The first thing to know about the 2024 chevrolet silverado electric pickup truck is that it shares next to nothing with its combustion powered silverado brethren. Neither does it share any body panels or glass with its gm ultim platform. Stablemate. The 2022 gmc hummer ev pickup these facts distinguish it from its chief competitor, the 2022 ford, f, 150 lightning, electric pickup truck, which is simply an f 150 crew cab converted to electric power. The more familiar ford may be an easier sell to conservative old school truckers, but chevys clean sheet approach allows for better packaging and greater innovation. Chevy could have called it the avalanche 2.0. The gm altium platform as rigid rigid enough to allow chevy to revive the notion of a unitized cabin box with an open bed that can expand into the trucks interior by folding, down a mid gate as popularized on the chevy, suburban based, 2002, 2013 chevrolet avalanche and Cadillac escaladex, the bespoke electric architecture allows the front seats to move closer to the front axle and farther away from the rear seats, while still leaving room for a 5 foot. 11 inch box that bests the combustion silverados by an inch in the ford f, 150 lightnings. By 4 inches fold, the mid gate down and you get 9 feet of floor space to the closed tailgate 10 inches more than on a regular cab, long box, pickup open the optional multi flex, tailgate and pop up its load limiter and the floor measures.

10 foot 10.. As on the original avalanche, the mid gate can fold down with the rear window an optional to no cover sealing the cabin from the elements or doff. The deno pop the rear glass out stow it on a lowered, mid gate and fully open the cap to the bed. One major difference between the silverado ev and the avalanche. The mid gate and seat are split 60 40ths and everything folds forward into the cab either. 60 or 100, the original avalanche, mid gate folded backward to still in the bed floor, sizing up the chevy silverado electric truck the 2024 chevrolet silverado. Electric truck is roughly the same size outside as its crew cab short box combustion powered counterpart, but its considerably larger inside substantial differences in width and length between the silverado electric and the gmc hummer ev serve to illustrate the gm altium platforms range of adjustability, the silverado Fs 145.7 inch wheelbase is 10.1 inches longer than the hummer pickups and 1.7 inches shorter than a comparable crew cab short box silverado, while sharing the costly to develop crash safety structures. Varying the width of the suspension, crossmembers and length of the control arms alters the track width affordably franks space, the f 150 lightnings frunk is way bigger. Like v8 big chevy shrunk, the silverado evs nose and then moved the hvac componentry out of the dash and into the nose to free up cabin storage. Space chevys smaller e trunk does feature tie down hooks in a 120 volt power outlet, however, and on rst models.

The lid will open and close electrically. The storage capacity should match the hummer evs 9.2 cubic feet well down from the 14.1 cubes available in the ford electric trucks.