com And remember to click the notifications on, so you get updates when our next video drops and do comment below, because we do love to hear from each and every one of you if theres one thing that shows youve made it in life, its a chauffeur driven car Think of the convenience think of the relaxation no more getting stressed out in traffic or opting out of that glass of shabby at lunch and up to now the car. That said, i know how to make my chauffeur happy would be the mercedes s class massive, incredibly smooth subtle, but imposing its got all the right elements to transport you from premiere to after party city apartment to country, pile or palace to private jet. But now i have some competition from the same family. This is the new mercedes, benz eqs, and this is proper sibling rivalry, its not small, is it but it cant be. Can it given that the eqs is essentially an electric s class but based on a whole new set of bones? Eq is what mercedes call its all electric car, so their name quite is quite obvious. Eqs now. Is it me almost as a bit egg shaped a massive expensive egg shaped limo, okay, so its a bit more than that isnt it now mercedes call it one bow design and well. You can see where its coming from the car is more this big arc, rather than the traditional s class bonnet doors, boot 3 section.

Now that should make it more spacious and we will get into that in a moment, but it also, i think, makes it look slightly more futuristic, even if some of the proportions are perhaps a little bit eccentric but heres, an interesting fact for you, you cant open The bonnet, nor can i in fact the only people that can open the bonnet are those that work for mercedes and have the right certificate. So you are not going to be going under the bonnet of this eqs, but of course you might still need access to top up the screen. Washer fluid. Well, you use this little slot here. It kind of reminds me of my dishwasher, where you put the rinse aid. Another oddity is that this car is a hatchback. Now that is great for practicality, and the boot is huge, if a little shallow but thats not the norm for big limos, and i, like it theres even this screen which protects the rear passengers from the wind and rain when the boot is open. Now that is a good thing, because an s class is almost as much about the person in the back as it is in the front right i mean actually probably maybe even more so because well, unless your kids get to travel in rockstar style, the person in The back is most likely the one paying the bills. So today things are a little bit different. I am going to play chauffeur mainly because i actually need someone to help with the review of the rear passenger experience and uh.

You know i mean i know i can usually do more than one thing at a time, but not in this case so im off to pick up a very special passenger. Who is going to be my very first back seat to ride a review. Now, as you might expect, there is a lot to take in lots to look at this. Particular car is actually fitted with mercedes 8. 000 pounds optional, hyper screen package. Yes, 8 000 pounds. It is optional um, now its called the hyper screen, and it basically means your entire dash in front of you is one big curved mega screen. I mean it does look amazing, its very impressive. Would i spend eight grand on it, maybe not um, but what it does mean is that the front seat passenger gets its own dedicated touch screen to play with its called the co driver display and actually in some countries the passenger can watch movies very cleverly to Make sure that the driver doesnt get distracted by whatever youre watching theres a camera, constantly monitoring the driver and it will switch off that display if they try and take a peek im, not quite sure how i feel about that being watched. The whole time when youre driving im not a huge fan, but when it comes to the safety element, i suppose it is a good thing um, but its probably not going to be allowed here in the uk because of all the legalities now as standard you would Get the same big portrait screen as an s class, which does actually work really well and but the hive push screen goes just a bit further.

Well, in fact, it goes all the way over there um, but its supposed to bring both analog and digital bits together and artificial intelligence to make sure that all the functions you need are there when you need them, it supposedly will understand your habits. It will know you inside out, it will know you better, then you know yourself, it almost will be reading your mind, so it becomes less distracting thats the idea behind it. Um now we havent had the car for long enough for it to actually understand and learn. My driving habits um, but one question i suppose, on my mind, is that how can a three foot screen on your dash be less distracting im, not sure about that one um, and also it is so big that you do have to really kind of lean across To press some parts of the screen and having said all of that, it still looks very, very cool. Do let us know in the comments below if you think this is a great idea or just too much of a good thing. Now the tech is all pretty impressive and there are bits built into the navigation which mean it will take the most energy efficient route. Avoiding hills and other power sapping roads, which is rather clever. Now, of course, this has the inevitable voice activation, so lets give it a little test, hey mercedes. How may i help you? Please? Could you switch on my heated steering wheel im? Sorry, this vehicle does not have steering wheel heating.

No, are you serious, 122 000 pounds and you dont get a heated steering wheel that has blown my mind, thats ridiculous. You get one in a voxel, courser um and, as you all know, by now my two favorite things in a car is a heated steering wheel and the heated seats im actually in disbelief, wow, okay, that really changes things well after that revelation um. There are a couple of other niggles worth mentioning, for example, these switches. If youve got your arm kind of resting here, you sort of click them on and off with your wrist, which is a bit silly um, and then some of these switches around here theyre a bit loose, they dont feel very mercedes like slightly oh, where am i Off to oh, whoever was in here last time really enjoyed their drive. This is a bit relaxing id also say that it is just as well. This car has some pretty amazing cameras to help you park, because its actually really quite tricky to see where the corners are from the drivers perspective lets look at the bigger bits. This version is the eqs 450 and it gets a whopping 107.8 kilowatt hour battery now. Thats over twice the size of the battery in something like a voxel mocha e or an average electric hatchback, and that means big range, which makes sense in a big car right. The 450 is rated at 453 miles on the industry test cycle, which still means that in the real world, you probably get a range in the high 300s.

