Because we are planning a very long road trip all the way into frankfurt in germany, so still working out exactly how were going to do that anyway. Id like to thank all the people, whove been watching and subscribing since ive posted the summary of the 2021 uh ownership experience um, so im not going to be posting, so many videos, as some people on here i mean theres loads of youtubers. Now, who um do a very professional job of um, of their thoughts and experiences of owning an ev theres, even a guy in australia? He produces about three videos a day. Hes called the electric viking and uh loads of information on his site, its very entertaining as well um. You wont yet see anything like as professional as that from me. Uh rest assured um, but in a previous life um i worked as an industry analyst. So im really into stats and numbers, and i do like to talk about the industry in general – not simply the um, the ownership experience so um ive got quite a few videos on the old inero diaries youtube site where im doing some forecasting and various other sort Of thoughts that ive got on the industry, so im happy to post some of those again along with some of the videos of our very early days with the kia inero, and we were going on some long trips in uh back in 2019, um anyway. Uh on the subject of um the car industry or the electric vehicle industry in general, um, just looking at france as an example um, the first electric cars to be sold in france were sold in 2010.

I cant think what they were. Maybe they were early nissan leafs or those little citroen or peugeot imebs that were actually just um badge versions of the mitsubishi imeb. I think so um interesting little chart here where you can see that um going back to 2010 um, there was 980 electric cars sold. Then in 2012 was the launch of the first generation zoe and you see those numbers. You know picking up again uh, i think 2012. It got to about 10 000 vehicles and then you see the steady climb. 2013. 14. 2015. You know all the way up to 2019, where 69 000 electric vehicles were sold, of course, thats uh, including battery electrics, plug it and and plug in hybrids as well, and then all of a sudden in 2020. Something strange happened. It was like a 280 percent increase in um electric vehicle sales in france, uh from 69 000 up to 190 495 000, and i guess thats to do with um the regulations. Penalizing companies who have too high a co2 output from their total sales um and obviously they started then to push more models into the market and then the figures for last year and and now in and again another massive increase. Weve gone from 194 thousand to 315 316 000 sales, um, so thats pretty spectacular, and i remember reading in about march 2020 that france had got to the point where about one percent of all the cars on the road were had a plug rather than you know, Needing fossil fuels, but of course that includes um plug in hybris im, not sure you should really count those it its up to you, how you think about these things, but um.

Basically, it took the best part of nine ten years to get to one percent and it took about another 15 18 months to get to 2, because 2021 ended with 786 274 electric cars and vans on the roads in france, so thats comfortably over two percent. Considering there are um 32 million registered cars on the road in france about the same numbers in the uk. Now of those 786 lets, just call it three at three quarters of a million um electric cars, just over half a million were pure battery electrics and thats. Really, the number that i tend to go on so were not quite at two percent yet of all cars on the road in france being battery electric. But that number will be here within the first three or four months of this year, which is incredible. Um and uh yeah theyre about a quarter of a million plug in hybrids, so its roughly two two thirds battery electric one third um plug in hybrids and of those battery electric vehicles. Fifty thousand are like commercial vehicles, so you know, and those vehicles do a lot of work, so theres quite a lot of displacement of petroleum diesel there, which is, of course what we want to see so um forecast for next year. Then well, uh. We wont see another growth, i mean you say. The sales in france grew 162 percent uh between 2020 and 2021, not as spectacular as between 2019 and 2020, which was 280 percent, but i would say that a 75 increase this year will almost certainly see half a million sales.

So thats quite amazing and of course we will cross then sometime in around. I would think sometime around april may well get to the point of a million electric vehicles on the road in france, and france is about the same sort of market size as the uk and uh sales have been. I think sales of new cars in the last few months of the year were about 23, 24 electric. So to go and say a third of all new car sales in france this year will be electric. I think, thats fairly reasonable um. The french car market normally is about the same size as the uk. They sell between about 1.9 and 2.1 million cars in a good year, but of course, the whole markets been contracting, partly because of covid in 2020. Showrooms were closed because of the lockdowns um, and everyone thought that 2021 would come booming back, but of course it hasnt um. Despite the fact the show rooms were open again, people are holding off on buying uh petrol and diesel cars. In fact, diesel sales have collapsed completely here, um last couple of months, just pure battery electric cars, outsold diesels in france and even in germany as well, which is amazing. I think electric car sales in germany were about 32 33 in december 2021. anyway, so weve got a smaller market um as um internal combustion engine car sales fall. So in terms of a percentage um. I still think you know electric cars, even if the market recovers.

This year to be its normal sort of 1.9 million uh, i still think a third of those are going to be evs, and you know the the direction of travel is inevitable. Anyway, if youre like me, and you love the subject of electric cars, then you will ball the hell out of a lot of people uh, whether you meet talking about your kia, niro or whatever it is youve got your tesla, your kona and and its just. I i think its a revolutionary thing to have an electric car. You know you not only are you sort of refueling it at home um, but its just uh, so much nicer to drive and obviously these panels, when i get them thats another little bit of electricity ill, be putting into the batteries um and effectively uh driving on Sunlight, which is, i think, a kind of cool thing to do: um but uh, of course, uh. When you talk about your electric cars so much as uh we well as i do. I cant i cant blame mrs nero for for any of that, um, its quite lovely when somebody just turns up at your house uh. Some friends of ours did recently not saying anything. They just turned up and theyve got a key nero, so they bought it in around sort of november. Time got a very good deal and it just goes to show that uh, you know early adopters like me, probably paid over the odds and didnt get so many features as uh as the new cars that are coming out now, but hey thats, a decision we took.

We wanted to go for it. I think there were only about uh four or five million electric cars on the worlds: roads uh in 2019, theres going to be 15 to 20 million this year. So you know i im just happy to have been driving electric car for so long but uh here you can see our friend when she turns up – and i tried to interview her about this car shes ball and she didnt really want to be on the camera. But i guess its a way to shut people up talking about electric cars just go and buy one so so tracy welcome to kia nero diaries.