If you havent noticed already, hyundai is trying to take the lead in the ev market by putting itself through massive changes in the transition to become an eevee exclusive company from a legacy automaker, giving up everything that they have built up in its rather turbulent history. Just as soon it has dug itself out of being an automaker with a poor reputation for shoddy quality and performance, hyundai didnt hesitate to forgo on all of its glory that it has attained in recent years to become an exclusive ed maker, with a focus on battery Electric as well as hydrogen fuel cell electric, to accomplish this, the korean automaker has developed the state of the art egmp electric platform to jump start. Its aggressive ev program focused on providing the most advanced evs in the market, but hyundai isnt, forgetting about the bulk of the population, the same group of people that helped the company to grow. That cant and wont spend exorbitantly high price to join in on the game. In this episode of auto vision, we will explore the eevee options that would become available to average joe that would not spend over 30 000 or a price of an average ice vehicle for purchase of a new car. So before we go on, we highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell. If you havent already, and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video hyundai folded, its internal combustion engine development center at the end of 2021, after building its own engine for 40 years and in its place, Created new research and development centers dedicated to the development of electric vehicles and related technology such as batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

The companys ultimate goal is to be fully carbon neutral by the year 2045, but before that it will stop introducing new internal combustion engine models by 2030 and along the way, hyundai has established that it would sell 1.7 million units of evs by the year 2026, which Has been increased from 1 million units originally, this adjustment is mainly due to the tremendous success in europe that the company has garnered, with the evs in particular hyundais new eevee models such as the next generation ionic, 5 and kia ev6 have definitely contributed to the spectacular Growth by increasing the public awareness of the korean technological prowess in electric cars. However, what made the biggest impact was the popularity of its bread and butter evs such as nero evie and kona evie, which have seen an increase in sales of incredible 41.2 over the previous year to help hyundai to reach 1 million units of sales in europe. Making hyundai the fourth largest automaker in the continent, overtaking the bmw group right behind volkswagen, stellentiz and renault evs like nero evie and kona evie have become popular because they are synonymous with affordability, while providing excellent, ev capabilities for prices less than most european and american competitors. Hyundais, more basic 400 volt evs offer outstanding efficiency and value. A case in point is its excellent range of the 64 kilowatt hours. Models that achieve up to 300 miles in real life range greatly exceeding the published range of 2′ miles.

However, hyundai cant afford to sit on its laurels, as the company is being sandwiched from the above with the american and european automakers, introducing more sophisticated ev models with longer range and better performance. Its also feeling the pinch from below in the form of inexpensive chinese made evs that are now taking the european market by the storm, aided by a surge in the domestic ev market that has seen a phenomenal 158 increase over the previous year in 2021. China is now producing a great range of solid evs with outstanding value prepositions. In 2021, china has exported over 300 000 units of evs all over the world, in particular to europe. Although half of the number was the chinese manufactured teslas, this figure is similar to all the evs that korea has exported last year. Ironically, china is selling its own evs in europe, with a focus in the northern european countries like norway, where it is very ev friendly with strong government backing and infrastructure. The chinese ev manufacturers, such as neo and xpang, are capitalizing on this by selling affordable, yet decently. Performing evs with great value and design as the chinese makers are gaining momentum, not only in china but in northern europe. Its also catching up to the western manufacturers fast in terms of quality and performance and as such, korea has to be worried that their current strong position in the entry level ev market could be jeopardized by the aggressive chinese, a situation similar to what happened in electronics.