It will charge at 200 kilowatts if you can find a big enough charger and under certain circumstances it can actually take on power at up to 400 kilowatts, which is super fast now, its good for 10 to 80 in half an hour and your average home or Box will see it from flat to a full battery in about 17 hours. Okay thats, not overnight, but remember it is a big old battery. Dont forget now as far as actually driving it goes well, ive got to say that it feels so much smaller than it really is, which i think is a good thing and the car has this very direct and rear steering, and so actually what happens is the Rear wheels steer in the opposite direction to the front wheels when youre going at slower speeds, which basically makes it turn much more sharply, and it really does work. It might be a massive car, but it feels genuinely about three feet shorter than it actually is, and i think thats kind of crucial if youre driving to your office in town or getting into small spaces or wiggling around tight car parks. Talking of towns, the eqs will, of course be exempt from all the congestion charges and low emission zone fees which will hit many cities. Now the odd few quid in fees might not seem important to someone who can afford a car like this, but it will soon add up if you drive it every day now to make sure its efficient.

There is just one motor that drives the back wheels and its actually surprisingly, nippy. There is air suspension as standard which we thought would kind of result in a very comfortable ride, but its kind of slightly disappointing on that front. I think it feels a little bit firmer on the broken road surfaces than i would expect, but it does get better as you go faster and on a smooth tarmac. Its actually really really quite quiet in here very relaxing, very quiet, and that is something that even the smoothest of v12 engines cannot match. Now. I should probably mention the brakes at this point, because the eqs will do lots of things for you automatically. If you wanted to, but if you do want to just use your brake pedal in the old fashioned way, it just feels it needs a bit of a sort of heavy shove at times its a little bit soft, which is a bit of a surprise. But it was worth pointing out. Okay, i think this is probably enough of me playing around. It is time to find out just how good the eqs is for the very important passengers, the people in the back, of course, so lets go and pick up. My vip hang on a minute, something doesnt feel quite right. Ah now thats better hi good morning good morning. How are you well im very well. We have a lovely mercedes eqs waiting for you. Oh that looks nice and ill.

Take you wherever you want to go within reading, yes, lets. Go lets go well, madam, let me get the door for you. Thank you. Make yourself comfortable. This looks very nice and enjoy the journey. Thank you Applause. So, first of all, i should probably know where would you like to go leah im thinking, um its quite early, so um breakfast? Maybe yes that sounds like a great idea im going to jump on that bandwagon. Cylia. Tell me a bit about yourself because its kind of ironic in a way it is by complete sort of randomness that you are in this car, but you do work at the total opposite end of the spectrum. When it comes to cars. Dont you im the operations director within a classic car specialist um been there for over about 10 years now, um, so yeah, very much um classic cars and what classic cars jensen, interceptors and um all sorts of various models, and also the editor of the jensen magazine. As well, what are your thoughts on this whole electric revolution? Ill be honest, i was worried um initially there have been some customers that have been asking about whether they could convert their classic car to electric but um. Initially, there was a worry, but i still think theres a place for both um for the electric cars and for classic cars as well. Does it feel like youre in an electric car right now, not at all, not at all by the way, hows my driving perfect? I could get used to that yeah its actually quite nice.

Having someone to talk to the amount of driving i have to do by myself. It gets really quite boring yeah. This is quite nice. I might sit in the back more often again, whats it like in the back. Tell me what uh? What are your favorite questions back there with eq comfortable? I have actually got quite a bit of room theres heated seats here. Mod cons can sort your temperature out at the back and uh yeah nice spacious as well. Okay right lets see how you can experience sport mode. Oh, that was great exploration and i, like the noise, the sound effect that it comes all built in thats all built in yeah, okay, so that is a um, an additional sound effect that theyve added yeah, okay. So from what youve experienced so far, how would you rate the mercedes eqs out of 10.? What are its good points? What are its bad points and you can be critical. Dont worry, theres. A vast amount of good points, its comfortable, which is for me, thats, really really important, yeah um its got all what you would want in the back in terms of charging points being able to adjust your temperature and heated seats, you can see out of the window. Well, you can see right around the car actually, which is quite good. I like the um sunroof, so yeah happy with that. I dont think i at the moment, havent got any bad points to say.

Oh, this is looking positive. I know very positive. No noise, no noisy v8, no smell of fumes. How do you feel about that? I know im comfortable with that um and although yeah i might miss the raw of the engine but theres quite a good acoustics in here, i dont know if that would get a little bit annoying after a while, but otherwise i havent really got any bad points. Okay, so if you have to give this mercedes eqs a number out of ten liam, what would it be id? Give it a nine, because theres always room for improvement, isnt that, but i would give it a nine out of ten. Thank you ketchup. Well, bon appetit! Thank you very much, so there you have it a nine out of ten for the back seats of the new eqs. That is maybe a little bit generous dont. You think, given that you know there are cars out there with better rear infotainment systems, but perhaps the high score is maybe due to my rather excellent chauffeur skills. I dont know i think from the front, though, im gon na give it a seven and a half. Seven felt a bit stingy, eight, a little bit too generous. Can we give halves? Well, we can now, i think, its just that its not quite what i expected. I thought it was gon na be the ultimate in smooth cruising a bit of an electric super limo, but it feels a lot sportier than that.

Now, that might not be a bad thing for you um. It depends what you personally want out of the car. Of course, i think in a way i know this sounds a bit strange. I would say it feels a bit like a big mini to drive thats, just because it is so nimble and agile, which is maybe not what youre expecting as well, and it is ultimately good fun to drive um. But i just thought this car would have more of a relaxed approach to driving.