. Music do Music, Music Music. Although nothing has been revealed about this new electric suv, it can be seen that its dimensions are quite similar to the chr prototype lined up right next to it. In the introductory video, the front of the compact cruiser has a nostalgic grille with the word toyota in capital, letters surrounded by led headlights. The front bumper is left raw unpainted, combined with the aluminum chassis guards and vertical bars above to give the compact cruiser a rough rough appearance that looks ready for the road conquer all types of terrain. The two sides of the car are covered with black plastic to create a solid block. Meanwhile, the vertical glass door design creates a bunker look for the car. Another detail that contributes to the old look of the toyota compact cruiser evie is a set of multi spoke wheels with rectangular motifs around Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music at the rear, the led tail lights have the same style as the jeep wrangler. While the tailgate looks quite fancy protected by an extension of the roof rack, a rather blurry photo of the interior of the compact cruiser evie is also found with a large dashboard that combines both an information screen and a touchscreen entertainment screen. A strangely shaped steering wheel overall, this design is quite similar to the dashboard on the rand rover defender. This electric suv prototype is expected to be developed based on the tng architecture for electric vehicles.

The car will soon be launched and put into production if it receives a lot of positive feedback from the car loving community around the world Music, Music, Music. The compact cruiser ev will be an all new model for toyota when it launches and presumably will have a more creative name. We expect the electric off roader to arrive for the 2023 model year. It will likely share some suspension and powertrain components with other upcoming electric toyotas, but there is not much information yet on the mechanical components of the compact cruiser ev, Music, Music, Music, Music. We estimate the price of the 2023 compact cruiser ev will start at around 35. 000.