Thats the reason why hyundai is not only investing in creating advanced tvs with longer range and faster charging speed, with its plan to introduce 800 kilometer or 500 mile range 800 volt tvs by 2025. Its also planning to introduce even more affordable and basic evs to fend off the chinese onslaught. The first of these is expected to be the hyundai venue, mini suv and its sister model bayon, that sold exclusively in europe based on the same platform as top gears. Car of the year winning hyundai at 20 n venue is the smallest suv in hyundais north american lineup, and enjoys popularity due to a great starting price of 20 000 and its smart suv styling that mimics, the largest suv in the lineup hyundai palisade developed exclusively for Europe, beyond sings to the same tune with its sporty and futuristic exterior, inspired by the award winning staria minivan design, coupled with a value oriented price of 20 000 pounds or 17 000 euros in germany. So what could be better candidates than the venue in bayonne to fight off the chinese with their great value message and styling to boot as long as there were eevee versions of them right? Well, a report from india suggests that the internal combustion power plan of the front wheel, driving mini suv, comprised of various gasoline and diesel engines would be complemented with the new pure electric power plant. The report suggests that for hyundai to compete in the affordable, ev segment in the indian market, which is also growing at a remarkable rate thanks to the introduction of inexpensive domestic models such as the tata nexan eevee, that starts from price equivalent to nineteen thousand dollars.

Nexan eevee is the first domestic indian eevee, which comes with a 30.2 kilowatt hours. Battery and 127 horsepower motor combined to render a claimed range of 250 kilometers packaged in hyundai venue sized body and that hyundai venue is reported to be adopting the bigger kona evs running gears for the purpose of electrification. This would be the smaller capacity version that includes a ‘.2 kilowatt hours, battery and 136 horsepower motor, which achieves 190 miles or 305 kilometers of wltp range in the application for the smaller and lighter venue and the platform sharing bay on which would also receive the same Electrification, this range figure is likely to be improved when they are introduced in 2023, with the discontinuation of the ‘.2 kilowatt hours. Kona ev lite model, as well as the impending termination of the original ionic ev, the newest electric vehicle in the shape of baon, would be an excellent option for people that are looking for a simple urban electric vehicle without the need to travel far in europe. The same is also true for the new venue ev for north america, as demand for inexpensive evs is increasing the vast majority of people that are willing to give an eevee a chance find that a forty thousand dollars plus price for an eevee prevalent in the market Too expensive and edie sold as a familiar model such as venue would make a great place to start with a price thats expected to be much less than the ionic ev that its essentially replacing the estimated starting price of the venue.

Ev is 28 000. Likewise, the price in the uk expected for bayon eevee is to be 28 000 pounds or 33 000 euros and should give the chinese eevees run for their money. Although it may be tough to compete with the chinese evs that offer greater performance per money spent. On a strictly range per range basis, with the proven korean quality and reliability, hyundai may have a fighting chance. The second affordable eevee thats in the pipeline, is what could be called the ionic one, the smallest model in the new ionic sub brand, the ionic one will be an even smaller a segment car compared to the b segment venue and bayonne, similar to fiat 500 in Size and it is to use the borgwarner sourced integrated drive, modular or idm system good for up to 135 kilowatts or 181 horsepower. The beauty of the idm system is that its highly modular, which integrates the motor inverter and gearbox in one for quick and simple application to any existing vehicle platform. The expected release date of the new, a segment ev would be in 2023 and will first take the form of hyundai casper ev for the domestic korean market. The ionic one is rumored to be based on the smallest hyundai suv and expected to attain about 186 miles or 300 kilometers in range. The estimated starting price is 25 000. Finally, with hyundai currently working on equipping its basic evs with lfp batteries, instead of more costly nmc batteries, these entry level evs would see even lower prices in the near future.

As for the end of the video question, would you settle for a somewhat smaller ev, with a range of around 300 kilometers or 186 miles for under 30 thousand dollars over the bigger and more premium evs that cost tens of thousands of dollars more, but with longer Range and faster charging speed. Please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell. As not to miss any of our new videos, it would help the channel greatly if you could view our videos as soon as they are uploaded and watch them all the way until the end, which would help to reach more people also to support our channel even Further, please join our membership and enjoy the exclusive content and preview of the upcoming episodes. Finally, dont forget to join our forum and share your passion for korean cars. At koreancarnews.com. See you next time with the latest korean car Music. All the years news made up and i think im running out of Music fall to time ground so heavily cause.