At present.. In December 2021, Nexon held the 1st place in best selling SUVs.. If you want to know the top 10 best selling SUVs in December 2021, then check out the description link. Orthe i button on top.. Every state has an almost 4 month waiting period for the huge demand. Fornexon. Nexon is available in petrol and diesel, with an electric version. Recently Nexon caught an on road test, so many are expecting that this is the hybrid version of Nexon.. From which source I collected the news, I gave the link in the description.. If you want check this link., I will share every detail of the Nexon hybrid in this video.. So lets start the video.. At the moment. The majority of Indian consumers are not dependent on fully electric vehicles.. The main reason is the limitation of range., But everyone wants to save fuel and money., And the answer is hybrid technology.. According to sources, Tata Motors will launch a nexon hybrid between the EV and IC engine.. However, there has been no confirmation of the Nexon hybrid from Tata Motors.. However, the company confirmed that they will release a 4.3 meter compact SUV and are developing a 1.5 liter turbo petrol engine in the near future.. If you want to see that video then check out the link in the description and I bitton on the top., If that is really a Nexon hybrid, then we will see a change in the Indian market.. The price of the hybrid version is more than the regular version, but it is cheaper than the electric Nexon.

. There is no limitation on range and increasing mileage with minimum pollution. Tata Motors has not released any information about the hybrid, so there is no confirmation of its launch.. Nexon currently has a 1.2 litre petrol engine that produces 120 hp and 170 nm of torque, as well as adding a hybrid system. With this There will be no changes to the interior or exterior. Maruti Vitara Brezza currently offers mild hybrid technology in the Indian market.. So now lets see if Tata Motors launches a Nexon hybrid version and how it performs with petrol and battery.. So what do you think of this new nexon hybrid version Comment? Below., I think a hybrid is successful in the Indian market. Till now, only premium sedans and lixury segments are providing hybrid technology in the Indian market. Include the Toyota Camry Hybrid and the Volvo XC90, with the Volvo XC90 getting 46 kmpl.. If you want better mileage with reduced pollution, then a hybrid is the best option. Ithink.. How much more successful is the electric vehicle in terms of the road conditions and infrastrure of India Thats no idea.. The majority of Indian consumers accept secondary cars as electric vehicles., So lets see what happens, which is more successful in India, EV or hybrid., And with that I am finishing todays video here.. If you like, the video, then press the like button and to get the latest update please subscribe to the channel..