I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments down below in todays video im introducing the first of a long promising audi ev range e tron, its none other than audi e tron suv ill, be covering the most Important changes on the latest model of the ev, oh and one more thing before i start, i rear, ended an audi the other day now its an innie, ok, now back to the video, but a little history lesson. First july 16, 1909 august horse created his automobile company, but could not take his name because a manufacturer was already using it in germany. He therefore decided to give it a latin translation of the name audi, which means listen and therefore called audi. Everyone knows that the audi brand is of german origin, but few people know that it is a result of the merger of four manufacturers, audi dkw, porsche and wanderer. It was therefore in 1932 that the four rings, the symbol of the union of the four manufacturers, were created audi launched its all electric range of evs and called it. The e tron, the first 100 ev was introduced in 2018.. Its name is audi e, tron suv. Also known as audi e tron with the audi e tron, the premium ev market is heating up.

The audi e tron is a unique electric vehicle designed by audi and is a true technical beast. It competes with a jaguar i pace and mercedes benz eqc. However, it operates in a unique manner. The e tron, unlike other evs, that focus solely on straight line performance, takes a somewhat different approach. It concentrates on the word luxury, also providing the most relaxing driving experience imaginable. According to expert reviews and automobile journalists, people may be taken aback by the audi e tron. Design may not appear so in the photos, but it measures 4.9 meters in length thats a tad shorter than the q7s length, its also intimidatingly enormous. In reality, it stands tall in off road mode thanks to adjustable air suspension, but it can also be bashed down in dynamics making. It appear more audi all road than suv rather than being unusual. The styling is subtle. It closely resembles audis suv lineup and makes no bold moves thats great its all too familiar as in customary. The lighting is spectacular when you open the doors, a dancing light show with audi and e tron. Insignia is projected on the wall because there are charging sockets on both sides of the car parking isnt influenced by the presence of a charging cable. The audi e tron features an octagonal single frame grille with vertical strips and numerous platinum gray flaps at the lower end of the hd matrix led headlights, four horizontal stripes delimit the daytime running lights.

The sills incorporate black elements indicating the location of the battery at the rear. The large diffuser incorporates slats. The orange e tron logo on the charge valve indicates the high voltage of the vehicle. The audi e tron suv is 1935 millimeters wide and 1 616 millimeters high. The large audi suv offers a wheelbase of 2928 millimeters and a total trunk capacity of 600 liters. The interiors follow the same pattern as the exteriors. It wont take long for you to feel at ease if youre coming from a q8 or an a8. The floating gear selector is a unique feature, but thats all there is to it. It wont take long for you to feel at ease here soon enough. Youll see the tachometer has been replaced with a dial that displays the amount of motor performance youre, utilizing the battery status and how aggressively youre regenerating energy its set up. Just like a traditional taco and itll. Take you no time to figure out how to use it. It gives you information, naturally, never leaving you wandering through menus everything. You need to know about range charge and driving mode. Is there in front of you its also a refreshingly honest vehicle when you set it to dynamic the range quickly shrinks, allowing you to see exactly what the outcome of your choices will be. Theres also a range extender option that cuts electricity, lowers air conditioning output and provides you a quick boost in range to get you to the charging station.

The cabin itself is luxurious and of excellent quality. Theres ample under thigh support for three people to sit comfortably because the batteries are underground. These evs have elevated flooring which pushes your knees skywards, the e tron. On the other hand, does it right? The chairs are high enough for you to rest your thighs comfortably. It offers enough space for four occupants and their luggage. The central fifth square is narrow. The audi e tron quattro can be fitted with optional camera mirrors, coupled with oled screens inside the doors that reflect the image back to the driver. These are tactile and allow orientation adjustments of the cameras. This option reduces the cx from 0.28 to 0.27. Inspired by the audi e tron quattro concept presented at the 2015 edition of the frankfurt motor show. The audi e tron is available in three configurations: each on 50, corresponding to the entry level. This version is limited to 230 kw of power with a torque reduced to 540 nm. Its performance is lowered with an 0 to 62 mph crossed in 7 seconds and a speed limit of 118 mph each one 55, the first version launched by the manufacturer. This combines two electric motors and accumulates up to 300 kw of power in boost mode. The 0 to 62 mph is crossed in 5.7 seconds and the top speed reaches 125 mph etron s launched in 2020. This ultra sporty version of audis electric suv features. Three: electric motors for power up to 370 kw and torque, rising to 970 nm in overboost mode enough to ensure a 0 62 mph in 4.

