You could also say with thomas and autograful lets: go so can they keep up with the competition with their first try were going to find out frontier, very strong styling, as we know, from recent lexus model, also cool with the daytime running like right here, led standard Matrix led is an option, and also a nice thomas blue here today. They also added an under body cover for more wind efficiency for the ev version and even stiffen up the whole chassis because of the increased weight by the battery and were also going to find out how this stiffer chassis will impact the driving feeling in our driving Path today, and also how it differs, then, from the normal combustion engine or hybrid ux versions, 4 meters, 50 or 177 inches – is the length here. So a compact ev, you can see here this huge crossover, arches and here 18 inch wheels. Theyre, an option usually also comes with 17 inch arrow wheels and there might be a better idea, as for the comfort than here, with a contrasting mirror cap in black to the blue, color and indeed quite a sporty styling. But indeed, this crossover style which the ux has top speed by the way 160 kilometers now or 100 miles per hour, thats. The official figure lets see which one we will score here today in the driving part, because here in germany, on our high speed autobahn test later on, we always do the real, concise test and sometimes have different results.

Look forward to that battery capacity here by the way 54 kilowatt hours lets see what range were going to score there, also more to that in our concise driving test later on, and the acceleration figure 7.5 seconds to one kilometers or 62 miles an hour thats faster Than the combustion engine or hybrid variants of the ux here in the rear you can see it looks a little bit bulky, especially with you know: big plastic cladding right here: 300 e logo for the ev, and also the blue lexus logo. That fits here very well to the blue color, and here you can see these sculptural three dimensional talents. Okay, now something strange is coming up here: the right charging flap houses, the ac 6.6 kilowatt. Only ac charging thats, not enough by todays standard, should be 11 or maybe even 22., then, on the other side, the dc charging, and that is only 50 kilowatt and here even with a chatty mode standard. So nah car key looks like this pretty much standard and lets see about the door. Closing sound, solid in the front here. Theres soft touch at the inside of the doors. Just in the front, though, general, the build quality is really high, steering wheel, as we know from lexus its quite compact and thick in the grip, thats cool and also still real buttons at the steering wheel like that seats here in animal skin. However, both in germany in the uk, they do show in the configuration that you start with black or beige fabric or microfiber seeds.

That would, of course, make more sense, see the ergonomics actually quite good, so feeling comfortably as a tall person and with one minute 86 or six foot, one theres also some headroom left. When i turn on the ignition here, the steering wheel comes down and towards me this one combat feature – and you know from toyota and lexus, and also honda and kia. Something is always beeping, beep, beep, beep, somewhere, im, not sure if they could yeah hey automatically starting music, thats good india over here really nice service. Here, cool structure and also soft, seven or optional 10 inch not touch screen its just a screen, analog clock and you control it here with a lower pad and thats really super annoying. I am not. How can they still offer that its so complicated? Indeed, actually, then cupholders here adaptive in the front, we have also inductive charging pad. The shifting lever is also with this step, design its not just like backwards or forwards, also too complicated. Then you have a control unit right here and then this console with two usb a chargers and some more space close up here at the middle area. This is, then, the map kind of old school – and here i mean this – is a kind of mouse trackpad, and then it has this magnet function when you reach the functions, but its really too much for me, im getting re im really getting angry when using the System really because its so complicated some say its okay, but you know this is the worst input.

I could imagine sound system wise. The marking, levinson sound system is really cool like that. One good surround sign sound for this segment here, and this is the upper carpenter integration. At least you can control that one, a little easier with this lower touchpad and the rear view. Camera yes, resolution. Yes, thats good here, still manual climate, you and also with a nice low frequency, clicking feedback, thats, actually quite cool and below that you have more hotkeys, for example, for the heated steering wheel and the heated seats and so on here with a shifting pelt, you can Do something with recuperation telling you more about it, while driving instruments are kind of basic, they are digital, but the only thing that is changing here when you are in the driving modes, everything else stays rather consistent and you also have electric range left head up display. Definitely helpful, and here thats, where you pick the driving modes, not too practical to reach it while driving though, and what will be super interesting, is well. One of the main factors to go for lex is the reliability where they usually score the highest places in all the rankings and also better than the german competition. How would it be with the electric vehicles? Will they somehow lose their position there, because electric vehicles in general are more reliable than again electronically? There can also be you know some wrong things, software, wise and so on. So can they maintain the position in that case, maybe even build a bigger gap, or will there be less of a gap? I think the latter will be the case because electric vehicles in general will be more reliable.

