Is your weekly snapshot to all the latest from the world of automobiles, but before we begin do hit subscribe to the auto car, india channel and press the bell icon to stay notified on all our latest uploads lets start the news with the big launches this week. First up the shkoda kodiak is back in india in a facelifted form. The facelifted kodiak comes priced at 34.99, lakh rupees for the base style trim going all the way up to thirty seven point: four: nine lakh rupees ex showroom for the top end lnk variant, exterior changes include a new and more upright grille device, headlights with led rails And a new front bumper, there is a new set of alloy wheels too, while at the rear you will find updated tail lights and the read and bumper the most notable change on the inside is the new 2 spoke steering wheel while other feature additions include a 10.25 inch digital instrument, cluster cool front seats and a wireless charging pad. The infotainment system includes an 8 inch touchscreen with wireless apple, carplay and android auto and a 12 speaker canton audio system, thats superior to the outgoing models. 10 speaker setup safety features include 9 airbags, esc and hands free park assist. The real big change, however, is under the hood. The updated kodiak drops the original models, 2 liter diesel unit and comes powered by a 2 liter 4 cylinder tsi, petrol engine that produces 190 horsepower and 320 nm of peak torque.

The engine comes mated to a 7 speed dsg. While all wheel drive system is a standard fit, although the kodiaq doesnt have a direct seven seat rival at the moment, competition will come from the jeep meridian later this year, toyota has introduced the refreshed version of the camry hybrid in india. The updated camry comes priced at 41.7, lakh rupees ex showroom, which is a premium of 50 000 rupees over the outgoing model. The camry hybrid gets subtle cosmetic changes like a sleeker grill, a new front bumper, with the larger air dam and new chrome accents on the sides. New dual tone: 18 inch, alloy wheels and darkened inserts for tail lamps, complete the exterior, revamp the biggest highlight inside the cabin is a new 9 inch floating infotainment screen that replaces the 8 inch unit of the outgoing model and gets apple, carplay and android. Auto connectivity as well more features include 3 zone, climate control, a 9 speaker, jbl, audio system power, reclining rear seats and a sunroof. The camry hybrid remains mechanically unchanged and comes powered by a 2.5 liter petrol engine that produces 178 horsepower. The internal combustion engine comes paired to a 120 horsepower electric motor with a combined system output of 218 horsepower. The claimed fuel economy from this rather efficient hybrid system is 23.27 kilometers per liter land rover has started accepting bookings for the all new range rover. Suv, prices for the all new range rover will start from 2.

31 crore rupees extra room with the suv slated to be available in three trims, sc hsc and autobiography. It will come in both standard and long wheelbase versions, with four five and a seven seat configuration as well for the first time, land rover will also offer a first edition model in india, based on the autobiography trim. That will come with unique specifications and will remain available throughout the first year of production. In look, the latest gen model carries range rovers new, minimalist, styling theme. The shape is instantly recognizable, though its the tail end, where the new model marks a break from template. The traditional split tailgate design, however, has been retained. The new range rover carries the less is more mantra inside, as well, with the 13.1 inch pv pro infotainment system being a key highlight 13.7 inch digital diets under 35. Speaker 1600 watt, meridian signature, sound system are part of the package as well. Real passengers also get a pair of 11.4 inch screens mounted on the front seat, backs for personal entertainment and an 8 inch touchscreen controller in the center armrest in the 4 seater versions, notably, this is the first time that the range rover can be had with a Third row of seats, though the 7 seat configuration, will only be offered in the long wheelbase version under the hood will be options of two petrol and one diesel engine for the indian market. The range starts with the three liter six cylinder: ingenium petrol and diesel engines, while the petrol produces ‘5 horsepower and 550 nm of peak torque.

The diesel turns out 346 horsepower and 700 nm. Both engines also feature 48 volt mild, hybrid technology. Moreover, the range topping variant will now come powered by a bmw source 523 horsepower 4.4 liter twin turbocharged v8 petrol engine, replacing the 5 liter supercharged petrol engine of the outgoing model. All models will get all wheel drive as standard audi. 2 has opened bookings for the upcoming q7 facelift after being absent for almost 2 years from the indian market. Audis q7 is set to make a comeback in facelifted. After interested, customers can book their q7 for 5 lakh rupees. The suv will be available in premium plus and technology variants. The refresh q7 packs in a number of upgrades, like the octagonal single frame front grille, which is flanked by revised headlamps, that get a distinctive drl signature, the ebook bumpers and updated tail lights. Sound off the revised look on the inside. The cabin feels new edge audi with multiple screens, including a 10.1 inch infotainment system positioned higher up and a secondary 8.6 inch unit for climate control plays lower down in the center console audis virtual cockpit digital instrument cluster also moves to its second generation version. The facelifted q7 will be a petrol only product and will be offered with a 340 horsepower. 3 liter v6 turbo petrol engine mated to an 8 speed. Torque converter, automatic gearbox, audis quarter. All wheel, drive system continues to remain a standard fit the q7 facelift will launch in february, but our review of the model goes live on january 19th, so mark those calendars and ensure youre subscribed to autocad india and click.

