Cam turbo cross turismo sure its trying to be a lot of things to a lot of people, but what i want to know is if, by trying to be too much, this porsche has spread itself a little bit too thin. So come with me and lets see if this porsche can have its cake and eat it too, Music and before we take off weve, actually divided this video up into handy little chapters. So if youre short on time, you can jump ahead to the section that interests you the most and, if youre on youtube its even easier, because you can just use the timeline down below to scrub ahead and while youre down there dont forget to hit like subscribe And that bell notification icon to stay on top of all our latest content. Weve reviewed hundreds of other models, including the tycans competitors, so be sure to check out the full written review link in the description below Music Applause. Music porsche launched its tycan range earlier in 2021, with the sedan, but has since expanded its lineup with a cross turismo wagon. The car i have with me now is the turbo cross turismo and yes, i know how weird it is to name a car after a component, it doesnt even have in porsche parlance, though turbo means faster than 4 and 4s, just like in the 911.. So think of this car as the really fast one Music. So what exactly do you need to know? Heres the full breakdown the 2022 tycan cross.

Turismo range starts at 176 600 before run road costs for the four while the 4s is priced at 205 and 300. Unlike the tycan sedan, there is no turbo s available for the cross turismo, making this turbo the flagship for now and is priced. At 279, 000 standard equipment includes 20 inch, wheels led matrix headlights, 4 zone, climate control, rear privacy, glass, heated, steering, wheel, electronically, adjustable seats, heated and cooled front seats, heated rear seats, a head up, display, keyless entry, push button, start leather, interior and a powered tailgate being An electric car, the interior, is also kitted out with screens literally everywhere, including this 16.8 inch digital instrument, cluster, a 10.9 inch multimedia screen and an 8.4 inch climate control touch display. Even passengers can get in on the action. With this 10.9 inch display fitted to our test car adding 2150 to the asking price while rear occupants have a 5.9 inch screen to control temperature and fan speed. The multimedia system comes equipped with satellite navigation, apple, carplay and android, auto a 14 speaker bose sound system, digital radio and online connectivity being a bleeding edge porsche. There are also a number of notably cool features such as preheating and cooling, thermally, insulated glass and keyless drive that will automatically start the car once it detects the key. Our test car has also come fitted with an array of optional extras, including a fixed glass, roof rear, wheel, steering and porsches electric sport sound in total.

These options add up to nearly 45 000 and this car rings the till up to 323 190 ouch. But then again you didnt expect to pay toyota corolla money for a premium, all electric porsche. Did you looking at the porsche tycan turbo cross turismo words like wow and foie really come to mind, but if you think differently drop a comment down below from the front, the car is unmistakably porsche. Thanks to these quad stack headlights and aerodynamic front bumper. There are also little elements like these front: bumper cutouts and front diffuser that really hint at its performance bent. The crossturismo also gains this black plastic wheel, arch cladding for a more rugged and jacked up, look despite only being 31 millimeters taller than the sedan. Our test car also comes fitted with these gorgeous 21 inch wheels, which i think look really good, and so they should at 6 70 dollars in profile. Youll also notice the flush fitting door handles which are cutting edge and a really cool party piece, as well as a more rugged, looking side skirt, but its here in the rear, where you notice the biggest difference between the cross, turismo and its sedans sibling and thats. Because this car is very obviously a wagon complete with a fuller, rear end back here. Youll also see details like a boot lid, spoiler, a chunky, rear, diffuser and connected tail lights, and if you cant tell im a huge fan of the way the taikan turbo crossturismo looks but its a bit of a different story.

Once you step inside the biggest letdown for me in here is actually the all digital instrument, cluster sure its customizable, snappy and responsive, but the steering wheel and my hands just block out too much of the information. For example. If i want to look at the temperature outside or the time i have to tilt and twist my head before the readout is legible, having the drive mode switch on the steering wheel is really handy, though, because you can just switch to sport or sport plus at A moments notice and the rest of the cabin is pretty well laid out with all these screens giving off a real futuristic, vibe its a porsche sports car, which means it shouldnt. Be that practical, but its also a wagon, which means it should be practical and in reality the taican turbo cross. Turismo is a bit of both up here in the front seat. You get decent head shoulder and leg room, but you are set down quite low, like a sports car. There also arent that many storage options up here, including a narrow door, pocket these two cup holders here, underarm storage, as well as this hidden tray behind the climate controls for your wallet and phone rear seat. Space is pretty good, though, especially for my gangly six foot tall frame. I can sit back here pretty comfortably with plenty of head shoulder and leg, room and ill look. Its got isofix points, which means you can fit a baby seat and even in this rear, facing configuration theres enough space in that front passenger seat for adults, storage options are a little bit limited back here, though, with only a small bottle holder in the door.

