Well, kick things off the chevrolet bolt ev, also known as the best small electric car available on the market in 2021, we are looking at a fully electric vehicle with 201 horsepower and a 65 kilowatt battery that can offer up to 250 miles of autonomy. One of the main features of this car is the first chevy installed supercruise technology, the first real system to help the driver without the use of hands in the industry for access roads. Along with this vehicle, chevrolet took the opportunity to renew its bull tv, which has been on the market since 2017. It has suv like proportions and is the result of combining what we already know about the bolt ev with new technologies and features. The bolt euv has a more modern design, a spacious interior and a front end with a sculpted grille led headlights and daytime running lights. That function as directional indicators inside the chevrolet euv 2021. The instrument panel has been refurbished, where we now find a massive 10.2 inch. Color touch screen for the infotainment system, real climate controls below the instrument panel and steering wheel and an overall, more sporty design. But lets talk about mechanics. The new chevy uses the battery technology that we already know from the first bolt ev. It has a 65 kilowatt hour, lithium ion battery, which, in the case of the new bolt euv 2021. According to the manufacturer, the battery has an active heat management system which, according to chevy, offers a warranty of 8 years and 100 000 miles.

The engine is on the front axle ergo our front wheel, drive as for charging. It is compatible with the fast charging system which, according to chevrolet, is capable of charging 95 miles in just 30 minutes thumbs up up. Next, we bring you the ford, mustang machi, also known as the best suv electric car available on the market in 2021. The ford mustang machi is a 100 electric crossover with a wide electric range which exceeds 315 miles in the extended range variant. This electric car comes with an attractive design which complements the robust aesthetics already shown by other suvs, such as the lamborghini urus. The complete absence of fords oval logo is noticeable with the mustangs historical horse always displayed. The grille of this fella is closed. Taking advantage of the fact that we are facing a 100 electric suv, the silhouette of the five door car combines a progressive sunroof with a c pillar which eventually merges with accentuated rear wheel, arches, testifying to a slightly concealed transition, reminiscent of clastic mustang forms, including the 1964 first generation taillight icon, the ford mustang machine – has four variants in its range, depending on battery capacity and fuel configuration. This way we find two different battery capacities, 76 and 99 kilowatt hours and two drive configurations, rear or all wheel drive the top version. The ford mustang mach egt incorporates an electric motor of up to 465 horsepower and maximum torque of 830 nm with all wheel drive, which allows the mustang mock e to accelerate from 0 60 miles per hour in 3.

7 seconds, which is a figure more typical of the Tesla model y with the maximum charging power that, in the process of charging the batteries reaches peaks up to 150 kilowatts official data showed that in just 10 minutes of charging you get 55 miles of autonomy, i.e the ability to recharge batteries from 10 percent to 80 Percent in just 38 minutes, which is great, the interior design of the ford mustang mach, is clean, offering a configuration that is already used by some of its rivals. Of particular node is the screen that controls the infotainment system in a vertical layout of 15.5 inches, which inevitably resembles teslas proposal good stuff. If you arent hesitant to spend a few extra dollars for top of the line performance, we say: look no further than the porsche taken. The best luxury electric car available on the market in 2021. Porsche taken is a 100 high performance electric sedan produced by the german brand porsche since 2019. It is the first porsche production electric car built on a new platform and represents a paradigm shift for the manufacturer. The porsche taken is sold with power between 326 and horsepower. Offering an electric range between 250 and 300 miles, the design combines, form and function in a rather balanced way. Its appearance is a cross between the design of the porsche 911 and the porsche panamera, with a pretty thin front. End in which two futuristically designed led matrix optics are present and an organic and elegant sideline the gills on the front bumper channel air on demand to the braking equipment and the bumper has openings that open or close depending on the cars cooling needs.