5 seconds and a top speed of 130 mph. The e tron isnt quick by any standard, but it isnt sluggish either. The performance of the q8 and even the s5 sportback is comparable to that of a combustion engine vehicle. The e tron isnt attempting to win any drag races, despite the fact that these large hefty evs can launch, astonishingly quickly theres some heavy duty air suspension on there, which keeps the 2.5 ton car in place. The e tron rides on enormous 20 inch wheels with similarly high profile tires to ease the ride. This is a premium vehicle that knows what it wants. Comfort is something that will never be forgotten. The eqc and the i pace according to drivers, have a toughness about them that belies their weight on rough roads. The e tron, on the other hand, retains audis record of being the best riding vehicles in their class. Is there enough room on the ground? Yep itll? Never be a problem, it has many features in its usual mode, but it can also increase its air springs to allow you to clamber over even the toughest roads, and this is important because you dont want to ground the batteries since theyre on the floor. The eqc is particularly guilty of this. Thanks to its steel springs, the weight is well distributed on the floor and its clearly a quattro with a motor on each axle. Its also said to be skewed in the back. This is a high end, electric vehicle that isnt claiming to be something it isnt, thats e, trons authenticity wondering about the range depending on how you drive and whatever mode you choose.

You may go from anywhere between 170 to 250 miles in stop and go traffic. The city is where you can maximize range with regeneration. The range is reduced by high speeds and in clients. Intercity travel should be simple, especially since all audi shops will have a charging station available when employed. The e tron has a very effective regen mechanism that isnt too confusing the paddles are used to modify it audi, prioritizes comfort above performance once again, youre, probably wondering if its charging time, you can completely charge your car in just 8.5 hours on the audi 11kw charger That comes with your e tron. You can, alternatively, use the 22kw wallbox, which reduces the duration to 4.5 hours, and if you can find a 150 kw dc fast charger, thats, even better. A relaxed 30 minutes to optimize range audi engineers have put a lot of work into the cars regenerative capabilities. In addition to automatic mode, there is a manual mode allowing you to choose between three regeneration modes via a steering wheel, paddle system, depending on the level chosen. The intensity of the engine break will be more or less important. According to audi, the regeneration mode can reach up to 220 kw and would increase range by up to 30 percent. Its available in three levels of finishes: etron base adaptive suspensions fabric, upholstery, 19, inch, alloy, rims, virtual cockpit, dual zone, automatic air conditioning and gps navigation. The first starts from 83 400 avis sport seats, leather, dashboard, heated, electric seats in front induction charging for smartphones, as well as a range of driving assistance, adaptive semi automatic parking regulator, lane keeping aid.

The avis finish starts from 99 hundred dollars. Avis, extended quad zone, air conditioning, heated, rear seats, head up, display, sunroof, led matrix lights and bang and olufsen audio system. The avis extended finish, starts from 123 216. At this stage, details of the e tron s range have not been communicated. However, we know that the model starts from a price of one hundred and eleven thousand eight hundred dollars excluding bonus in terms of options. The manufacturer offers the retro camera device built at 2142. This wraps up my review of the audi e tron suv. You can vote in the comments which you think is the best luxury e suv between the audi e tron, the jaguar. I pace the bmw ix 3 and the mercedes benz eqc. Thank you for sticking it out through the end of this video. Nothing helps out my channel more than yall watching the entire video these videos take a long time to make and are a labor of love.