Maybe about five or six degrees so well see how we get on with that um, but yeah this new uh, the new version of the car. Obviously, the previous version of the car was here in ireland uh for just over a year already and has sold very well and been very popular. So this new updated model um has a much bigger battery 72 kilowatt hour battery uh as compared to the previous model, which was only 45, so that was giving a range realistic range. I found last year of 200 240 kilometers, maybe a little bit more uh, depending on the sort of driving youre doing so. This is a much bigger range car. At least whats quoted in the figures, so well see how we get on with that. The car still comes in two different spec levels: um the excite and the exclusive. So this is the higher spec of the two cars and, as you can probably see, this one has the panoramic roof. Um. The high spec car also has some nice touches like roof rails and um a conductive charging pad as well now so yeah gon na go through. Do a bit of review, do a range test and see how we get on the car. So thanks for watching so start off by having a bit of a look around the car, as you can see, uh compared with the previous model, the front is quite different. Quite a nice facelift on the front, a lot prettier to look at, and i think the other thing well notice as well.

Is this much simplified arrangement with the charging flap there well have a more detailed look at that later, but yeah its a nice looking car and the entertainment infotainment system is much improved as well. Well, go through that at some stage as well, but for now just have a quick walk around and have a look. So the car still has the 17 inch wheels. Um, nice design, im sure youll agree and because this is the highest spec of the two versions available. This also has things like the panoramic sunroof and the roof rails. As you can see, theres some uh nice improvements to the interior theres this down this red stitching on the uh, the leather seats on this excite spec model, um, good use of materials theres. Also, this kind of padded effect material here and across the dashboard nice uh chunky, steering wheel in the back again. Nice seats, nice use of materials. Quite a good bit of uh leg room. There im only about five foot: seven five foot eight! So i not sitting that far back but um yeah theres good good, decent space there and plenty of headroom as well come around. The back. Styling is pretty similar to the previous model and the boots got the uh good, deep boot ill, get the stats on exactly how big that boot is comes with two cables, so type 2, cable and theres in the mg bag. There is also a uh, a granny cable, with three pin plug and this sort of boot floor, its quite its quite deep and has quite a big lip but theres, an additional storage area underneath there for your cables and you can actually change the the height of The uh, the boot theres a different stay there, so you can raise the floor level if you like, so i thought id just do a quick rundown on the internal features of the mg.

Zs ev uh, the new 22 version um. So, as you can see from the um initial view of the dashboard um in front of us quite different to the previous version, which had more sort of manual dials, now we have a completely digital dashboard. So youve got your speed on the left and your power usage on the right. So a bit like a rev meter in the center section, weve got this kind of optional display, depending on what you want to view. This particular view is showing us Music. The accumulated total uh mileage that weve done today and so on so the driving time and the kilometers, the average speed and the kilowatts hours per hundred kilometer, which weve achieved 19.1. Today, the display there at the top shows you uh. Basically, the activity um with the electric motor and the battery and so on when the car is going along um. Also, we see there bottom left hand corner youve got the driving mode, so weve got three driving modes in this car, which is uh toggled on this mode switch down here. So, as you can see normal mode, eco mode and sport mode, so in eco mode, the um kind of performance of the car is dulled down to enable greater range in sport mode. Its much more feels much more nippy, much more responsive to the throttle, pedal. So yeah, inevitably in sport mode, youll get less range than normal or eco mode.

In the bottom right hand, corner weve got the Music two pieces of information. 40 percent is the current um state of charge of the battery, so ive just put a charge in here. Um just to get enough to get home to dublin and then in the in the little circle. There is basically the regenerative braking. Now there are three levels of regenerative braking in this car and, if youre not familiar with that, what that basically allows you to do is as you back off the accelerator, the coals start to break and whether you like that mode of driving, you can almost drive It in a single pedal mode, if youre at the highest level, whereas youll get more coasting in level one so again, um this toggle switch curves kinetic energy recovery system is analogous with regenerative braking so yeah. We can toggle that setting here and, as you can see three modes, one two and three, depending on what your driving preferences, i tend to use three in urban driving and probably one on on the more motorway or dual carriageway type, driving and probably two on a Road type stuff, so then steer well actually go back here for a second uh just scroll through some of this other options. So basically, um youve got this other display here, which is basically showing you uh your surrounding traffic and so on. If we were moving along wed, see where other cars are, and it also shows you the lanes, so this car has whats called mg pilot, which is basically some um, not autonomous driving features, but safety driving features.

