If i want to do this right, im going to need to find a fast charger halfway through so stick along and lets see, we can figure out Music, okay, so from where we grab the car in mississauga ontario to the first fast charger is 135 kilometers, which Is about 83 miles just before we get to the first charger? I want to throw in some context as to where i am in the world. Obviously, im located in canada and mobile syrup is located in toronto, so im driving from basically toronto to ottawa, which is the capital of ontario to the capital of canada, its about 400 kilometers, but im not actually going to ottawa. Specifically, my parents live in a smaller town, called renfrew about 8, 000, or so people outside of ottawa, and really the test of this trip is to see how well an ev is navigating up north to a small town, not a big city like ottawa, but a Small town anyway lets get back and see how getting to that charger. Is the traffic wasnt super great on the way there, and it was a lot of stop and go. We arrived at the 350 kilowatt fast charger in covert ontario, with only 234 kilometers left on our range, which is about 145 miles, meaning wed burn through an almost extra 50 kilometers or 31 miles worth of battery, which is a lot more than anticipated. Oh and one of the charges at the station didnt work, but luckily the other stall cleared up quickly and we were able to begin charging well id like to say that this is an uncommon, fast charger experience its not the first time its happened to me across A wide variety of charger brands.

Luckily, for us there was a sub shop nearby, so we were able to get some dinner and by the time we were done, which was 36 minutes later. The car was topped up from 61 to 99, not the fastest charge in the world, but it worked well for our timeline. So im not complaining from the chargers in coburg to my parents, house we were going to which was in renfrew was another 265 kilometers its about 164 miles. So we hit the road with a full charge and arrived at home, with only 23 kilometers left at around 8pm that night thats about 14 miles, but either way doesnt matter what measurement its, not a lot Music, all right, guys its day. Two and well things have not been going according to plan. Maybe a more interesting story, though so first off we lost the camera. The section cup fell off. I think somebody ran it over our action. Camera is toast so moment of silence for that okay and then basically whats going on today. So we couldnt charge. We got to my parents house and we only had 20 kilometers left in the car thats, not very much. We need a lot more than that to get home, we need at least 200 kilometers to get to the nearest fast charger, so were going to plug it in with a 240 volt adapter that pours sent this in the back of this car and it wouldnt work.

The dryer plug thats, also 240 volt uses a slightly different head in my parents house for some reason, im not sure why im hoping to figure that out later either way we couldnt charge. So we had to take it to the local grocery store and it was a super super super slow charge. We put it on at 9, 00 pm picked it up at 9 00 a.m, and we only gained 200 kilometers of range, which is enough to let us do a little bit of driving today and would be enough to let us get home barely because we could Get to the fast charger, however, all that said, i think i found out a way to get us a full charge tonight. It just might mean that we wont be able to do much cooking after some research at home. I learned there are multiple types of 240 volt outlets. Lucky me, they vary based on the amount of amperage the device needs and some other factors. Since we had a porsche mobile charger, we could convert any 240 volt current into a compatible charge for the car, but we only have the nema 1450 adapter for it limiting us to basically just stove plugs or anyone that had a 1450 in the garage. Probably for an ev which in renfrew was no one. Luckily, though, after all this prep, i talked to my aunt after i was showing them the car, and she told me that she had seen a new charger at the canadian tire and that changed the game.

Music Applause day, three once again started at a charger, but this time it was with a slightly faster 50 kilowatt speed, which means we could top up. The tai can cross turismo in about two and a half hours from zero. However, i think the colder temperature well since the temperature was much colder. I was limiting our top range closer to 327 kilometers about 203 miles, instead of the 417 kilometers or 259 miles that we had started the trip with on a much warmer day anyway. Here we are were at the charger we are: charging were at uh 29 weve gone about 30 kilometers up since ive been sitting here for about 20 minutes were at 90 kilometers total now, so we just yeah were charging it. You know 2.6 kilometers per minute, thats. The peak rate, though hopefully it reaches that uh sooner rather than later, but yeah who knows Music. After that we did some driving around and tested out the porsche. A little bit took some photos and just ran down the battery to prepare for our final drive in the review. Overall, though, this was a pretty good afternoon and the porsche is, you know, super fun. One of the first things we tested was a notoriously slippery hill and the bumpy gravel road, leading up to my grandpas house and actually kind of surprisingly, with all the snow we were having the car handled it expertly, with its gravel mode and great all wheel, drive Handling, i dont know if it was the extra weight of the batteries or what, but i climbed up and down that hill.

