This is a very new car. It is the bmw ix yep. We are cruising electrically today. I think this is a statement that might come back to haunt me. The ix is the kind of car that might kill its petrol equivalent, which in bmws case is the x5 within one generation its that good, just simply is Applause, Music. The first time i saw the bmw ix on photos. I thought bmw had gone mad, like e65 7 series, dame edna mad, but the more time that i spend with it the more i like it and im not alone. I received a lot of very positive comments on this vehicle during my test period. Its got a lot of road presence, a lot of very nice details, including electronic handlers door, handles now moving inside the rx arguably gets even better its stunningly futuristic in here with a nice big, curved digital screen, very few physical buttons and lovely materials. Now, of course, because all the control functions are housed within the vast digital screen. It will take some time before youll know exactly where to find everything, but the displays are crisp and clear, and the menu system can be easily changed just by dragging widgets to where you want them to be. Of course, there are various modes, including sport and efficiency. In addition to the standard setting, as is the case with all bmws, and this particular test car had all the bells and whistles, including massaging front seats, which i really enjoyed.

One of my most favorite features on the new bmw ix is the augmented reality navigation system. It may appear tad gimmicky at first, but the slick, graphic overlays really do help to make the guidance being given more accurate and easy to see at a quick glance and then theres the new, my bmw, app, which doesnt only show you valuable stuff. Like your remaining range, but now also includes a remote theft recorder, one of the many interior highlights for me is the idrive control panel. This entire console is beautifully detailed with a lovely wood trim and a crystal finish. I really like the attention to detail and how bmw has integrated touch buttons into the wooden surface. It means that major functions fall easily to hand, particularly if your elbow is resting on the armrest. A major advantage of having the batteries mounted low and the absence of a transmission tunnel is that there is a lot of space in the cabin particularly low down in the front of the cabin here. Youll find a handy storage, deck that includes your wireless charge, pad usb outlets and so on. Oh and just look at the gorgeous upholstery and finish on these seats. Fancier moving to the second row and seated behind my own driving position, there are acres of legroom and lots of headroom and heres. Another example of some lovely attention to detail. Look at how bmw has hidden the isofix child seat anchor points behind this neat flap, Music.

Whoa yeah its very fast as you would expect 385 kilowatts 765 newton meters of torque is going to do that, even with a car that weighs 2.5 tonnes like this one um as with most uh evs, the top speed is limited in this case to 200 kilometers Per hour, but thats not really a problem because well i mean doing 200 is illegal in the first place and secondly, we dont really have the autobahn in south africa. Do we so its kind of pointless far more important, is efficiency and range? Now the good news is, we have in real world driving as a team which is sort of a mix of of city town highway, driving achieved 500, kilometers plus so a consumption of around 21 kilometer kilowatts hour per hundred kilometers, which is really good, and so the Claimed range is actually pretty accurate and in line with what bmw says, so you can do pretty decent distances in the car and, if youre going to be using it to go to the shops, go to the office go to school every day, you probably only will Need to charge it every like week and a half, or so you know, depending on what you do on the weekend, the downside of having such a big battery and such big range besides. Obviously the the cost of the car and the weight of the car is that when you do need to charge it, you know when its almost flat to full.

It does take a long time and the availability of really high speed charges is still quite limited in. In south africa, but i think the way that i see people using this car, the more likely scenario is that youre going to need top ups and, for example, we pulled into a bmw charge. Station 50 kilowatt hour charge station with 14 um battery power left and 90 minutes later we were on 80, so thats really good. Also, if you pull in and you only need like 100 kilometers of range, you only have to wait like 20 minutes, so its its its practical enough. I think for real world application and uh also keep in mind that, in this sort of launch phase of the ix, bmw is throwing in a launch box. Sorry, a wall box as part of the deal which is great so lets talk about ride and handling um. Its not really something that you would expect to be a you know, a serious concern for somebody buying an ev, but this is a bmw. So you know your bmw, aficionados will want it to drive and ride and feel like a bmw, and the good news is that it does steering is nicely weighted. Its got a nice meaty feel to it. Even the thickness of the rim of the steering wheel is is typically bmw and because all those heavy batteries sit really low down in the car, the center of gravity is really low, so it actually sits quite nicely in the corners, its got great grip.