The bell icon to be notified bookings have also comments for the upcoming bmw x3 facelift, which can be pre booked online, as well as at bmw dealerships in terms of aesthetic changes. The revised x3 will get a larger kidney, grill led headlights, aluminium finishing on the window. Surrounds and roof rails, as well as revised tail lamps at the rear. The rear bumper is new too and features more pronounced. Exhaust pipes. Bmw, india is also offering a free upgrade to 20 inch m alloy wheels worth 2 lakh rupees to all customers, pre booking the suv. The refresh x3s cabin is completely overall, with the new 12.3 inch touchscreen infotainment system taking center stage, accompanied by an updated digital instrument. Cluster, the facelifted x3 is likely to carry forward the current models: 2 liter petrol and diesel power plants. The xc will be launched in the coming weeks and is expected to be priced in the 55 to 70 lakh rupees price range. It will compete against the audi q5 facelift, mercedes benz, glc land rover discovery, sport and volvo xc60. In a welcome move. The ministry of road transport and highways has approved a draft notification to mandate six airbags in vehicles carrying up to eight passengers, while the union minister for road transport and highways nathan gadkari had earlier urged car makers to offer six airbags as standard on all vehicles in India, the latest move, is a step closer to reality. The minister, however, hasnt revealed the exact timeline as to when the new regulations will be in place and coming to the scoop this week.

Mg is all set to introduce the updated version of the zsev, which will now offer more range. The 2022 mgs data cv facelift is right around the corner, with the price announcement expected in february other than visual tweaks that will bring styling in line with the mg. Aster, the major talking point on the updated zsev will be the upgraded battery pack. Mg is expected to replace the zsevs existing 44.5 kilowatt hour battery pack with the larger 51 kilowatt hour unit. Taking the claim range from 4.9 kilometers for the 2021 model to around 480 kilometers, the updated zsev will be identifiable with slim headlamps, with integrated, led drls, a new front bumper, with a body colored blanked off section that will replace the outgoing versions front. Grille, the charging port 2 is set to switch positions next to the mg logo, rather than being behind it. Changes on the inside are likely to be limited to color and trim options with addition of some features like the 10.1 inch touchscreen infotainment system and digital instrument, cluster from the aster citroen has globally revealed the c5 aircross facelift, bringing in a refreshed, look and more tech. Inside the suvs cabin, the updated c5 now gets a more conventional front end with new single piece, headlamps, grille and bumper. The wraparound headlamps feature two sets of led drls. While changes on the sides are limited to the newly designed alloy wheels, the rear gets updated tail lamps. The cabin sees an update to the entire center console with the new 10 inch infotainment system, replacing the outgoing models eight inch unit, the cube, shaped aircon vents on the pre phase.

Lift model have also been replaced by more conventional looking rectangular vents. The front seats are better padded now and come with both heating, as well as cooling functions. While citroen hasnt revealed the engine details on the facelifted model, yet the options are likely to vary depending upon market in india. The suv comes powered by a 177 horsepower. 2 liter diesel mill and citroen could look at introducing the facelift in our market sometime in the future and coming to two wheelers now the iconic. Yes, the brand has made a comeback: mahindra owned plastic legends that also brought back. The java motorcycle brand has now resurrected the esd brand. Yes, his return will be spare headed by three new models, namely the road, sir scrambler and adventure. The three models are priced between 1.98 lakh and 2.19 lakh rupees ex showroom, delhi all three models compared by a 334 cc single cylinder, liquid cooled, dohc engine shared with the java perak, but each is in a different state of tune with slightly varying power and torque Figures, each motorcycle also sports a different chassis suspension and wheel setups. The esg rotar has the most street oriented design and will go up against the royal enfield classic 350 hondas highness cb350 and its own kazandi java styling is classic, though there is no direct visual link to the original sds. The esd scrambler, as its name suggests, is a scrambler style motorcycle and currently its the only one of its kind on sale in india.

At this price point, the dirt bike style front, fender spoke, wheels, generous ground clearance and an offset lcd display are some of the key highlights the yes. The adventure will take on the royal enfield himalayan and curiously looks quite similar to its arch rival 2. With the round headlamp the shape of the windscreen, the double front, fender design, the split seats and even the tubular metal structures around the fuel tank being similar elements. However, the esd will offer more by way of technology with a large lcd display. The adventure is also the only one of these free motorcycles to offer bluetooth connectivity with turn by turn navigation, and this will work via dedicated mobile phone app. Detailed video on the esds went live earlier this week, so do remember to check it out. Honda has launched the 2022 cb300r priced at 2.77 lakh rupees extra room. The bike is now locally assembled in india and meets the bs6 emission norms. While the bodywork is almost identical to the outgoing model, there is addition of all led lighting and a new gear position indicator with shift light. There is a gold finish on the front fork, while the headlight bezel is blacked out. Honda has also tweaked the design of the exhaust for a sportier look. The new bike has a slightly longer wheelbase and also sees 1 kg reduction in curved weight. The 2022 honda cb300r comes powered by a 286 cc. Four volt duhc engine that produces 31.

1 horsepower and 27.5 mm of peak torque power is up from the bs4 version. 30.45 horsepower. The engine comes mated to a six speed, gearbox with a slip and assist clutch. That now makes its way into the 2022 model. The cb300r will be retailed through hondas big wing showrooms across the country. Ktm has introduced a fresh pair of color options, called the electronic orange and factory racing blue for the 250 adventure. The motorcycles 2.35 lakh rupees ex showroom daily price tag remains unchanged and it remains mechanically identical as well and theres going to be some delay if youre in the queue to buy a simple energy electric scooter. After launching its made an electric scooter, the simple one in august last year, the ev startup has announced that deliveries would now only commence from june 2022.. The deliveries were earlier stated to begin around the end of last year, while the e scooter will continue to offer a claim range of 203 kilometers and will maintain its price tag of 1.1 lakh rupees customers can expect changes to the design, including headlights and tail lights. As well as improvements to the rider ergonomics and suspension comfort, simple energy claims to have received over 30 000 orders for the simple one that gets a 4.8 kilowatt lithium ion battery pack and a 4.5 kilowatt motor. The company aims to have showrooms in 20 cities in india by june 2022 and thats all the news we have this week.