Both ways, no problems even later on in the day driving in deeper slushier snow, the thai kane cross charisma handled fine. There too, it felt a bit weird to have a car that was this expensive out in such dire conditions. To be honest, but in pretty much all aspects, it lived up to my experiences with the original thai can, which is to say fantastic. You can watch that video, of course, by clicking the link in the corner. If you want to see a deeper dive into the original thai can, which i will say, is pretty similar to this. One anyway see you tomorrow for the drive home all right: its uh 5 a.m. Ive got 250 kilometers to the nearest fast charger in happening 317 kilometers of range on the car, which is here you just cant, see it in the pitch black. So wish me luck and maybe see you in an hour or two with the charger. All right just check the map. We need 2′ kilometers. We actually have 121, probably want 300 to be safe, to be honest, thats, just what i would rather so probably once we hit that well go. I guess we should be back on time im thinking pending no stoppages with the chargers, but i think this is charging faster than the estimated rate on the car, which is something thats been happening all weekend. All right check back in when we get to mississauga checking back in literally like three, not even maybe two minutes after i recorded the video earlier, it dropped down to 9.

‘. So i think were super fine to charge. I guess it just took a while to get up to the peak charging rate. Checking back back in from the editors desk. I forgot to mention. We got up at 5 am because we had to bring the car back to mississauga at 11 and its about a five hour drive with charging, and i just wanted to be a bit preemptive in case anything went wrong. Speaking of things going wrong, nothing went super wrong, but this charger, unlike the first pretro canada charger charged us money to use it and after an hour 15 minutes of use, it cut us off. Since there was no line, we could have just hopped back in and started using it again to top back up, but we were at 89 297 kilometers and i figured we were okay. I guess i should also mention that the flow chargers in town, the fast chargers did charge us about 33 bucks of fill up um and the really slow charger the grocery store was free. But in my experience most fast chargers charge you back to the video. So now that weve left napanee with just about 300 kilometers of range, it means we should be getting to toronto with 60 kilometers left on the range that didnt happen. Still on the bright side, i did see a high neonic 5 on the drive here and thats. The first one ive seen in canada, so thats pretty exciting, check out my full video for more impressions on that all right, so we made it back to the porsche drop off spot and uh 19 kilometers on the range we barely made it i mean we had Enough time to sit for another 30 minutes at the charger when we left, but i mean were supposed to have more than 50 kilometers worth of extra range to get here and we could have pulled over to another charger.

But i thought it was just more important to get here either way we made it and uh yeah. I guess ill leave you with my final impression. So basically, one fast charger makes a huge difference. Once we found the fast charger and renfrew, even though it was only 30 kilowatts, its still, you know that two hours two and a half hours to charge up the car but like it changed the game so having a single charger that you could use, be it You know a fast charger thats the best case scenario, but then, if not, you know 110 or slow chargers, theyre not going to get you very far unless you plan to really not use the car while youre on your weekend trip in this case, or you know The 12 volts are tricky because theres so many different 12 volt outlets and then finding one near where you park even more difficult in some cases so yeah, i dont know it was doable. We did it, but the fast charger thats all it takes. It was just one fast charger in that town to make it a doable trip. You know we had to wake up super early this morning, so we could charge on the way here and the drive to and from my parents house took about an extra hour each time because of charging but yeah, i dont know every sort of obstacle we hit. We were able to overcome it.

We were able to find somewhere to plug in and find somewhere to charge slow charges fast chargers. You know renfrews a bit of a hub city, so theres a bit of thorough traffic coming from you know further up north and in quebec coming into ontario and stuff. So i guess it does make sense for a fast charger to be there and there wont be one in every small town but yeah. Look it up check up. You know local message boards every app, the inbuilt car charger, finder, google maps apple maps, everything it doesnt appear that any map has every charger on it. Yet, as far as i can tell so, you still need to do a little digging anyway. Okay lets just button here, one last time, one last time, one last time. Basically, i just want to say that this went well for me because a i didnt buy this car. I had it alone, so my ability to test things and push them to their limits was a bit more within my reach than say the average person who might not want to go to a place where they might get stranded because thats their car or they dont, Want to get stranded in it, but you know other than that. I think the only other thing i should mention is that when i was sitting at all these chargers, luckily for me im in a small town, so my parents dont live that far away.

Someone can come pick me up and take me home, which is not great. Considering i want this car to be a green car and someone has to drive four times to come. Pick me up. They need to follow me out. There drive me home, drive me back and then follow me home, which is not a great situation by any means, not green at all, but its what we had to do, i mean thats the reality i guess of using electric vehicle on a road trip like this And im not saying in any way that this represents all road trips. I think the further you go north before the further you get off the main highways in canada, the 401 youre going to have a tougher time finding chargers. But you know, if you stay close to that line, i think i think you might be okay and traveling along that line. Super easy. I mean there are fast chargers all the way down it pretty much, so i didnt have any problems there, but the further you go north, the more research, the uh, the more planning and the more the more preparedness youre gon na have to have. I guess anyway, im brad bennett with mobile syrup.