This is the very first ev from mercedes benz. This is the mercedes benz eqs. This is a 2022 and it is their first electric vehicle built entirely on a new platform. It has no front grille, making it super unique. You can tell right away its electric, and would you believe this hood doesnt even open the only place you can get? This hood open is at the dealership or a body shop that knows how to service this eqs. What else is new digital leds and check out these cool door locks? They fit flush to the car and, in fact, if i were to walk up to the car with the key fob in my pocket, it automatically pops them out. For me all right: do you know what this is? Well, how do you put windshield washer fluid in the car if the hood doesnt open well thats? What this is for? This is for windshield washer fluid. So we have a really cool coop body style with a sport back which means okay were in the trunk of the 2022 mercedes eqs, 450 plus and with the uh back seats up, you get 22 cubic feet of space and if you put those rear seats back, You get up to 64 cubic feet of space, we can sleep here we could camp here, and this is a privacy shade that is actually supposed to be hooked up here i see someone um has taken it off, but that privacy shade will roll stay on.

While you open the trunk or close it all right and in the back seat, you have tons of room for passengers. I am only five one, but i think thats quite a bit of space. You got door, pockets, four zone, climate control, two usb c chargers back here and look at this gorgeous interior. I mean you got wood, soft leather, the amazing burmester sound system. I dont know how i feel about this gloss black here, but youve got hooks and vents and lights and a sunroof just for your rear passengers, which i think is pretty great and pillows. I almost forgot about the pillows. The back seat has pillows for your rear passengers, as well as the driver and passenger in the front. All right so now were in the interior of this ultra luxury electric vehicle. I thought it was interesting that mercedes benz put a start, stop button in because tesla doesnt volkswagen doesnt, i dont, know anyway start stop. Button is here which is new and unique. These are all haptic controls for music and car stuff. This screen is a crazy 56 inch hyper screen, so youve got 12.3 inches of driver information, 17.7 inches for your multimedia, and i love how giant this apple carplay is. The the resolution is amazing, its very responsive and then youve got this crazy multimedia screen. For your front passenger and while i havent played with it yet, apparently you can watch movies, and this this whole screen is oled, which means it can sense if the driver is paying too much attention to that screen.

So if you found yourself driving your partner is watching a movie and the cameras in this system sense that you are watching that screen or paying too much attention to it. It will dim that screen crazy, crazy tech. I love it um what else the stocks are new for the eqs. This is a new steering wheel, design for the eqs im, not a huge fan of all this gloss black on the steering wheel, but otherwise i love the way it feels, but i always love the way. Mercedes benz steering wheels feel really nice gray, wood and leather. Here i love that it has this console underneath i could fit my purse under there plus it has a huge cubby here for more goodies like cords or sunglasses or kleenex, or whatever you like to keep in the car. All right. You guys lets take this eqs. 450 plus for a drive, the acceleration on electric cars is generally insane, but this one is especially insane. I cant remember the 0 to 60 time off the top of my head, but this thing is like floating it. Just like actually puts your head back in the pillow thats. Probably why theres pillows on these head rests its to cushion your head when it gets thrown back when you, you know, step on the accelerator um driving impressions from the moment i stepped in, i loved it. I love evs super comfortable, obviously pillows very comfortable seats, amazingly fun to drive.

You have um some pedals for regen, braking and uh. It does auto hold at lights, which i, like thats. One of the things i like about evs is. I dont have to sit with my foot on the brake, the um entire time out of light really fun to drive, but also super luxurious feeling, so even in the drivers seat, like everywhere, you look, i mean theres glass, theres, leather, theres, smooth surfaces, soft surfaces, its Just all around a luxurious drive, which, of course it should be for the price point, but uh yeah 100 adore this all right. This is the eqs 450 plus, which is rear, wheel drive, and this one starts at 102 000 us dollars, but as specked with everything in here, including this beautiful 56 inch screen, it is just under 118 000 us dollars in canada. You can only get the s580, which is the dual motor all wheel drive, and that starts at 144, 000, canadian dollars. Now. What do i think this is an ultra luxury, uh, speedy, ev, oh thats right and i took you for a drive and i forgot to tell you about horsepower and torque. This one is 329 horsepower and 419 pound feet of torque and it flies. So i love the drive. I love evs. This range is stated to be 350 miles, but weve been ive been getting around 400 when i picked it up, it was at 418 miles and weve seen amazing regen braking in it.

So, im really pleased with that as well.