So it can either remind you or help you stay in your lane. Its got adaptive cruise control as well, which basically will will you know, drive you at a particular speed but keep you um a distance from the car in front of the car in front slows down and so on, and all of this is kind of shown uh In this this particular display where we can see other traffic or pedestrians, and things like that um then, on this display fairly standard weve got the sort of um the tire pressures showing and also the the voltage of our 12 volt battery um some settings here. Uh luminance level is basically um. Your the brightness of the display currently got that on medium, but you can have it more dim or brighter, depending on what you want. Overspeed is basically mg speak for putting basically a speed warning on so ive got that set to 120, which is obviously the upper speed limit here in ireland. So if you go above 120, youll get a warning popping up on the dash and you can tailor that to whatever you want, or you can turn it off altogether and there we go back to the first display. We were looking at on the steering wheel. Weve got fairly standard, audio controls, um to control the um, the the radio or the music streaming and then on the right. Weve got the uh, basically the controls i was using just there to toggle through these uh different displays on the dashboard, um and also the um.

We can talk to the car and and use voice control to tell you what to do and thats what that buttons. For here now, moving on to the center weve got the main infotainment system. Now this is the home page and it kind of shows you a summary of everything you want to know top left. Is our state of charging also whats interesting on this particular model? The higher spec, the exclusive spec mg zs, we have um whats, called a vehicle to load as well, which basically shows or allows you to plug other appliances into the car and use the battery in the car to run those. So you might be able to charge a friends car, for example, or if you were camping, use that to power certain things, whether thats useful to you or not ill. Let you decide, but you can get an optional cable uh from mg to to use that feature and thats what this this tire just charging uh display is for, and it will show you um certain information if youve got that plugged in weve also got apple carplay And android auto for anyone who wants to use those features rather than standard infotainment and you can toggle between those and the standard infotainment system apple carplay is great, particularly if you want to use something like spotify for music or google maps for navigation in the center Weve got the audio, so at the moment thats on the radio and on the right, weve got the nav, and this is a touch screen, so you can touch on these particular areas to go into a particular set of uh displays.

So actually, i just wanted to show the map, but um anyway, well, go back to the home page ill click into this. Obviously, i have a bit of a bit of learning still on how to use these uh features on this display now, theres also another page. If you scroll across um, showing you basically lots of settings and so on particular interest in here the vehicle option, if we go into mg pilot, this allows you to configure all of your autonomous driving features like the lane assistance. I was talking about front collision assistance, so that will notice if something is coming up in front of you: pedestrian automatic emergency, braking system, rear driving assistance, so whats happening behind you or walking across behind you uh, when youre parked and so on, which is very useful. Now we go back to the home page, so youll notice, i can use either these uh piano keys shortcuts down here or i can use the touch screen. Ive got those different options on the right hand, side here, ive got the aircon situation so and also the heated seats. So i can turn on the heated seats from here its only one level. I found it okay for what i need. Some cars have multiple levels of heating on the seats, but depends what you prefer. This only has one level, but i found it absolutely fine. Now, if we wanted to actually turn on the heat, we can do that there ive been running about 21 22 degrees and obviously the all the options to change where you want the air flowing and so on.

Again, you can use the piano keys down here, to adjust the heat up and down, and also the fan, speed or turn it off altogether and weve got a shortcut key there as well piano key for the the audio volume. So your passenger can control that as well. If they, if they need to um there weve got the conductive charging pad, which is um a feature in this exclusive spec model. So if your phone can do conductive charging thats a very handy feature in the two usb ports there, the keys there for the mode and the cars ive already shown you battery basically just gives you a shortcut to the battery information display. So i can see very quickly at the click of that button, uh what my state of charge is and my estimated range and so on. You can also set on here the level of um charge that you want to get to when your car is charging overnight. I got caught out by that last night because it was only set to 80, so one worth understanding um in the center here, so weve got the main drive selector, so um reverse neutral drive and park. So press down for park um foot on the brake to start as with any automatic transition transmission, so put it into drive. We just toggle it to the right left for reverse and youll see in reverse the um camera comes on automatically and this is a 360 camera.

So this is a nice feature. You can pick where you want to see. So, even if youre driving forward in a difficult parking space or doing a parallel park, thats uh thats a useful feature so and then of course, weve got the um parking brake. So electronic parking brake in this car and weve got the um automatic um brake so that stops you rolling back and uh yeah. Basically that engages as soon as you um stop the vehicle, so thats thats how he says: youre sitting on the brake, um nice cubbies. Here so, as you can see, couple of um spots for cups, decent cubby there for keeping snacks and other things yeah generally, a very nice interior. I love the um, the panoramic roof. Of course, the controls for that are up here on the roof, so youve one for the the blind which goes back and forth and one to open the the actual um roof itself, which is nice so yeah. Hopefully that gives you a good idea of all the features electric windows there, of course, locking controls everything you need.