Only you can actually buy it. You know what that felt a little bit like being born again, and i dont mean in the religious way anyway, in this video im, going to tell you all about this truck im going to talk you around the exterior im going to show you, the interior im, Going to try some of its technology im going to take it for a drive off road, then of course, im going to launch it see how quick it is from north to 60 miles an hour and over the standing quarter mile anyway, im matt watson and youre Watching car wow and if you havent done so already make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way, you wont miss a single upload buying a new car then head to car wow, and my team will help You find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison site. Lets start this video by talking about the design of the rivian r1t. So the outline is very much like a normal pickup, but its got some modern elements like this huge light bar across the back being an electric vehicle. Obviously, doesnt have exhaust pipes, though these design bits here do look a bit exhausting. I dont know why theyve done that, but there we go so moving down the side. Wheel sizes actually start at 21 inches. These are the optional 20 inches because theyre the off road wheels and thats.

Why weve got the off road knobbly tires there moving down the sides very pick, a p. They look flush door handles and ill just open them. With this rather cool key look its a carabiner. You can put it on your belt buckle a lot. You see. Anyhow, let me just open the door. Look flush door handles lovely down the side. Weve got leaving a logo there, just a normal pickup from the side, really isnt it. Apart from the are the cool brakes. Look at that very sporty looking yellow brake calipers, which go with this cool, yellow paint. Here at the front, though its looking really modern, again isnt it look at that that huge light bar. I love the design at the front of this car. The way they have the main headlight elements here, its so good luck in the front. This one has the upgraded off road pack. Then you get like some extra tough ruggedness and look these toe hooks there as well. This is the rivien logo there and you actually see it used in lots of different places throughout the truck, for instance, down the lights and on the pillar between the front and rear doors. The thing i want to show you is this: look when you lock the truck, see that so funny it tweets like a bird now, the starting price of this car. Sorry car truck is 67 500, which works out to about 51 000 british pounds.

This is a launch edition, so it has some extra bits and pieces on it as standard and it starts from 73 000. Now, if youre thinking about buying a new pickup truck or anything for that matter, you obviously need to sell your old car first and if you want to do that, make sure you get a fair price for it. Click on the pop out bag up there or for the link in the description below, because you can sell your car through carway you just upload. Some photos give a brief description and our trusted dealers will bid on your car and you can choose which dealer you sell it to and theyll come to your house. Take it away and put the money straight into your account. Now, if you want to do that at a later date, you just simply google help me car wow, my hands just want it again, because i like it there we go ive got to say i love the interior design of this riverian. It doesnt feel like a truck at all. It feels like an expensive car. Now it may look like leather this this then it feels like it, but its not its vegan friendly, as is the steering wheel, though it doesnt feel like leather, so much, which is a bit of a shame. Roof lining is made out of recycled materials, but it doesnt feel in any way recycled and then theres open, pore wood that you can get.

It reminds me of another ev now to find out what that ev is and to see an amazing deal. You can actually get on it. Click on the pop up button right there ill follow the link in the description below big shout out to the seats as well. These seats look cool, theyre, really comfy, they feel expensive and obviously youve got full electrical adjustment and it is easy to get ideal driving position in this car, though, to set the steering wheel, youd have to go into the screen and then adjust the steering wheel. Using these buttons here, like that so come on there we go yeah just like in a tesla. They try to reduce the amount of clutter and buttons. So a lot of things are just controlled through here and then the buttons on the steering wheel. Once you set the car up its not such a problem, but it is a bit of a faff when you first get into the car. Speaking of the infotainment system, really nice big digital display – you go through the different menus like that and with the climate control, you actually control the air vents by sliding the angles around like that on the screen touch sensitive buttons rather than physical buttons. So theyre a bit harder to press when youre driving, but its not too much of a faff youve got good mapping there, like ah and obviously, you can plug in your destination. Itll work out your charging points as well, so you always get to your destination with some charge and you can just switch through different menus like i like it, one of the good things about this compared to say, tesla, model 3, is that you also have a Digital drivers display, so you do see your speed in front of you.