The porsche takedown is a five seater car. The interior of the porsche taken stands out because its especially technological, the only physical buttons, are the controls located on the steering wheel and the corresponding satellite controls. The instrumentation is fully digital and has a curved 16.8 inch screen. The infotainment unit consists of two 10.9 inch screens, one in the center position and the other in front of the passenger which can control the same functions. Another 8.4 inch screen in haptic feedback are used for climate control or text entry among other functions. The voice assistant complements the manual use of the system, while the fifth screen allows rear passengers to control infotainment functions. The porsche taken has two types of batteries: a high performance battery that has a gross capacity of 79.2 kilowatt hours and as another option, a very high performance battery called performance battery, plus, with a gross capacity of 93.4 kilowatt hours. The porsche taken turbo s is an exceptionally fast car. The turbo s has 1050 enema of torque and accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds, while the ticket turbo is only 0.4 seconds slower. Its top speed is, in all cases, between 155 and 160 miles per hour. It is compatible with fast charging systems up to 800 volts, with a maximum charging power of up to 270 kilovolts in the turbo and turbo s versions. With a 400 volt charger from the ionity network, full power and a pre conditioned battery, it is capable of charging from five percent to eighty percent in 22.

5 minutes. If you can afford this beast, we say: go for it. The next model! Well, analyze on our list of reviews is the tesla model 3, which quite rightly took the title of the runner up best electric car you can find on the market. In 2021, the tesla model 3 awd performance accelerates faster than any other technically easy to explain. The property of an electric motor is that it immediately develops maximum torque, which makes it extremely starting. The force of acceleration is a sight to behold. Tesla notes that it reaches 60 in three and a half seconds and yes, tesla thought of everything. The brakes are absolutely adapted to this force and they stop the electric dragon perfectly without any worries in the world of teslas standards for their public chargers. The installed power is at least 130 kilowatts, then 150 kilowatts and now its possible to find them on an interactive map of 250 kilowatts. This allows passengers to charge their vehicle via a 130 kilowatt charger at 80 battery capacity. In some 25 minutes, rough math says that a 75 mile range can be achieved in 10 minutes on a 130 kilowatt charger, the stronger the charger. Logically, the charging time is reduced according to exact formulas, everything we need. We achieve over a large 15 inch screen, whether its entertainment navigation, air conditioning car systems or safety reading in driving longer distances. The tesla model 3 outperforms. Many. The car, which accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 3.

6 seconds, has a mammoth power of two 430 kilowatt engines and a range of an average of 250 miles, yet the sophistication of driving, far more luxurious and expensive classic cars. What more could you want? This car is actually the best indicator that electric cars do not have to be reserved only for the ultra rich individuals that they have a fantastic performance, design, driving features and many other entertainment options. While this saga continues with regular software upgrades great stuff. After all, the carefully summarized reviews, tests and experiences, we have come to the unanimous conclusion that the tesla model y is the best overall electric car that can be found on the market in 2021. Tesla model y was one of the most anticipated electric cars in europe. In the last year, this new model is a crossover fully electric, of course, which completes the family of mid sized models along with the model 3.. In fact, it shares within much of its technology and many design features. Although there are a few differences in the five seater versions, the huge rear trunk has 854 liters of capacity up to the roof, to which we have to add another 117 liters of the front trunk. If the space of both trunks is added thats, a total of 971 liters, which can be up to 2158 liters, if we fold the seats in the second row, theres more than enough space, even for families with children who still use strollers or for those who dont Like to choose which clothes to take on vacation and end up carrying suitcases everywhere in general, the interior is quite spacious.

The width of the front seats and no problems in the second row, neither in width nor in height to the ceiling and much less in the room, even the rear middle seat is usable. Simplicity is what defines the interior of the model y and almost every tesla minimalism. If you want to use another word, there are no instrument panels behind the steering wheel. There are practically no physical buttons or controls, and even the air vents are hidden so that they cannot be seen either. Almost all the prominence is occupied by the central touch screen of 15 inches from which almost everything is controlled. The screen works great as a top notch resolution fast and fluid response, as the best tablet on the market and the organization of the menu allows you to easily access any setting. But what does this model offer in terms of technical features? If we look at the rear trunk, lid well see the words dual motor on the right, which means that this car has two electric motors, one on the front axle with a power of 150 kilovolts and the other on the rear axle. With a maximum power of 228 kilovolts, which together provide all wheel, drive the total power reaches 378 kilovolts according to the technical sheet, which is 515 traditional horsepower. Overall, this fellow offers top level features high durability, as well as great looks all at the best possible price quality ratio. You wanted the best.

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