, energetic upbeat music. I mean what, if you just want a no nonsense, easy to drive electric car. That gives you some solid range And what, if you want an electric car that has some fun torque steer? Ooh my name is Omar., And this is the Hyundai Kona Electric., So yeah going electric can be a little challenging for some people out there. Not. Everyone is tech, savvy enough to figure out the ins and outs of what goes along with owning an electric car., But cars like the Kona Electric, make it pretty simple. Its just a basic car, but its also electric. Dont. Think of this as a competitor to the Tesla Model, 3 Y or the Ford Mustang, Mach E, or even the new Hyundai Ionic.. This is a competitor to the likes of the Chevy Bolt the Nissan Leaf and the Volkswagen ID.4.. So how does it drive Pretty pretty pretty good. And if you dont understand that reference thats Curb Your Enthusiasm. And if you dont watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, you should. Its a great show., So youve got 201 horsepower and 291 pound feet of torque. Its, not necessarily super Quick, but it will give you that electric car jolt., You have three drive modes to pick from.. You have comfort, eco and sport mode. And when you put it in sport, mode. And Im an eco now., Let me put it in sport mode and hit the gas.. This thing takes off, but its not super exciting.

, Overall, its pretty easy and comfortable to drive.. Again. This is not trying to beat a Tesla. For everyone out there thinking right now. Well, a Tesla is just superior in every way., But I still cant get over the fact that you can make the tires chirp from a standstill.. Oh thats, fun. Itll still give you that electric car driving dynamic, so you can have a little bit of fun., But it is also just a simple Hyundai Kona that will get you from point A to point B, very easily.. So do I recommend the Kona Electric? Well, let me give you a quick tour of it first and then Ill. Give you my opinion on whether or not you should buy this over the competition. Make sure you hit like., Make sure you hit subscribe.. All right lets do this. All right before we talk pricing and take a look at the exterior and the interior lets. Take a look at some of the cool and interesting things that you should know about. The Hyundai Kona Electric.. Now, one of the first interesting things that I found on the Kona Electric was the location of the charger port.. It doesnt hang out on the side on the tail lights or any place where you would usually expect it.. It hangs out right here on the front.. Now that may look like an odd placement, but it is very convenient when youre pulling up to a charging station and plugging it in.

You dont have to pull the cable to the left or the right.. You just pull it straight forward and plug it right. In.. Next up check this out., An electric car with paddle shifters.. Why Well its actually a pretty clever implementation., The paddle shifters here dont, allow you to change gears obviously.. What they do, allow you to do is set the level of breaking regen. Pulling on the paddle will allow you to increase the level of regenerative braking. And the right paddle will decrease the level of breaking regen, allowing you to coast more having a more normal driving Experience. And thats really it., Like I said at the beginning of this video. If you want a no nonsense, easy to get in and drive electric car, the Kona Electric is a great option.. Now lets talk pricing.. You only have two trim levels to pick from, including the SEL which starts at 34000. And the Limited which starts at 42500. And dont. Forget you have a federal tax credit of up to 7500 to save you, some extra money., So whats the difference between the SEL and the Limited.. The Kona Electric SEL comes standard with a bunch of features, including a gorgeous 10.25 inch. Digital instrument display. That has a lot of informative data on your electric car.. It doesnt have any full screen map view or anything like that.. It comes standard with an eight inch touchscreen display with wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto.

. Now, for an extra 3500, you can add on the convenience package to the SEL. And that will upgrade your manual cloth seats to cloth seats that are eight way power adjustable. And they also become heated front seats.. You get a simple sunroof, no panoramic action going on here, which would have been nice.. You get an upgraded leather, wrapped steering wheel, which feels really nice to hold.. This package will also throw in the wireless charger and a digital key. If you want to be cool and use your phone or the credit card type of key, that comes with the Kona Electric. Safety wise, you get a bunch of driver, assist tech as standard, including blind spot monitoring forward collision warning lane, keep assist, lane follow, assist and Driver attention warning and much more. Now, if you want the best of the best, and you want to spend more money, you can go for the Limited. And that will give you everything from the SEL with the convenience package. But it also upgrades your eight inch touchscreen display to a 10.25 inch, touchscreen display., But here Apple CarPlay and Android, Auto arent wireless., But you do get Hyundais native navigation system.. Your seats also get upgraded to these powered leather seats, which are very, very comfortable. This time they are heated and cooled as standard., And you also get a heated steering wheel.. The Limited also adds on LED headlamps, which are actually right down here. And you also get LED taillights, pretty dope.