You cant really change what you see on there, but it doesnt matter theres enough information for all that. You really need. Another thing that i like about this car is the storage, so underneath here you have a big storage bin and then here you have a wireless charging pad for your mobile phone. So even if youve got a big, silly, semi tablet phone. Like me, theres plenty of space for it and you can even put that in there. If you want to here, you have some big cup holders. There is no glove box, though, but youd have a big storage area there. We can put a bag and the door bins look got a big bottle in the door bins there. I like the way that theyre, like folder style, like on the back of an airplane seat. They feel expensive, as do the door handles, which are what seem like this solid metal. I dont know if they are youve also got aluminium pedals the floor mats, even though the rubber eyes are like hard wearing. They feel expensive as well. No, its not there theres a riven logo. I told you theres loads of ravioli and logos. In fact, look here on the charge pack theres little living logos as well. Its all very nice. All very well thought out. I mean even this lucky got a nice big, mirror there with two diffuse lights, so you can look at yourself feel very smug about the fact youre driving a pickup truck, which is environmentally friendly, and no animals were killed in the production of the interior either.

Here in the back seats, the quality theme continues and theres plenty in knee room. Headroom is good as well. People over six foot will be fine back here. Weve also got this lovely big glass roof which lets light in and because youve got a flat floor, because obviously, all the batteries underneath the floor theres plenty of foot space. So if you need to carry three at once, theres room for everybodys feet now, what sometimes happens in electric cars is because of those batteries underneath the seats, the seats seem quite low, but not in this, so its nice and comfortable also look there. Youve got your isofix anchor points. 15 baby seats. Youve also got some posh. Look at this with the buckles, the the bolts on the back of the seats youve got a coat hook. There youve got usb seats there. You got your climate control there with more usb cs there and you probably cant see it, but there is a normal three pin socket there as well now check this out right. Look underneath here we have some extra storage and a subwoofer for the stereo system and thats a bit annoying having to pull down the armrest like that and the fact that youve got exposed cupholders. So you do put your wrists in them, but you have some extra storage there and look at this through. This flap is access to the place from which i was born at the beginning of the video.

So one of the really unique features on this truck is what they call the gear tunnel. I mean look at that ill just run around and show you. It is really large, see hello, youre right its using it, and the tunnel bigger pickup youve got an absolutely massive low bed, so the total capacity is 1925 liters and look underneath here. You have some more literature, we do have a full size spare, but this actual well is about 200 liters and you can fill it full of eyes to put like drinks in there and theres a drain plug in there. So when it will melt, you can just let it all out, obviously its a long bed as well look at this and it can take quite some weight, so the payload, what you can carry in there, 800 kilos, its not the biggest compared to internal combustion engine Trucks, but its still pretty blooming good, so is a towing capacity. This thing can tow 5 000 kilos. Now i want to show you something else, just in here theres a little insert there, where you can put a special cable, so you can like attach it to whatever youre carrying in the back, such as a bike, a motorbike, a quad or something, and its linked To the cars security system, so it has something similar to tesla like the sentry system, which has cameras which records. If someone like gets near to the vehicle or tries to fiddle with it and with the gear, god wrapped through your motorbike or whatever.

If someone tries to pull on it, it senses the the pressure and theyll actually alert you on your mobile phone. So you can see whats going on all very clever need more storage. Well, not a problem! Look at this underneath the bonnet. You have a front boot with 330 liters of space. Look keep all your cables and stuff under there and look heres the the special gear guard, cable that i was talking about you plug in at the back to secure whatever vehicle or bike youre carrying shame. You cant fit a bike in here, really, maybe a small bike now to shut it. You press this because its all electrically operated come on thats kind of cool, though i do miss the enjoyment of just slamming upon it. That brings up to five annoying things about this truck for a high tech vehicle. There is no android auto for the infotainment system, which is a bit annoying now before all you apple fanboys, go no, no, no, no! No, no theres, no apple carplay either! So many american pickups allow you to open this back window, which is pretty nice, but on this one no lets me in. Let me end up isnt. It really cool the way this has speakers built into the headrest. They look really nice dont as well sounds impressive. Actually, theyre, not speakers theyre, just a design feature, but anyone you take in this car as we go. Oh wow cool, look at this fixing the headdress and then youre gon na have to explain to them that no see the way.

