This lovely blue mg bloke over the street goes theyre made in china now werent they i went yeah yeah they are and then he went on to explain thats the reason why he wouldnt touch one with a barge pod. Well, you know what more for him, because actually some of the most advanced technology is developed in china, not to mention that the products from chinese factories are improving so much more, oh, and also the chinese car market is the biggest in the world. Did i say that to his face i didnt i panicked. I blew a raspberry, but if youre watching now mr man thats, what im saying to you now so join me as we review this wonderful chinese suv with a a british badge on the front lets. Do it, this is the new mg zs ev its a new version too, while the petrol model was given an update in 2020. Only now has the electric version been given many of those changes: new bumpers lights, colors. You know the deal for a facelift. We dont always focus on the electric version of a car thats also available with conventional engines, but we are with the zs because it really is the one that makes the most sense. It is great value for money and with the bigger battery will do more than 250 miles on a charge. Oh get me, i just got completely carried away. Talking about the narrow minded man that i completely forgot to tell you to subscribe to, the car buy youtube channel click on the bell icon.

So you get notifications every time a new video goes live, and if you like this video, then like it, because if i dont tell you that, then then you wont do it. You know, anyway, back to the mg at hand. Now i know the outside is a little bit different, a little bit fresher, but its still a little bit of a tin can on wheels isnt it. I mean this interior, though its a vast improvement. Those of you that have subscribed to the car buy youtube channel. Will remember that i very recently reviewed the mg5 now that is just sensible, functional, not a very exciting dashboard, but in here this is so much better. Every version comes with a bigger 10.1 inch display, which also is a lot more functional and a lot more modern. So you dont have those little coloured blocks, which were just quite annoying its a lot. More responsive youve got everything that you need: apple, carplay and android. Auto plus youve got some digital dials back here i mean this setup is more like a mercedes than an mg. Okay lets not get carried away, i mean as much as its lovely and well built and all those things you dont have to look too far to find your scratchy plastics there they are now. I know we also do have the six way electrically adjustable seats. I cant put them as low as i would want them to and the steering wheel, doesnt move for reach its just the little things that i think would make the driving position just that little bit better.

So not not quite a mercedes. Then mg has gone for simplicity with the specs, offering two batteries and two trims on the electric model and two engines and two trims on the petrol, no matter which one you go for. Youre bagging yourself, one of the best value new cars on sale prices for the petrol start at just over fifteen thousand pounds. Full details are available at car buyer dot. Co, uk just make sure you search for either the petrol or the electric, depending on which one youre interested in this version of the mg zs has the bigger battery of the higher spec trophy trim, which means you get lots of stuff included, but ignoring all of That the most important thing is what is this zs like to drive, and you know what surprisingly good, in terms of petrol engines wed recommend avoiding the 1.5 liter and going for the smaller one liter turbo instead now i know that might sound a little bit counterintuitive, But the one liter turbo is just that little bit more modern bit more gutsy, all thanks to turbo charging. Now, in terms of this electric zs, i mean its much smoother, which is why we prefer it its very quiet, its actually a really lovely drive. Now, admittedly, you cant really describe this as fun. The steering is quite light and a little bit vague and that added with the driving position, it just means you dont, feel as connected to the car and as connected to the road as you would want to be.

But in terms of power i mean you put: your foot down, does not do 62 in a very respectable 8.4 seconds, but dont put your foot down when you go around a corner because you can feel the wheels scramble a little bit. I mean thats probably down to the fact that this cars only done like 300 miles or something on those tyres, but yes, in terms of fun, thats, not the way you can describe this car. This is, let me get from a to b im going to pop to the shops im going to do the school run im going to take my nan to toby carvery. Now we are in zs territory. I mean this is just completely effortless to drive. I feel like im not really doing anything. I mean the visibility is really impressive. Side windows back windows are all huge plus this higher spec version already comes with blind spot monitoring. Anyway, now weve got a few driving modes. Youve got eco, normal or sport. Now, while the sport does give you a little bit of extra power, i would just recommend leave it in eco mode and then you can make the most out of your range. Oh speaking of range, there is a button down here. Titled curs little nod there to my fellow f1 fans. Now, what that does is adjust the regenerative braking now, if you have it on the maximum level, its quite powerful and you do tend to stop pretty quickly like almost borderline, just one pedal driving, but it does really help all in this electric version, with the bigger Battery will do around 240 to 250 miles on a charge, which means that the standard version with the smaller battery will do around 165 to 170, which, if you think about it, considering the price thats, not bad, go for the electric zs and youll likely want to Know how much its going to cost for you to charge it and how long it will take well.

Efficiency is pretty good mg claims 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour, but we saw plenty more than that around town, plugging it home on a seven kilowatt wall box and a full top up in this long range model will take ten and a half hours at a cost Of twelve pound, fifty, though cheaper tariffs are available, the mg comes up short when it comes to public charging, though its maximum rate of 76 kilowatts falls short of rivals like the peugeot e2008 or the voxel mockery, still find an appropriate charger, and you can top up From 10 to 80, in less than 45 minutes, one thing that does apply to the petrol version and all mgs, for that matter is the seven year 80 000 mile warranty. If thats, not confidence in the quality of your product, i dont know what it is now then boot space well done. Mg weve got 470 liters of space, which is plenty for families and all your bits and bobs. Oh youve also got a little bit of space underneath the boot floor for your charging cables. I have one complaint, and that is the drop from here to the bottom is quite deep. So when youre plugging things it just becomes a bit of a pain. You know when youre folding the seats down youve got 1 100 liters of space, which actually isnt as much as you might expect, but hey. What do you expect for the price? In fact, i think one of the reasons that it seems like theres, less boot space with everything folded down is because the roof line is a lot lower than you think it might be.

I mean for me im five foot: six, its fine leg, room, fine, headroom, fine, but my fellow car buyer presenter, rich hes, six foot. So when he sits in here hes now very gray, hair brushes on the roof line. I mean its not helped by the little curved bit here by the panoramic sunroof. What it does is. It makes the middle seat the best seat in the house, because youve got loads of headroom, because the sunroof and its a nice flat floor plus youve got first dibs on the charging ports so shout out to the middle seaters. Okay, then, shall we do some mg zs deal makers and deal breakers all right, then you cant argue with what incredible value for money. The mg zs represents petrol. Cars start at just over 15 grand, while the electric ones undercut all of their main rivals. Even the basic model comes with plenty of kit. There are two electric models to choose from with the bigger battery version claiming 273 miles on a charge. The big boot makes this a great family car. If you plan to charge at home no problem, but the zsev wont top up as quickly as rivals using a public rapid charger quality is something of a mixed bag on the whole its good. But you dont have to look hard to see how mg are keeping prices down seriously the more i think about that guy with his chinese product, avoiding barge pole the more i think, hes missing a trick.

This new zs represents incredible value. It is spacious, it is efficient, it is well equipped. It is easy to drive okay, its not perfect. Very few cars are but big european brands. I am looking at you, renault citroen, fiat vw, say at skoda. Look out mgs coming.