I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im introducing one of the old timers in the world of evs, the famous french reynolds zoe ill, be covering the most important changes on the latest Model of the eevee, oh and one more thing before i start when driving an electric car, never turn onto a dead end street or youll, be stuck on a road with no outlet. Okay, now back to the video, a brief history: listen did you know, lewis marcel and fernand renault founded renault in 1898, renault ferrez was the companys original name, and the first logo features the brothers initials in an art nouveau medallion. This emblem was only used on internal documents. Brand vehicles only had the name renault forest on the running board, and the initials lr for louis renault carved onto the wheel. Hubs on the medallion in 1906 is an image of the renault that won the first french grand prix, louis renault renamed, the company from renault forest to society, just automobiles renault in 1910. In 1922, it renamed itself to la society. Anonyme des usines renault renault decided to put a front end logo on its cars for the first time in 1923, with a round grill emblazoned with renault, the horn was hidden behind the grille of the front of the bonnet, so this logo was essential.

The front metal grille was required to house this function. The logo was split in two by a central line to fit reynolds alligator bonnets, snout shape an angular shape for the dihedral shaped bonnet with two plane faces and a central dividing line replaced the round logo of 1923 from 1924. The diamond appeared alongside the round grille on the 40 cv type nm executive tourer. This geometric symbol was approved in 1925. Initially, the diamond was only used on luxury sports cars branded stella since 1929. Throughout the 1930s the identity evolved and was gradually adopted by the company. During this time, the company gained a famous brand signature, renault e automobile de france, renaults nationalization on january 16, 1945 changed its status. The company was renamed renault, national us. The commercial brand name was renault plus questions. Renault e automobile de france became the brand signature. Now, back to the zoe, its actually pronounced zoe, the french ev is popular in europe, because its cheap, practical and designed for urban life its considered an old timer. Since the first version of the zoe first appeared in 2005 and was finally launched in 2012.. In 2015. A new engine was produced in house 2017 new battery and it goes on from 22 to 41 kwh 2019, the launch of phase 2 equipped with a new 52 kwh battery and a new r135 engine in 2021. Zoe takes the commercial name, zoe e tec electric. It was named best electric car in the uk in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

. Obviously, the giant french manufacturer renault is proud of its little hatch and prides itself for being one of the first initiators of the electric revolution in the automobile industry. But zoes throne is shaken by the new hatchbacks out there. So is the renault zoe still competitive, with other electric hatchbacks lets find out while reviewing the new renault zoe design and engineering Music renaults new zoe has much more expressive features than the original model. Despite the fact that it retains the same overall shape, the front face has been redesigned and is distinguished by its sculpted bonnet. Its new shield shaped with chrome inserts, as well as the appearance of the famous c shaped light signature, which is shared by all the brands. New vehicles, the logo, which conceals the charging hatch, has also been enlarged to accommodate the largest size of the charging hatch. Once again, the manufacturers, other models have been given a more aesthetically pleasing treatment. The changes are less noticeable on the profile and at the rear, with the exception of the lights, which are now powered by led technology. As with the previous model, the dimensions of the new zoe are only slightly different. It measures 4 meters in length 1.7 meters in width and 1.56 meters in height on the payload side. The capacity ranges from 425 to 486 liters, depending on the finish chosen, noting that the french hatch still does not offer the possibility of towing a synchronous machine with a winding rotor is used in the zoe, which means it does not contain magnets and, as a result, Does not contain rare earths, unlike the tesla model, s or x, or even first generation hybrid vehicles which use particle filters to equip catalytic converters.

However, microelectric motors used in window regulators mirrors and other applications do contain rare earths, although in trace amounts, just as they do in all automobiles interior Music. The interior of the zoe was designed to look like the new generation of the clio, and it includes two digital screens. The first, which serves as instrumentation, has a diagonal measurement of 10 inches. It includes the navigation elements that are displayed on the main screen, which can be customized in terms of display and colors. The zoes main display, which is 9.3 inches diagonally and touch sensitive and integrated into the center of the dashboard, sits straight upright. In addition to being compatible with android, auto and apple carplay, this system integrates the easylink multimedia system, providing real time traffic information, an eco driving panel and the ability of charging stations in real time. As mentioned, the trunk capacity ranges from 425 to 486 liters, depending on the finish chosen, but with either choice. The zoe beats the trunk capacities of its rivals, including the peugeot e 208 and the mini smart performance Music. The new zoe is only available in two engines. Both of which are manufactured at the cleon plant in normandy, the r110, which is derived from the previous generation, produces up to 90 kw of power and 225 nm of torque at a maximum speed of 135 kilometers per hour or 84 miles per hour. The r135 is introduced with the new zoe. It differs from the r110 in that it can generate up to 100 kilowatts of power and 245 nm of torque and that it has a slightly higher top speed of 140 kilometers per hour or 92 miles per hour, as well as better recovery performance during recovery phases.