This cladding extends like that. Well, because the door is quite narrow at the bottom, the way you get out you end up like dragging the back of your leg across this piece of plastic and, if youre wearing shorts, you could end up with a bit of chafing on your calves. Theres no grab handles here on the windscreen pillar to help you hoik yourself into the car and because theres no running boards to step on either you end up having to just like, like mountain mountaineer, into the vehicle, its not all negative, though heres five good things About this, car want to change the location of your roof bars. Well, they are easily removable adjustable and you can even mount them. This is gon na be really ungainly on here. Look slightly slidy, locky locky, not sure about this, pose, though theres a flashlight in the drivers door. Look at that! Oh quite the way it extends feels really expensive, as well its metal and its always going to be charged because it charges off the cars battering, because the cars got all the kilowatt hours. This will never be without power want to go off road. Well, youre going to have to ensure that your tires are at the right settings. Arent you so in here you have a special high pressure hose and you simply plug this into the handy. These watches interrupt you when youre doing pieces of camera you plug that into there, and then you can set the pressure that you want plug that into your tires and you can just set it for whether youre off roading or unroading ow its all going wrong and Everythings beeping now heres a feature.

I absolutely love look at this underneath here is a removable bluetooth speaker which riven calls the camp speaker, because you can be music from the car stereo from your phone and play it outside the car. While you camping, you can get a bunch of accessories for this rivian, including a tent. You dont, have to have the slightly aggressive german shepherd. My particular favorite is this: its called the camp kitchen. If i press this button, i can go into the gear tunnel and my friend joey here will show you exactly what you can have in there. So you pull this out and youve effectively got a very posh camping kitchen, which runs off the cars battery system. In here we have an induction. Hob here is the sink area and youve got a four gallon tank here. So look theres a sink and theres your tap. Now in here, weve got the drawers with the pans. Weve also got the bowls and cups and then utensils its all very cool. You right boy, youre, right Music. This ravion has four electric motors one controlling each wheel, combined, they put out 800 horsepower and 900 newton meters of torque. You have a 135 kilowatt hour battery pack, which will give you a range of 314 miles. There will be a bigger battery coming out later on, which will give you a range of around 400 miles now to charge it you just press. This button opens up really cool now, if you charge it on a fast dc charger, you can charge at a rate of around 200 kilowatts.

That means you can charge from zero to about 140 miles in just 20 minutes now, obviously, with such a big battery pack on board, this thing is quite heavy. It weighs over 3100 kilos. How does that affect the braking? Lets find out im going to see how quick it can stop from 100 miles an hour and from 60 miles an hour lets. Do it yeah you can get up to 60 miles an hour. Pretty quickly won that in a bit because im gon na be launching it lets get to 100 miles an hour here. We go full emergency. Stop now, ive got full region on full breaking. How long did it take to stop so this car stopped from 100 miles. An hour in 117 metres, which is quite a lot and from 60 in 43 meters and before you say, oh wait, but youre going quicker than 100 miles an hour. This device only registers once i click over 100 and likewise with 60.. So the distance from 60 miles an hour 43. I got on the road in a range rover, hybrid, 35 meters. However, obviously the range rover ive never said this before its quite a bit lighter than this and was on street tires. I think the braking performance has been affected once again by the off road tyres. Ive got to try on street tires havent, i really but its its, not terrible, considering the weight and now im going to drive it over selection of bumps and ruts to check out the chassis articulation.

So weve got fully independent suspension, obviously air suspension. Hence it was able to increase its ride height and well see what its like at driving over these bits. This is easy, thats, just a bit of a bush against the side of the car. I mean thats, not that extreme. This car could have done more than that probably looked about as spectacular as it felt. That was just that too easy im going to do now is move the suspension into softer. Oh yeah notice that i want to press that rally button. In fact, i want to press the drift button, which gives you a sporty throttle response and handling, but it also disengages the stability control, so you can slide it about on the dirt, but im not really supposed to do that today. Okay, so weve got some ruts here once again. This is just going to warp theres, no problem at all and constant traction, because youve got a motor controlling each wheel. Theres, no messing around with differentials you dont have to fanny about with stability control. Trying to like make up for the fact that youre losing traction from one wheel and prevent a wheel, spinning away the motor will control each wheel as it needs to. What do you think about it? Like electric power is just so good for off roading, especially as well theres, no gearbox, and you can control everything using your right foot. I have not touched the brakes at all.

