folded flat, this actually gives quite a nice volumous practical load space, which is a nice thing to have. The smart car, of course, has an absolutely tiny boot. However, boot space is never going to be the strong point of the micro car. Now the first car im going to be driving today. Is this the volkswagen e up, obviously, like i said its very closely related to its brothers, the say it me and the skoda city go uh. They all have slightly different faces and very subtly different, interiors um, but you can easily see from having a look at them. You know theyre built around the same platform and theyre, basically almost identical cars. Although the volkswagen eop platform has been around for years as a petrol car, it was in fact originally designed to be an electric car and, as a result, it suits being an ev so well.

The electric ear was originally launched all the way back in 2013.. It was launched back then, with a 19 kilowatt hour battery giving the car somewhere between i dont, know 60 and 80 miles worth of driving range, which at the time was sort of fairly standard. However, its winter range did suffer a little bit because it didnt have a heat pump, unlike its main competitors at the time, so in wintertime, its range was actually quite disappointing, its worth pointing out as well. The newer version also doesnt have a heat pump. However, that is becoming a more regular thing with the more modern ev now their ranges have been improved. Now the newer model has a 37 kilowatt hour battery, giving the car a range of you know around about 140 to 160 miles, depending on your driving style and, of course, the time of year, which is really really very good, and it does put it sort of Shoulder to shoulder with most of the modern evs coming out and makes it a very capable, well decent long range, driving ev if thats, what you want to do with it Applause and its a great little car, its really nice to drive its not particularly exciting. It all feels very, very familiar, but its very very nice, and whilst its not 60 time is 11.9 seconds which isnt particularly quick and compared to most evs. It does actually feel nice and zippy and it still corners and handles very well.

You know if youre looking for a car for urban city driving yeah, this is going to be really nice. The e up has a quality build. Just like you would expect from the volkswagen group. When comparing the e up to the me and the city go, i would have the e up as the most premium of the three its very well finished and its got quite decent spec. You know you can have a reversing camera, you can have heated seats. It comes with lane assist heated, windscreen, electric ring mirrors, uh and a very decent sort of six speaker sound system uh. Not surprisingly, though, of course, the e up is the most expensive of the three now the set me obviously is a very, very similar car. If the e up is the most premium of the bunch, i would have the same me in the middle. Its got quite a nice interior. You could argue its a little bit more modern and it also has sort of fairly decent spec. You know your decent alloy wheels. Youve got that lane assist, youve, got reversing sensors and heated seats, so its not bad at all. At one place where the say at me differs from the other two is: it lacks any steering wheel controls at all, theres, no controls there to control the stereo. I guess its not a big deal, but its something that i do like to see in a car. Now the skoda citygo is the cheapest of all three and it does feel a little bit more stripped back its got a lesser spec and you know a standard.

You know it has hubcaps, it doesnt even have reversing sensors. However, its still a nice little car and you can tell its built around the same platform and obviously its a lot cheaper. One point thats definitely worth noting – is the skoda. Citigo doesnt come with ccs rapid charging as standard, unlike the say me, and the ear which both do now that isnt going to be particularly relevant if youre not going to use your car for any kind of long distance driving. But if you are going to use it for long distance driving or if you need to use the public charging network a lot for example, because you cant charge at home then be sure to make sure you get one of the cars with ccs rapid on it. Applause, Music, another thing that the ear the city go and me all have in common is none of them have an inbuilt infotainment system. What they have instead is this phone cradle here the idea is, you can download a car specific app and then you can use your phone uh like the infotainment system playing music and obviously its the sat nav its, not a bad idea. I think you know it saves money, but by not having an infotainment system there and a lot of people would use google maps anyway, as a sat nav. So i understand the logic, although personally i i would like to see an inbuilt infotainment system really.

So the three cars, the e up, the city go and the me which one would you choose there isnt really a great deal of difference between any of them, theyre all built around the same platform. So i would say, unless youve got any particular brand loyalty. I would go for the car, which i suspect that you like or hits your budgetary price point now. These cars are widely available in the news market price wise that could potentially be any of them, but whichever one you choose, if youre after a compact city car, you wont, be disappointed Applause now, the smart 42 is the obvious. Other compact car choice and its very different from the e up and its brothers for starters, its even smaller. Obviously its only got the two seats, but its so compact. It can even bait park in a parallel parking spot. So if youre looking for an ev that is genuinely as small and as compact as possible, then the smart 42 has the edge and it really is a quirky looking little car, especially this limited edition, brabus version that ive decided to drive today. I love this car. I think it looks fantastic and it does sort of show the kind of sense of humor a smart car has about itself, and whilst the e up and its brothers are great little compact tvs theres something somehow special about the smart four two. It really does just make you smile and what i know from smart car owners.

This is a car that you really do fall in love with now. The smart fortwo is cheaper than the e up the me and the city go, but it actually has a very good spec, including leather seats, pan roof heated seats and an inbuilt infotainment system, its also available as a convertible, making it the only soft top ev on The market and this car is such fun to drive. I dont know what it is about it, whether its because its so ridiculously tiny and youre, conscious, theres its so short and theres. Nothing behind you. You know it might not be the fastest ev on the road by any means, but you know it really cant be beaten in the happy fun stakes: Music, where the smart car really falls down, unfortunately, is its range. It carries only a little 17.6 kilowatt hour battery, which is exactly the same size it had when it was launched all the way back in 2013.. Now this gives the car around about 60 miles worth of driving range, depending on your time of year, which does fall very very much behind the current competition and far behind the e up and its brothers, Music Applause. So what does that actually mean? And why have smart decided to keep the range of the car so limited? In reality, the smart 42 is no long distance cruiser its a compact city car and, as a result, 60 miles worth of driving range is more than ample for most peoples requirements, because its got that smaller battery uh it makes the car much cheaper, which is the Biggest reason why the smart 42 is the cheapest of all the cars weve looked at today, and i would challenge you to have a look at your driving requirements for your daily driving lifestyle, because, if 60 miles of driving range is all you need, then the smart Car is a perfect choice.

If, however, you are doing longer drives and you need to use the public charging network, then im afraid the edge does, of course go to the e up for me and the city go when it comes to public charging. The smart42 is available with an upgraded 22 kilowatt charger. If you, for any reason, need to take the car on longer drives or you need to use the public charging network because you cant charge at home, then the 22 kilowatt hour charging option is the one you want to go for its worth. Rather mentioning that there is a the ac rapid charges that it plugs into are pretty few and far between so id have a good look around in your area and on the journey as you go to make sure theres one available for you at 22 kilowatts. It means the the little smart car can go to pretty much fully charged in about 45 minutes, which is okay, although of course its still half the the rate that the ccs rapid charges on the the other cars can do so again, as i said before, if Youre looking for an ev to do longer drives or you need to public charge a lot because you cant charge at home. Youre, not the e up and the other two are the better fit. So in summary, uh, the eop, the citigo and the me are great compact little city cars very well made theyve got a very, very good range and theyve got the practicality of having four seats.

So if you cant charge at home or youre going to be doing longer drives or you need those four seats, then theyre the great compact cars to choose. If, however, range isnt important and you dont plan on taking your ev on longer drives, then the little smart car is something special. It really is loads of fun and its guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I hope this video has been useful in helping you learn a little bit more about these compact city cars. If youd like to find out more or to arrange a test drive in any of them, please do get in touch. Thank you ever so much for watching be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel and check out our other ev review videos, and hopefully we can help.