This fold, down armrest and two cup holders up front the front trunk will swallow 84 liters of volume, which is enough for a backpack or a couple of bags of groceries pop the boot and the tai can turbo cross turismo will swallow up to 405 liters of Volume, however, the charging, cable and the charging cable case do eat into a fair bit of that space. There is enough back here where you can tetris in a folded down pram, as well as a baby change bag and various other day to day things fold. The seats down and youll get 1171 litres, which isnt all that much for a wagon, so dont expect to help any friends with any runs to ikea. The porsche tycan turbo crosstairismo is yet to be tested by ancap or euro end cap. So does not wear an official crash test rating, however. The tycan sedan was tested by euro encap in 2019 and carries a maximum 5 star rating, with particularly strong results in the adult and child occupant protection tests, either way as standard the taican turbo cross. Turismo comes fitted with advanced driver assistance systems like autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control lane keep assist blind spot monitoring and a surround view camera. This model also comes with tire pressure, monitoring, automatic parking and lane change assist, as well as 8 airbags forming a comprehensive list of standard safety gear pop. The bonnet of the ti can turbo cross turismo and you wont, find the engine, because this model is all electric.

It runs on two electric motors, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle. Giving this model all wheel, drive traction in total system. Outputs will top 500 kilowatts and 850 newton meters and to be fair, the full 500 kilowatts is really only available when using launch control, but the 460 kilowatts available most of the time is still enough to give most supercars envy differentiating the taikan turbo cross turismo. From other evs is its unique transmission setup, with a single speed unit mounted on the front axle and a dual speed unit on the rear axle to maximize its performance potential. What this all means is that the taikan turbo cross turismo will accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in just 3.3 seconds keeping pace with some of the fastest production cars available in australia. With a sizeable 93.4 kilowatt hour battery in tow the taikan turbo cross. Turismo boasts an astounding 425 kilometers of driving range, but, as is often the case, reality can be a little bit disappointing. Our readouts showed just kilometers with a full charge, albeit with air conditioning on, but that was still more than enough for our weeks worth of driving. Now whats really cool is that there are charging ports on both sides, one of them with dc fast charging capabilities recharge times from five to eighty percent are as low as 22 and a half minutes when connected to a dc charger with maximum outputs.

While a 50 kilowatt dc charger needs around 93 minutes to recoup the same level of juice, plugging into an 11 kilowatt ac charger, like the outlet you might have at home, will require around nine hours to go from zero to one hundred percent. Officially, energy consumption figures for the tai can turbo cross. Turismo are 28.69 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. Well, we managed to better that figure and achieved an average of 24.59 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometer in our week with a car like all new porsches sold in australia. The taican turbo cross turismo comes with a three year: unlimited kilometer warranty, which trails the segment leading mercedes, benz, lexus, jaguar and genesis that serve up five years of assurance. The battery in the taikan turbo cross tourismo is covered by an eight year. 160 000 kilometer warranty scheduled service intervals for the taikan turbo crosstarismo are every 24 months or 30 000 kilometers, whichever occur. First, porsche is yet to make available service pricing for the thai can turbo across turismo, but its maintenance schedule is longer than the usual 12 months or 15 000 kilometers of most cars. Many people will bemoan the death of the petrol engine and say that driving an electric car can never be as exciting. But honestly the tycan turbo begs to differ. Acceleration is absolutely immense, especially if youre using launch control and have the full 500 kilowatts available to you. Nothing gets out of the hole quite as quickly as an ev and the taican turbo is one of the quickest cars available in australia.

Its simply mind meltingly, fast Applause. If you think the thai cans only party trick is breakneck acceleration. Wait till you show it a corner. This car comes fitted with four wheel, steering and torque vectoring, making turn in crisp and responsive theres, no sense of hesitancy or body roll. There is no getting over the fact that this car weighs 2.3 tonnes, though, and over small bumps and uneven road surfaces. You can really feel its poorly mass, but hey if thats the compromise for excellent driving range and prodigious performance. Well, thats a trade off im willing to make you can dial things up and down using the drive mode selector on the steering wheel, going from normal to sport to sport, plus the latter of which will lower the car and also activate porsches electric sport. Sound which pipes in acceleration and deceleration noises into the cabin look i get that its trying to simulate the oral sensation of driving fast, but it just kind of sounds a bit naff and the climbing speedo and world rushing by. You should be enough to clue you in that youre driving too fast. Luckily, though, if things are starting to get a bit too fast for you, porsche has fitted larger brakes to the turbo version of the thai cam, meaning youll, be able to slow down with plenty of gusto and keep hold of your drivers license Music move over audi Rs6, because the porsche tycan turbo cross turismo is now the coolest wagon on the road.

Its got the performance and pace of a spaceship, as well as the tech to go toe to toe with one as well, and the best part is its all electric, which means that every time you floor it youre not gon na kill a rain forest or melt. The polar ice caps now, if only porsche, would drop the price by a few hundred thousand dollars Music for a full breakdown on how we got to this score head to the cars guide website for the full written review.