, who would have thought some 70 years later wed be talking about a fully electric porsche Music? Well, we are so here we go: Music Applause, fussing, your seat belts, turn up the volume, its time to lift the roller door on bowens garage gday, its bone from balance garage, and today i find myself in the porsche tycan turbo s, Music. You know a bit of an understatement to say that the automotive industry is undergoing some pretty significant changes. We have all this talk about. Electric vehicles uh there used to be a lot of talk about autonomous driving vehicles. Where you know you can sit in some sort of capsule and it whisks you off to work. The only problem is that let that work – electric cars, good tesla, pioneers fantastic, did a great job problem is most electric cars, just dont have the dynamics and the sharpness required to really replicate what you get from true performance vehicles. So pauls changed that by introducing this car, which is just absolutely psychotic now sometimes i am prone to exaggeration, but in this case i do wonder sometimes just how much power you really require under your right foot lets just look at figures for a second now, admittedly, You can drive this car all day. Long like youve had 25 valiums, but then, if you feel like, you really want to break loose and just go nuts after the last couple of years of turmoil, weve covered and omicron, whatever its called you jump into one of these, the accelerations so impressive.

It actually dislodged the microphone which ive never seen happen in any of my reviews. The thing i love about the tai can turbo s. Dont know why they call it a turbo, but if youre going to get thai can this is the one you want its top of the range, its the quickest, its the hero model, its so crisp. It drives like a porsche. The turning through corners is extraordinary. The all wheel, drive grip, is so intelligent and really keeps you on the ground as opposed to in orbit, yet its so silent and serene and very well insulated from the outside world, because with electric cars, you do hear things that you dont normally like to hear. Like road noise and a bit of wind, as a matter of fact, its actually quite boring so lets put an artificial soundtrack on okay im now selecting electric sport sound and well turn that on listen to this, its quite a pleasant little hum isnt. It lets have another listen, oh yes, whats also good with this particular model is that it has two gears, so it shifts up a gear about 90 ks an hour uh, so you dont get that full on just constant torque kind of bursts out of the starting Gate and then, when youre, reaching freeway speeds here in australia goes up again and then what else do you do? After that? I mean you could go to track days. Massive brakes, youve got composite ceramic discs.

It can stop trust me in a hurry, but then it can be just you know shove like this, as if its been hit by the indian pacific, it is just a remarkable vehicle that can be driven as a grand tourer almost all day. Long importantly, it can be charged a bit quicker if you can find one of those fast dc charges, because it can accommodate 800 volts now theres plenty of analogies around to explain that in laymans terms. But it is literally like a pissing contest really – and you know, bigger, always wins so the size of the hose and the amount of water that can come out of it, not necessarily the length. But anyway, you know what i mean it just can get electricity into the battery, which is between the wheels quicker than other cars mind. You im still charging this thing at home and it takes 24 hours and ive got 142 ks left on the dial right now. So, im in a little bit of a hurry to get home. Thankfully, there are various modes like sport, a sport plus individual and range which limits you to 100ks an hour and really limits the air conditioning so much so that, on a day like today, where its still 28 degrees at 7 oclock at night, its rather hot. So lets look at some pros and cons here: theres no other car ive ever driven. That is as exhilarating to drive thats a big call, and i base that on two things: the technology and its cornering prowess.

Its got good range. Given how much juice you could potentially suck out of those batteries day in day out and its a perfectly quiet, ultra comfortable european car, some cons well at 360 thousand dollars when it comes to the model im driving right now, you really need to be in the Mafia, a gangster or or youve just done well in life, youve gone to the right school youve got a good gig and youve just gone. You know what im going to go: buy the equivalent of a home on the mid north coast of new south wales. Maybe inland a bit like nimbun, probably cheaper in neman, not that theyd know how do you bag this? Well, the glass panoramic moon, roof or whatever you want to call it its uh. It still gets hot, its its thick and its heavily tinted, but on a day like today, it has been hot. I should stop doing that overall, im blown away by it, its the most spectacular, sometimes frightening, but also comfortable tech laden and amazing vehicle ive. Ever driven in my life and ive driven a few cars. The road ive been running has been going on for quite some time: its a 98 out of 100 thats, the porsche tycoon turbo s by the way dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, because, if you dont subscribe, i wont survive check out all the details. The balanced garage dot com – dot – a? U in the meantime, i am chris bowen normal programming – will resume right after this until next time.

Good luck and goodbye.