Thats evolved from their clar platform, carbon fiber masses of it on the shell lots of aluminium, and this they say gives it a huge advantage. It will help them make their car the best driving suv in its class. We have it only for a brief amount of time, but question is: is it the best driving suv in its class? Is it a real bmw, lets, try and answer that the ix? In fact uses an all new platform, an all new propulsion system, a new battery pack and an all new style sheet. First impressions as i walk up to the new ix are of approaching something from the future. It doesnt quite feel like im walking up to a ufo, but the form detailing and stylistic elements are fresh and clearly herald a new age. The self healing grille does look oversized initially and the rear looks a bit weighty at the bottom, but i like the sculpted bonnet and dont those headlights hit the spot for those of you wondering about the self healing grille its made of a plastic that expands when Heated removing small surface scratches love those 22 inch wheels too. Although the standard car will get 21 inch, wheels, bmws, carbon core technology forms the basis of this platform and it surrounds the passenger compartment, and you can see this when you open the doors or the hatch. The high strength, steel and recycled aluminium bridge platform also gets a compact nose, a flat floor and no transmission tunnel and a suspension uses lift related dampers to aid comfort, so whats it like from behind the wheel now full disclosure, we only drove it in a limited Area and couldnt drive it at speed for prolonged stretches still driving around this compact circuit did reveal a lot now.

First, impressions of this car are so different from anything weve experienced its light. Carbon fiber chassis is stiff and it feels like it weighs almost nothing. Although theres a huge heavy battery at the bottom, the rest of it feels light on its feet and the steering is very direct. It also is light, but it responds to your touch with no latency no delay, and the calibration of the throttle just makes this car unique to drive something very modern, very immediate and very different. What hits me next is that the ride is very impressive. Now the other thing about having this stiff chassis, this carbon, fiber and aluminium stiff chassis – is that the ride, even on these big 22 inch wheels, is pretty amazing, its flat, its supple doesnt. Kick you around, and all of this car doesnt have air suspension. It just rides like a limo almost when it comes to motor power. The ix uses a pair of motors one on each axle. Combined power stands at 326 horsepower for this ix. 40. Bmw has also calibrated the throttle like that of a regular combustion engine. So what you get is a smoother take off another area where bmw is all but nailed. It is in how well this throttle is metered at low speed, its smooth, its predictable and then even when you tap on the throttle there isnt that dump of power you get in most electric cars, so it feels nice and linear and natural, and that really does Help make this car easy to drive, put your foot down and theres much more power now switch to sport and the acceleration that first hit of acceleration.

Yes, thats, pretty good, put your foot down and wow. Yes, it does impress performance, however, isnt crazy or rabid, but theres just enough to keep you smiling. The ix, on the other hand, manages to sustain thrust better than other electrics, especially after the initial surge, and it continues to pull strongly well past 100 kilometers an hour. The set figure coming up in a claimed 6.1 seconds, the ix is even entertaining to drive as speeds build now, while this turning is very different from what were used to on a bmw, its light, its very direct and it does make the ix feel surprisingly nimble. The ix does roll due to the heavy battery pack, but since the anti roll bars soon come into play, it always feels well in control of its weight. The ix 40 76.6 kilowatt hour battery gives it an internationally certified wltp range of 425 kilometers and an indian airai certified range of 446 kilometers expect somewhere between 350 and 370 kilometers in the real world. The battery can be charged from zero to 100 in seven hours. Using an 11 kilowatt ac wall box, a zero to eighty percent charge can also be completed in one hour and 20 minutes using a 50 kilowatt dc charger. Not only does the ix drive very differently, it also feels fresh and modern from the inside. In fact, its. So different, practically every bit is new. Now, like weve seen earlier, an extremely modern, almost shoka like interior, and the amazing bit is theres, not one bit of the insides thats carried over.

Well, maybe there is ive been looking around and the only thing i can find are these stalks here, maybe another switch down here for the boot release but thats about it. Everything else is brand new, as you can imagine theres a ton of new stuff here. So where do we begin? Maybe this slope dash, which is very different from what were used to seeing and here this leather is stand with the use of olives again something thats, sustainable and good for the environment. The lounge seats and hexagonal steering wheel are very different too now these seats extremely sporty with the integrated headrest but great support here and a very different sort of profile, different to look at but extremely comfortable to sit in nice support for your thighs good. Shoulder support. Very nice lateral support when you drive and, of course, bmw famous for the great looking and great feeling steering wheels, and this new one is just another one. Yet you do miss having pedals on the steering wheel, though especially the ones where you can adjust regeneration levels and thats, especially true, since the regen settings are butted deep in the menu. Now. Probably my favorite bit is this wood inlay work here and this all crystal. I drive controller the crystal gear: selector, the crystal volume knob and even a crystal start, stop button. Another favorite of mine is this curved screen 14.9 inches with a new menu system, beautifully aligned easy to scroll through horizontally, get to what you want? Theres all your apps.

Here, all together in case, you need to get to something in a hurry. And yes, although theres no climate control buttons here, you have a climate menu still have to take your eyes off the road to adjust, fan speed which isnt nice whats bound to be a favorite. Is this massive glass roof now the real trick? Is that you press a button and it turns opaque, hear the bong and press it again and its clear, pretty cool the tesla type roof, however, has no blind, so it could radiate heat as expected. Theres plenty of space in the rear, so an extremely modern, feel to the rear of the cabin as well. These tall seats, if the integrated headdress with this gap here the couple of usbs and this mount here to put a screen for the back seat. If you want very different seat, it goes around the corner and gives you support for the side of your shoulder. But you are seated a bit low and thats, probably because of the battery that sits under the floor. Theres less usable room here and bmw has to compromise, but honestly its not as bad as some of its rivals. The sense of roominess is only added to by the fact that theres no central tunnel here so plenty of space. Here this big sunroof brightens up the cabin and uniquely theres some nice touches like these reading lights, which you can turn around to point exactly at where you want the light pretty nifty and the coolest bit speakers in the headrest boot space, meanwhile, is somewhat disappointing.

At 500 liters its 160 less than audis eatron, and this is due to the high floor and the presence of the rear, motor and charging system. Above it, bmw has launched the ix in the less powerful x, drive 40 guys, but what it has done is loaded. The car with features and equipment, apart from what weve already shown you the front seats, get memory, function, cooling, massage and theres, bespoke leather on the dash and on the seats to brighten up the cabin theres ambient lighting. You get a heads up, display wireless charging, android, auto and apple carplay. Four zone climate control is also part of the pack, as is an 18 speaker. Harman kardon sound system powered by a 655 watt amplifier soft closed doors are standard and you get bmws. Reversing assistant safety features include eight airbags, brake assist cruise control with braking function, dynamic stability, tire pressure, monitoring, blind spot detection and auto braking the ix. Also, has a 5 star euro end cap safety rating that the ix is a bona fide bmw theres little doubt it may not be as engaging to drive as some of its predecessors and it may not be the quickest electric suv in its class but bmws. First, all electric suv is still extremely agile and has a fun and playful demeanor from behind the wheel. Its also spacious and comfortable on the inside rides beautifully and has a funky but practical cabin. It is a bit expensive at rupees, 1.

16 crore, especially when compared to more powerful rivals. What bmw has done to make it competitive is load it to the gills with features, some of which are genuinely unique. Yes, we are yet to drive it extensively on public roads and that could throw up some surprises. But if what weve seen in this preview rings, true, the bmw ix is as good an all rounder as there is in this class.