When driving the driver can choose between eco and normal modes, but you can also select b mode. It enables one pedal driving by enhancing the effect of the engine brake with the intensity of the deceleration being such that the vehicle can come to a complete stop without the need to press on the brake pedal battery life with a useful capacity of 52 kwh. The lithium ion battery consists of 12 modules and 192 cells. The pack weighs a total of 326 kilograms and provides up to 240 miles of range in the wltp driving cycle in real use. The renault communicates over 235 miles in summer 155 in winter carburetor. Charging port on the reynolds zoe is concealed behind the logo and is compliant with the combo ccs protocol. The on board charger, which has a capacity of 22 kilowatts, is therefore supplemented by the possibility of combo charging at a rate of up to 50 kw. It takes three hours to fully charge using this charger. Charging at home, with the basic 7 kw edge setup, takes eight hours, while the speedy charge to 80, with a 50kwh charger will take only 70 minutes on the more powerful model. According to the manufacturer, a 30 minute charge, on the other hand, will provide you with a range of 90 miles, but bear in mind that the combo connector is an optional feature that costs more than one thousand dollars. According to the manufacturer, charging your zoe to full capacity at home will cost you approximately ten dollars, which is approximately 27 dollars less than the equivalent amount of fuel for a combustion engine.

Car price and model range. The renault zoe is marketed from 37 600. The new zoe introduces a series of additional equipment which is gradually integrated into the four trim levels offered by the manufacturer. Life zen, intense business here are the details of each life. Full led headlamps and led daytime running lights with signature c shape door handles your checkout exterior mirrors, black grained e shifter gear level, with b mode black fortunate fabric upholstery 15 eol hubcaps customizable 10 tft color display easy link, 7 multimedia system with 7 inch, touchscreen android, Auto and apple carplay compatible cruise control and speed, limiter manual, air conditioning renault hands, free card automatic parking brake with auto hold function, flexi charger, automatic ignition of lights and wipers zen life plus 16 inch alloy, wheels. Elective exterior mirror covers your body. Leather lock steering wheel, recytex, recycled fabric upholstery, automatic air conditioning lane, departure warning lane, keeping assistant recognition of traffic signs automatic, switching of high beam, low beam, induction smartphone charger, folding rear bench, intense zen, plus 16 inch, elective diamond coated, alloy rims, dark tinted windows and rear Window led fog, lights with connoring function, mixed leatherette, recytex, recycled fabric upholstery, chrome, grille, easylink 7, inch with navigation multimedia system with 7 inch, touchscreen, android, auto and apple carplay, compatible blind spot detector, overspeed alert with recognition of traffic signs, front, rear parking aid and reversing camera. Electric windows front and rear the prices of each finish: life only available in the r110 motor version at 37 hundred dollars, zen r one one o is thirty: nine thousand six hundred dollars.

As for the r one, three five version, its forty thousand three hundred and sixty two dollars intense, the r one one o is forty one thousand nine hundred and eighty six thousand dollars. As for the r135 version, its forty two thousand seven hundred dollars business only available in the r110 motor version at forty thousand two hundred dollars, in addition to offering its city car for purchase renault also provides a long term all inclusive rental service for its model. The brand is currently communicating on an offer at 196 dollars per month with a commitment of 37 months and 14 000 miles, which does not include any sort of take back condition. A price based on the entry level finish. The life which includes the rental of a battery as well as the finish as a city car, the renault zoe, has survived the competition for almost a decade being compared to its peer hatchbacks. However, now the evie market is flourishing and the nissan leaf, for example, offers many persuasive options to the shoppers of city evs. This wraps up my review of the new renault zoe. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of the video. Nothing helps out. My channel more than yall watching the entire video these videos take a long time to make and is a labor of love.