The united states will get a new all electric vehicle company in vietnam based vinfast, which is part of vietnams largest conglomerate vin group. The vfe 35 celebrates its debut at the 2021 los angeles, auto show on november 17, 2021, along with the vfe 35. We know that binfast will also showcase the vfe36 electric 7 seat, suv, which is also aimed at the american market. The vinfast vfe 35 will especially rival the tesla model y and vwid.4 in terms of size, 5 seat. Electric crossover, although as a brand new, the vfe 35, could undercut its american and european rivals in terms of price for reference. The entry level id 0.4 has a starting price of 40 000 united states dollars, and the vfe 35 could slip below this price point. Vinfast vfe 35 was designed by italian specialist pinan farina. It features a prominent suv design with a distinct v contour between the headlights at the rear. The v makes its presence known, but in the form of a light bar features on the vfe35 will include a 15.4 inch touchscreen infotainment system, no driver instrument, cluster panoramic glass, roof litter sensor with 14 cameras and 19 360 degree sensors with the nvidia oren x. Chip to enable level 3 autonomous capabilities vinfast has yet to reveal details of the e35 for the u.s market. However, the official vinfast website cites a mileage of up to 500 kilometers 310 miles for the vfe 35 and 550 kilometers suvs 342 miles for the larger vfe.

36, both cars produce 300 kilowatts, 402 horsepower of peak power and 640 newton meters 472 pound feet of peak torque. According to a report in reuters, vinfast ceo michael loscheller said that orders for the vfe 35 will begin in the u.s in the first half of 2022, and deliveries will begin towards the end of the year. Vinfast will start delivering electric vehicles in vietnam later this year. He said initially the automaker targeted the opening of 60 showrooms in the united states next year, although, according to a reuters report, most of the sales will occur online vinfast vfe 35 will feature a battery rental program. Buyers of this model, when available may switch to advanced batteries in the future.