Thank you for the rest up man and arnold. Thank you so much as well sneaky arnold first, the greens now gerald this is ridiculous. Whos lg, um antonios, his name. Okay! Is this how you turn bench guy into an fbi agent? I dont think he started because of that, though, first movie now james, who was the first person we kicked out of our club, there was someone before it was fanny man, first friday, malachi and fatty now, wolfy now, james, okay, we got 100k from that bank man. We better be good. Okay, i got the salt in position too. Just tell me what you need me to do ill go down below for some gold. We got about just under 40k with the gold. I did not mean the u turn, but that was really slick. I thought they missed it for a second. I was like wait what my god, almost okay, how many buses give me bus? I need a bus all right right now, theyre about five four bus lengths away currently closing in theyve, probably just lost about a buck bus like theyre now on uh, maybe two three bus legs id say: 2.5 bus lengths. If i had to be super specific, they saw that oh no great work all right theyre about the three bus legs. Oh, they did not sue still behind you about three bus links. They in fact did not send it. Oh theyre scared. You got about three and a half plus lengths.

Oh four bucks like five, possibly six, a lot of bus like okay, okay, i think theyre lost, i think, theyre very lost right now they are extremely lost. You have infinite bust legs, infinite bus, infinite bus lengths. I didnt even get to the drop i actually, i literally didnt even get to the drop plus infinity. They were very confused. I dont, but i actually didnt even get to the drop of my song. Man, oh wow, oh hes, gon na be bad well. That was fun, bus, infinity to infinity and beyond thats some good money. We could afford, like two okays now yo josh from milav whats up buddy thanks for the six months, buddy Music, all right who put that tree there; ah god, god, no, actually, probably the construction. One: hey: you want to go set up for bay city while put this away it. Oh, i can do thermite for once. Can you grab me? Oh uh, like three thermite yeah its in the glove box? Oh theres, only two! What if i it up or dont just kidding its a base city, i could never it up ever okay, what happens when you do? I could do it with my eyes closed, because we dont need a connection from one bank to the pub you guys set that up and uh ill meet you back here. I feel like my contents just rubbing, but to be fair, i usually spend the money on uh content so im just i like.

I am the number one bank spammer and i feel bad but like if someone else wanted to rob them. I love the way. The car looks just not on that side. You didnt see my sub lets, see theyre doing the s plus yo. Thank you. So much el pa im just gon na call you alpaca yeah, alpaca, alpaca alpaca. Thank you. Man, alpaca Music, driving a honda, civic, its so cool. Yes, hello, hey! Thank you by the way. Uh do you know if we have any other two doors that we could use bigger users, you can use that that one, the criminal might Music ill get the criminals. Will you go to the export case? Um, probably not. Maybe i could try and save him and do what he did to me, but i dont think im allowed to. Maybe if i bring a pair of handcuffs, oh, but all my items get taken when i go through them, remember when he saved me. But how do i save him flop him to the table yeah, but i have to find a way to uncuff him, because i need to have like a pair of handcuffs or something man. I cant just go like that whip, his one finance, looking man. What makes you think that is guys your every item, besides food and water, inside of your inventory, gets removed. When you go into the courthouse, so i could bring a ak, 47 or handcuffs or lock, picks or bolt cutters, but the moment i go through the doors it just removes them automatically is the better gamer to tell you it avoids a ban uh.

Well, i dont want to hear it from you because well youre not an admin from no pixel, so i i dont, even if you can tell me if its bandwidthy or not, i i cant necessarily take a word because whats my argument, gon na admit its gon Na be its gon na be oh viewer in chat said i could hide the lock picking the burger tell that to the metal detector bro, oh its just my burger man, yeah things red engine. I think im just gon na send it uh drop that at construction. Well, um ill pick you up from there well go straight to hayes and then from straight there to the bank. Okay, what graphics mod do you use? Oh, i use um default settings. Okay, i lie. I actually use a um. I actually use a slight color filter that increases the colors slightly, so you can see the difference its sad to see what you see yeah its you just youve got to put it on your monitor, to see man but im telling you its a worlds, a different And you just replicate what i do except i have. The vibrance turned up a little bit: okay, im coming to drop off the car now ill go come to hayes should have gone to spec savers, hey chet, watch this. What version of v shade uh, just the lattice, sorry, 7 800 subbies were getting close to that room. We can do it.

I believe, im a believer. Exclamation point, graphics, chat and youll get the settings. Why delivery and on the left side its because of the body kit, its a bit scuffed, you say its crap, i could. I will see if they were following me or not get your digits left oliver again im trying Applause, oh okay, watch it walk style. I think its uh gangsta, five Applause, oh construction. How do you like you to the car? Oh man, i love it.