You just got total control over the vehicle. It really does make a lot of sense. The only downside, i guess, is the weight, because the lighter vehicle is generally, it does help you with off roading. It feels very stiff, actually, the chassis, which is also a good thing. You dont need like bending and flexing much. You do get a good view out, but its easy to judge where the front of the car is also do you know what to prevent me like scratching this paintwork, which i do like by the way on any small bushes im just going to go for the Surround view camera there, and i can see where my wheels are thats handy now were starting to go downhill a little bit here, and this is where the one pedal drive really comes into its own and as im going down the hill im increasing in smugness, because, Obviously, im recharging the battery. This is like a roller coaster. Here we go and yeah its taking me down slowly. That was really steady down there. There is no hill descent control, but then you dont need its just the regen doing it. Oh, this is checking out the traction going up here and i can control it just perfectly on the accelerator pedal. If anything is, though, i know that if i floor it, i could literally get air over here, because the acceleration on this thing is nuts well find out more about that a bit later in this video, when i launch it because, yes, i launched absolutely everything.

One thing ive noticed is that i havent felt the wheels slip at all. I have got knobbly tires on this, but thats another thing about electric vehicles, theyre so good at just managing the power so that theyre always maintaining traction. So this obstacle here will just test the approach angle, the departure angle and the breakover angle, and if you like numbers, the project jungle on this car is 34 degrees. Departure angle is 29 degrees in the breakover, 26 degrees and im going to test the approach now. Yeah, its fine, you could go up steeper than that and the breakover, obviously with pickups. They can be a little bit long, so they are affected a little bit in terms of the breakover, but a 26 breakover is actually fairly decent right. Thats pretty much. The off road course dealt with wasnt, exactly hardcore like to try this in something a little bit tougher, but sections were a little bit rutted and it just dealt with a piece of cake. Finally, then, im going to launch the riviera so its supposed to do not 60 in three seconds flat, but will it im going to find out ive got my specialist timing gear up here and seeing as im on a runway im going to keep on going for The quarter mile anyway, what im going to do is just draw the throttle, see what happens three. Two one go. Oh, you can hear the tires scrambling away.

Not sixteen three point: eight seven i am on off road tires, so street tires would be quicker. Lets keep going for the quarter mile what we got 12.51. Okay, so i think in the interest of fairness and science, i need to do a run in the opposite direction, and that has nothing to do with the fact that that was a lot of fun. And i just want to do it again: right promise, this time im going to launch but im not just going to floor, the accelerator im going to hold it on the brake, draw the accelerator and then release the brake. Because, then, you have a sort of launch control, even though it doesnt actually say launch control anywhere on the dash, but lets see what happens this time so floor, the accelerator and release the brake now not the same. Here we go 3.66, so whats slightly quicker. Lets. Keep on going kwame 12.14. You know thats similar speed to an audi rs5. You know, and this is a lot heavier than an audi rs5, like normal road speeds, when you put your foot down it just takes off. What you do notice is that at higher speeds, the power starts to tail off, but youre not really going to be experiencing that on the road unless youre in germany and on the autobahn, its a quick truck. Now, one of the reasons i might be a little bit off that naughty sixty time, that review and claim is that they use foot roll out when theyre measuring the naughty sixty time, whereas i dont, i just do it straight from a standstill, because that just seems The proper way to do it really, i know tessa – did the same thing with the foot rolled out, better numbers.

I guess you know the americans theyre good at marketing arent they Music. So then whats my final verdict on the rivion r1t. Should you avoid it? Should you consider it, should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it? Well, i think you should just go right ahead and buy the rivion. I think it is a really luxurious super cool, very fast, electric truck hope. You enjoyed the video if you did, give it a like if you didnt, give it a dislike.