Petrol era range up to wltp 335 miles power up to 402 bhp exterior, uniquely progressive and progressively unique. Every detail of the pulse r2 is designed to be quietly distinctive interior. The pulsed r2 interior defines premium for the lr2 gauge its clean spacious environment, pairs of on guard styling with innovative materials interior high performance audio. The polstar 2 comes with a high performance audio system that delivers rich sound throughout the cabin superior spectrum. Sound specialized bass, drivers and high frequency tweeters deliver more accurate, sound with less overall distortion. The polstar jews, air woofer technology takes precision to a new level producing a base, sound thats, cleaner and less cluttered than ever. High fidelity listening the high performance, audio system, pumps, 250, watts of power through eight speakers, its front mounted air woofer and full range speaker deliver high fidelity sound regardless of where youre sitting speaker specifications. There are full range: 150 millimeter speakers in each rear door. Mid range 100 millimeter speakers in each front door: 19, millimeters, tweeters in each front; roof pillar, a full range 100 millimeter speaker in the dash and a 200 millimeters air woofer under the bonnet software and apps google built in we partnered with google to develop the worlds. First, car, with a with a built in android powered operating system, making life on the road easier, safer and more intuitive the pole star, the pulstar 2 senses, the pull star app on your phone for digital key, unlocking, then automatically adjusts personal settings for steering and one Pedal drive, you can also activate climate control and check the battery remotely.

All you need is your phone. The digital key turns your smartphone into a unique authentication device grip, the door handle and the pull start to instantly unlocks when it detects your phone. If you have multiple drivers linked to the car, the pulse r2 will prioritize. Whoever approaches the drivers door continue where you left off your car doesnt. Just remember you. It can also keep track of what you asked it to do last week when it detects your phone. The pulse r2 will immediately wake up and return to the playlist, apps volume and settings. You chose previously pre entry, climate control. You can now set your pulse r2s climate control in advance via the polestar app or in the car itself. This not only makes you more comfortable, also extends the cars range as energy intensive, cooling and heating take place, while its charging climate timers time spent waiting for a car to heat up or cool down is time wasted. With the polestar apps new climate timers, you can schedule your cars, heating or cooling throughout the week. Just choose the time down to the minute toggle the days you want to apply and let the car and app do the rest. Your pulse r2 will be ready and waiting at a perfect 22 degrees celsius. Whenever you need it. Voice control that really hears you with google assistant voice, commands youre free to focus on the best part of driving the driving just say: hey, google at any time, and the car listens to your instructions always up to date.

The in car operating system receives regular over the air updates, just like your smartphone, and you can always download additional apps from the google play store, intelligent route planning, the pulse r2 features google automotive services, so you can ask for directions and the navigation system will plot The most efficient route taking the battery level and charging points into account safety, safety assistance, driver aids, always there and always diligent the safety assistance. Suite of driver aides constantly scans the surroundings for potential problems, ready to warn the driver and intervene if necessary, the systems in depth active day and night runoff road mitigation will assist in guiding the car back onto the road at speeds between 40 miles per hour and 87 miles per hour in case of a more abrupt lane, departure a short break pulse will be added. The driver can override the steering assistance at any time when active, oncoming lane mitigation detects four wheeled vehicles on roads with visible lane markings. It works between 37 and 87 miles per hour and produces an audible warning signal, as well as showing a message on the display. Oncoming lane mitigation can always be turned off by the driver lane keeping aid alerts, the driver with vibrations in the steering wheel automatically steering back to the center of the lane. If the steering intervention doesnt correct the course enough, a warning also sounds: the system can be turned on and off via the central display post impact breaking is activated when the airbags and the seat belt pretensioners are triggered.

If the sensors detect this, they send a signal to the brakes, engaging them to reduce the effect of the impact connected safety links, polstar and compatible volvo cars transmitting real time, information on vehicle, behavior and external factors such as weather and breakdowns or collisions involving other vehicles. The system measures the cars behavior when accelerating steering and braking taking into account the ambient temperature and precipitation. It will then send the results to the cloud and warn drivers of connected pole, star and volvo cars that are on the same route. If the pulse r2 is connected to the cloud, the system will also warn drivers of other pole, star and volvo cars that the hazard lights are activated. The system determines fatigue or distraction by measuring where the car is in relation to the lane markings. These cues are an audio chime and a coffee cup symbol in the driver display, along with directions to the nearest rest, stop via google maps. Road sign information works like an extra pair of eyes. It shows important road sign information in the driver display. So its always. There, when needed, the system also includes a speed alert function which can warn the driver if the speed limit is exceeded. Pilot pack, pixel led headlights leave the headlights on high beam. The smart safety enhancing pixel led technology adapts to light and weather conditions to provide an optimal view without blinding other drivers intelligent intensity. Each headlight contains 84 pixel leds controlled by a front mounted camera, depending on what it detects the leds are switched on and off individually.

Adjusting the beam to always provide optimal illumination, no more dazzling, pixel led technology. Doesnt just enhance the safety of pulse r2 drivers. It can also shave out up to five areas in front of the car ensuring maximum visibility in all situations. Without dazzling, oncoming traffic exterior frameless mirrors, we stripped away unnecessary elements to reveal pure form and function. The clean frameless design means the mirror, extends right to the edges of the housing minimalist design, maximum visibility, reflection reinvented the design of our signature side mirrors optimizes their appearance and functionality by minimizing the size of the enclosure around the glass we cut the overall volume of The mirror unit by 30, which improves the cars aerodynamic performance, smart adjustments, the side mirrors, can tilt down for increased visibility and reversing, and when youre driving in the dark, it will dim bright. Light from approaching cars can also fold the mirrors in for protection when parked plus pad panoramic roof and a feeling of very spaciousness. With this panoramic roof made of tinted laminated glass. It lets the sunlight in keeps the road noisy clearly resilient. Our specially designed laminated glass reduces uv radiation and noise while maximizing those incredible wide angle, views versions, a power train for every driving situation, range, milieu, ltp power, zero to 60 miles per hour, 01 standard range single motor, ‘ million 900 275 pounds miles 221 bhp seven Seconds o2 long range single motor 42, thirty 900 pounds miles; 228 bhp, seven seconds.

Oh three long range: dual motor 45, 900 pounds 299 miles; 402, bhp, 4.