Do i have an ev? No, but i wanted to pick up a charger first before i got the car, i thought that potentially made a lot of sense and it did because this whole process of ordering it around black friday is when i bought it, and then it took a couple weeks To arrive, then, the next step that they had was the installation which took about a month or two so youre definitely going to want to install your ev charger before you get the car, because otherwise you wont be able to use the car so heres a bunch Of paperwork, its actually pretty colorful, pretty easy to read and understand, whats, going on what to expect part of the reason why i went with electrify. America is because they are investing heavily in their charging stations, so its a growing company. Why not get their home station doesnt seem like theyre going to be abandoning it plus you get to use the same app that you would, if you have your home station and youre charging at home or youre charging on the go its the same app so ill. Go through that a little bit later so lets continue on in the box where we have the actual ev charger, so its all wrapped in plastic take that out real fast, its a little heavy, but not that bad. You will notice that it is connected to two different cables in the box, so one of them is for the power and connecting it there to your wall and then the other one is for your car.

So, underneath that weve got the wall mount as well as some nuts and bolts, what were looking at right here is the socket for the charger to be plugged on into when it not in use. I wanted to just go ahead and throw the home station on the floor to kind of see the length of the cord. This is a honda crv, so you can see that the cord reaches well beyond the car. Now, when i initially bought this house, they said that this house was already wired for an eevee charger. Reality is no, it wasnt. Yes, there are some chords here behind this panel, but the fact is, the electrician came on out, saw these cords and said well. Theyll melt, so he had to go ahead and redo the whole thing, so we chose a different location which was closer to the circuit breaker and obviously because its closer its cheaper to do it that way, and secondly, there is an option with this home station. If you do have an outlet, you can just simply plug it on into the outlet, because that outlet itself that it would need to be plugged on into costs according to him around 300 bucks, it just wasnt gon na be worth to install that additional element. So what he did was he hardwired it into the box itself now this is the outside of the home, where you can see that it goes straight on into the circuit breaker when you switch it on itll change, a bunch of different colors, again theres blue theres, Green and red, and so because when it becomes solid, green, it means its ready to charge.

You dont even need the app to charge your car, but connecting the app with the home station and basically hence youll, be connected to the internet. In the cloud you can go ahead and get some extra options with your home station, so lets go through those okay, welcome to the electrify america app – and we can see here – were talking about the home station, so were going to go ahead and click on add Home station and at this point its confirming that were going to set it up so well hit continue. Next, we want to look at the side of our home station where theres a barcode so were going to scan serial number and it switches on over to camera mode, all right and then next its connecting to the charger. Okay, so now were going to click on. Yes, i understand, and again this is all information in regards to the circuit breaker. If you dont know what to select, definitely make sure you talk to the electrician who installed this so were going to select 40 amp because he did insert a 50 amp circuit breaker. Its going to ask us for the wi fi, then its going to link the home station to the wi fi. Now the home station has to restart so just wait for that message at the very top of the screen to go away. All right so lets check out the settings in which you can switch between auto charge or remote charge, and this allows you to use scheduling if you want it to only charge at certain times of the day, there is a smart home feature as well, where you Can connect the charger to amazon, alexa or google assistant theres a charge history as well? Just you know telling us how much power weve used and again you can change your wi fi and if we did select the wrong charger amperage, we can still change that right.

Here well, thank you for watching this video.