Safety wise. You get everything from the SEL with the convenience package. Plus you get adaptive cruise control only here on the Limited trim. But yeah its pretty straightforward. Theres, no messing around with a bunch of extra options or packages.. All right lets talk, horsepower and torque.. The electric motor here will give you 201 horsepower and 291 pound feet of torque, which is pretty impressive., And obviously, since this is an electric car, theres, just a single speed. Transmission. Now again, this isnt a performance focused electric car., 0 to 60. Here comes in at 6.4 seconds. And you have a top speed of 110 miles, an hour. That 6.4 seconds is not that bad.. I think its actually pretty impressive for the Kona. Now in terms of fuel economy or battery economy. If you will, you get a total of 132 MPGE city and 108 MPGE highway., Your range comes in at 258 miles.. The battery capacity comes in at 64 kilowatts. Now, in terms of battery charge time going from 10 to 80 will take you nine hours and 15 minutes. If you use a level two standard 7.2 kilowatt charger.. If you step up to the level three quick charge, 50 kilowatt, that will take you 64 minutes. And 100 kilowatts will take you 47 minutes, which is not bad.. Lets take a look at the exterior design of the Kona Electric. And yeah its nothing super exciting.. Of course, the new Hyundai Ionic looks much better than the Kona Electric.

, But I think the Hyundai Ionic is also a little bit more upmarket.. The Kona Electric here again competes with the likes of the Chevy Bolt the Nissan Leaf.. It also competes with the Kia Niro electric, its sibling And maybe even the Volkswagen ID.4. And honestly when it comes to that bunch. This is a better looking option in my opinion. But yeah its a pretty simple, tiny, subcompact, electric crossover, SUV, hatchback or whatever you want to classify it. As. Man. It is freezing out here, today. Cargo capacity, wise. You have a total of 19.2 cubic feet behind the second row. And with the second row folded you have a total of 45.8 cubic feet., So its not bad for this size. Hop inside the new Kona Electric and just like the outside its pretty simple and pretty Straightforward. Theres, no crazy bells or whistles. Again. This is meant to be an easy to drive no theatrics electric car., The overall quality isnt bad.. Yes, there is a bunch of hard plastics around here, but Ive said it before and Ill say it. Again. Hyundai does an outstanding job when it comes to using plastics in their car. Theres, a good mixture of soft touch and plastic in here., Its nothing terrible.. In my opinion, the quality is pretty solid., Theres, no creeks or cracks. When you push on the dash or the center console., Everything in here is really well put together.. Now, as far as rear leg, room goes, youre working with sorry for the wind noise, 33.

4 inches of leg, room., Im about six foot tall.. That is my seating position.. As you can see, not that much room. Its a Kona., So what did you expect? I can no longer move my mouth.. It is that cold outside.. Now before I give you my opinion on whether or not if you should buy the Kona Electric over the competition. Let me point out a few random things that are left to show all of you.. You have four cup holders, two in the front for the front passengers and two in the back right here in the armrest for the rear. Passengers. Were gon na stay inside to check out the keys, because I can no longer feel my hands.. These are the keys to the Hyundai Kona Electric.. You got remote start lock, unlock and panic. Nice little Hyundai logo in the back., Pretty cool. Door, open and close sound from the outside. door closing And from the inside. door, closing Pretty solid for a Kona. Charging game, wise youre working with a wireless charging pad right. There and a USB A port. You dont, have any USB C. Ports. Youve also got a cigarette lighter charger and a USB A port right here. Under this floating center console thing. My people in the back get to fight over one USB, A port and thats it.. It is now time to hear the indicator and horn sound here on the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric. Indicator first.

indicator ticking Same old Hyundai indicator. Now for the horn, sound. horn, honking, Oh man., horn, honking, Its cute. Nobodys, getting scared of that at all., horn, honking And Now that Ive, given you a tour of the Hyundai Kona Electric, let me give you my opinion on whether or not if you should buy this over the competition. And if youre in the UK or anywhere in Europe, its pronounced Hyundai. There not Hyundai like over here. In the United States., So if youre somebody that wants to go, electric and doesnt want to be overwhelmed by the stress that comes along with learning all this new tech. Yes, you should simply just go for the Kona Electric., If youre in the market, for a Nissan Leaf, a Volkswagen ID.4 or even the Chevy Bolt, definitely give this a spin as well.. I think, out of that group. This is probably the most easy to use and easy to drive electric vehicle., Not to mention that range of 258 miles its pretty strong.. I think thats the most range youll get out of a subcompact electric crossover SUV.. Either way, thanks for watching. Make sure you hit like., energetic upbeat music, Make sure you hit subscribe., Make sure you follow me on Instagram and on TikTok. My handle is Omardrives. Ill catch. You on the next one. Take care peace. Sport mode.. I was already in sport. Mode. Haha lets go. Its quite fun., Not bad at all.