They are less complex and therefore it wont play such a factor in future anymore or whats. Your take on that rear seating area, write, lexus and ux directly together without the space, and then you know what the rear area is like. You need a second for that right here. You can see yeah, i cannot fit here properly with you know essential adult its just too close headroom. Also. Actually i mean that directly fits maybe, but hardly and some middle console here as well seat heating, um, so yeah thats, really something for kids. Only isofix here and you fold the seats from here and then theres. Also, this middle area with non adaptive, cupholders trunk area, has a length of about 80 centimeters or 31 inches. Not too long, though. The width here in this part is a meter of 40 inches and it gets narrower than to this part. Here hardly fits, and here total length to front seats about 1 meter, 60 or 62 inches. Will it frank or not? No, it wont you can just see the electric motor here and all the parts welcome to thomass driving lounge with the lexus ux 300e. The ux ev well, pull it here to the sports mode for the german autobahn and well start at 40 kilometers an hour theres. No one behind us lets see that front wheel, drive version 7.5 seconds is the acceleration figure from zero to 100 kilometers or 62 miles an hour.

Well, we can do from 30 kilometers an hour. Maybe even more interesting lets. Go Music 150 lets see about the top speed. Did you hear that sound so, ah top speed, 172 kilometers an hour, so yeah thats enough wind noise are picking up its not too bad, though stability here on the road is also good. Remember they have stiffened up the chassis here for the ev version because of the increased weight, and you maybe also heard that when we were starting the acceleration, there was a little front wheel spin because it had so much power and once again in that sport mode. Really interesting that sound recuperation by the way, either by the brake, pedal or here shifting pedals so in sport mode theres only full recuperation or none. But when you are in the normal mode here, then you can do it in two steps: right pedal! Then these steps back again, but the thing is going on the brakes throttle again well and not huh. So it stays then just just like for two seconds and then it kind of resets itself, so yeah its just a thing when youre driving a hill for a longer period of time, and then you set it, but nothing that you would do to have it like Instantaneously running thats a little bit disappointing. Definitely no ambient lighting here whatsoever, so not that interesting here in a tunnel, but a very good driving feeling and again stiff chassis steering feel is good.

Here. Compact steering wheel, thick grip, thick grip, yo, and it also reacts to my commands very well lets see once again in the sport mode. Its not too different Music, so usually with the legs is that in sport mode it gets a little bit stiffer. But here with this vehicle, cant feel any difference. To be honest, that seems to feel exactly the same as for range or energy economy. Average result like 22 kilowatt hours and 100 kilometers, so some 35 kilowatt hours on 100 miles, and that would mean a range effective. Real world range of about 250 kilometers or 150 miles for a modern electric vehicle. I think thats not enough. No one would ever have bought a fuel vehicle with like a 20 liter gas tank or something no one would ever do that. Yes, as a secondary vehicle. If you have like a lexus rx at home for the family, and then you buy this one for short city trips or something that could make sense, but as long as it goes for longer range, doesnt make too much sense. The greatest thing about this vehicle is indeed the driving fun. It feels really connected to the road very sporty low center of gravity due to that battery and soon we also go in more winding bends so before that here acceleration on the trailer guide, thats really so much fun here on the corner, 90 degrees accelerating out yeah. In really, even in the normal mode, its actually quite aggressive.

As for the throttle, pedal theres, so much torque, i mean its quite cold. Therefore, not too big grip from from from the tires, its not too wet, actually a little bit, maybe still um from that. You know moisture in the night or something still um, you know before before noon, but then always when youre accelerating out you know you get a little bit of wheel spin, then the front, because the weight, of course, when youre, accelerating the weight shifts to the rear Of the vehicle, however, once again low end of gravity, because the battery pack is putting that weight on the ground, and that also makes it so agile in the driving feeling thats a lot of fun now lets accelerate one more time when were already at speed at 90 kilometers an hour lets go that sound, though a little bit like back to the future. You know now theres this. You know this long term bend yeah. It feels really settled on the ground, its not too loud at these high speeds, so thats, actually quite good. The suspension is rather stiff, 18 inch wheels mounted. If you want more comfort, you would stick with the 17 inch wheels yeah when the road gets rough and well soon also have another rough road test, then it can get rather uncomfortable, so yeah. Some. I think that the suspensions may be too stiff might be better than with the 17 inch wheels. They also had to stiffen up the suspension once again because of the weight and yeah.