Obviously, its got motors, its got all wheel, drive and um and then theres the ride, which is surprising to me. This is on 22 inch wheels and its got adaptive. Air suspension and the ride is really subtle, really really very comfortable, and yet it also resists roll really well, so i think theyve done a fantastic job in setting this car up just a quick mention on safety. Of course, the bmw ix did achieve a five star euro in cap crash test result, but, more importantly, the components that make up the score were also very good. Its called 91 for adult occupant protection and 87 for child occupant protection now lets talk about pricing. For a bit um, because thats typically been a problem with with evs in this country and dont get me wrong at around 2.2 million rand. This is a very expensive car, but somehow this feels closer to being worth 2.2 million rand than any other ev. That ive driven so far, i think its a combination of factors and – and i mean ive – mentioned all of them in this video already so im not going to go through it. But i did an interesting little exercise where i put this car next to the bmw. X5 m50i, which a couple of hundred thousand ran cheaper but which lacks features that are standard on this car and um. You know there are features on this car that you cant even spec on x5.

Even if you wanted to so lets, say you bring your x5 m50i up to this sort of general kind of spec level. The gap is really quite marginal. Quite small power is very similar. Torque is very similar. Performance is very similar. 4.6 seconds naught 200. In this 4.3 in the in the x5, obviously top speed is a different story, because this is limited to 200 and then, in terms of, i think, the driving experience in this to me is just a different level, its its next generation its. It feels like the future. It feels great um, love the interior, love the tech and the application of the tech. I think, for once you know, bmw in the past, you know with things like gesture control and things like that been a bit gimmicky, but the tech in this car really seemed uh seems to be much more well thought through. So i love the tech in this car. I love, i love the design of the sky, i like the look and the feel of it the only areas where the x5 – actually, i think, trumps. This is in space. This is 150 liters, smaller in the boot and and also a little bit smaller sort of in cabin volume. Although i would say in terms of real legroom, this probably i dont know. I think this is better, but the figures dont lie and then, in terms of you know, the big thing is uh range now, ironically, perhaps i think in the real world the range capability of the two vehicles in the real world is actually quite similar, but the Issue is, of course, that if you need to recharge this, if youve run it empty its going to take a good few hours, if you can find a fast charging station in your x5 and a stop at the nearest petrol station, youll be out in 10 minutes.

Thats the difference, so it really comes down to what are you going to use the car, for? I think weve become clever enough to realize that these cars are not made for traveling cape town to george and back the next day. These are cars for everyday city, town, back home kind of scenarios and but with the extra range now youll charge far less frequently, and you do have the option of sort of extending your trips outside of town by a significant amount. So at the similar price. Right now and given my usage patterns, i would take a ix over x5 every day. In conclusion, then guys, i really cant, give the ix x drive 50, anything less than 10 out of 10.. Its that good, i im, even starting to like the looks um really grown on me, a lot no seriously. This is uh by far, i think, the best and most convincing from a purchasing proposition point of view, ev that ive driven thats available in south africa. For the first time you have a 2.2 million rand. You know decently sized suv, ev um. That kind of makes sense that feels like youre getting value for your money. Um and you know we live in a world where suvs of this size, even petrol ones, premium batched ones – are pushing too too bar anyway, so it still remains somewhat of a statement. Car or a um, you know early adopter kind of decision, but its becoming very, very close to to making very practical sense to me in my usage patterns to have an ev like this.

I like it a lot well done. Bmw, if i had the money, i would be knocking on your door, but i dont. Sadly thanks for watching guys. Let me know in the comments below whether you think the i access score is a sub is a subscribe yeah. It can be a subscribe. Please subscribe. What i mean to say was a surprise, but maybe what i mean is subscribe. Ive also got books to give away. You can find my email address in the about section of this channel and pop me. A mail tell me whether you want it autographed or not and ill get it to you free of charge.