The good thing is, it feels really sporty and enjoying here, even when were at high speeds still has some forward drive. Thats, pretty cool lets also compare the driving modes about the sound. Of course you can hear that im better when im a little bit slower. So when im here in the sport mode, lets lets listen again, Music, so go to the normal mode. Once again lets see and now Music yeah, thats thats. The difference you know normal mode is like nothing special and then sport mode once again, Music. Almost when you like separate a turbocharger or something and just play back this sound or something yeah im, not sure i mean, if thats really necessary, we had a lot of discussion about like at bmw. These sounds they created with hans zimmer or reason in the mercedes eqs amg, where they had it really like um star trek, engage and was like it is fun always to show off to your friends from time to time or like the first time. Hey guys get this new vehicle. Listen to that feature and after that you think, like okay lets, pull it out and the same thing i i think applies here: um im, not sure if we can actually turn it off um i havent found it seems to be just related to the to the Driving mode right there now some countryside, driving and once again i have to say the agility of this car is just phenomenal.

I really like that so fun factor extremely high. Usually, we see from lexus a comfort focus and not a sports focus, which is something fitting to the brand and absolutely right here, its the other way around. Not so much the comfort focus, i mean its not uncomfortable. The seats are good. You know, maybe here for tall people its a little bit narrow here at the middle console with your right leg overall, its a comfortable feeling but suspension wire is definitely here set on the sporty note – and in comparison here to that you know spontaneous immediate torque. We have from the electric vehicle. It really makes this yeah. Definitely the sportiest lexus ive, driven so far now to our rough road and also fast corners and so on. Here now some really broken road and yeah. That gets quite rough, then suspension wise. But then again the sportiness will play a role in these winding bands and indeed, if you compare it to the other versions of the ux, the normal petrol or the the hybrid, which is the predominant one. This one here feels so smart, so much sport here due to that stiffer chassis, low center of gravity, yeah spin, the wheels here traction control, go activate. You also maybe heard the slip there sound wise bye. I mean its so much fun here, the most sporty of most fun lexus. Indeed, and yeah i mean thinking about the lexus lc weve, driven because its so huge so large, you know it doesnt feel that sporty as this one does, of course, has rear, wheel, drive and is ever cool, but this one here feels so compact and still light.

Although we have the weight from the battery and thats, why my see this is that its the sportiest decks, which you know seems strange because its not the entire sports car, but for a normal road vehicle which you can you know pay lets, say more or less Reasonable amount of money for and have these compact dimensions so much fun and definitely more fun. Oh doggy always slow, so definitely more fun than any other of the ux versions and also than other lexus vehicles from the sporty driving fun here. So thats thats the thing about this vehicle here that its so much fun in the driving experience. Other than that i mean no touchscreen complicated control here with that touchpad slow charging, both ac and dc wrong charging port with the chatty mode range is not enough. So if you pick it as a secondary vehicle to your rx or es at home as a secondary, smaller city, vehicle thats, the purpose – and you want to stick to the lexus brand okay – and we all know about the great reliability of lexus thats. The thing you know what this car is then made for we havent any experience with electric vehicles, but i suppose, because lego figures are in general, more reliable and less things can go wrong. That should also work out fine, but from all the other factors, and also animal free seats are just in the base versions and then the whole car is not animal free, so your offerings theyre also not sufficient.

So a lot of checklist factors of modern evs are not fulfilled with this vehicle and thats. Why it will be better either to go for the kia eb6 or hear our big ev comparison with the other competitors, where we also found, for example, tesla model y and ford mastering mac e, which just offer a better package? Because this one here will not be cheap at all, so once again, secondary lexus stay with the brand vehicle, okay other than that. The other recommendations will be better for you.