Today we are going to do tata, nexon evie, showroom, review. Eevees are clearly gaining momentum in india. Tata first introduced their evie in 2019, with tigor its a low voltage car. However, in 2020 they came out with nexon ev, which is a high voltage. Car currently tata holds 58 percent of ev market in india. There are five more evs to come in the market from tata, so lets get into video and see the merits of this car. Thank you, Music, so Music. This is the front profile of nexon ev. You can see that it comes with the tata badge, as well as the eevee badge in electric blue. On top of the front bonnet, it looks so classy and very stylish. Wherever is possible, tata made sure theyll give this electric blue instead of chrome, it represents the ev model. You have those lining running below the headlights as well as you do have those lining with the fog lamps tata. Also provided this electric blue human rinds in the front. Grille again, it is to represent the ev pattern of nexon. Overall, the friend grill had a makeover, and it looks damn good and very, very stylish, put together the headlights, fog lights and also the front grille of this new tata nexon ev, its its ultimately looking cool and good nexon eb comes with projector headlamps with drl features. These are auto head lamps with ambient lighting and tunnel detection, and it also has the signature.

Electric blue, along with the fog lamps, its an amazing water, finish, data provided for the ev sector. The side profile of this car is so stylish and scintillating, overall nexon evs ’93 mm in length 1811 mm in width and thousand six hundred and six mm in height. This is the uh. You know other view of the side profile from the back lets see the tail lamps. Now the tail lamps also razor sharp again it has the border finish of electric blue human lines, which represents ev uh. These are led, uh tail lamps. You will see uh tatas badge getting annexed over there plus nixon uh beneath uh, the bonnet and the boot. You will also have the eevee batch comes here and the overall rims wear a chrome finish its in piano black finish. It looks so stylish and it looks so. Ultra cool lets check the tires. Now tata nixon ev comes with mrf tires. It also has diamond cut alloy wheels at the top and model. It looks so trendy and stylish for sure the wheel basis of 2498 mm and 205 mm of ground clearance, which is a good sign as far as the brakes are concerned, front is disc and the rear is drum tata, nexon ev also comes with hill assist for Both climb as well as descent, the side mirrors, are in piano black finish. The war vms has in built turn indicators, which is amazing and tata. Nexon ev also comes with the roof rails in dual tone: black and white – for this color, and also it has a shark fin antenna which looks amazing.

The spoiler gives a very, very classic and stylish look for the car. So overall the exteriors looks very stylish. They made lot of cosmetic arrangements in this car compared to the other nexons nexon ev comes with the smart key and push button. Let me show you it. It helps you to open the car close the car and access your headlamps. However, i found it very hard to pull the key out. This is not a regular flip key, but you need to pull the key out apart from the automatic one, so it was little difficult for me. So this is. This is something i i i feel as strange and difficult in this car lets get into the most interesting part. Now the engine deck tata, nixon ev comes with permanent magnet synchronous motor, which assures a highly zp performance. This variant is a fully automatic single speed transmission model about the battery. This one has a high voltage lithium battery pack zero emission variant, which is also good for the environment. The car comes with a liquid cooled thermal management system which supports its performance overall. For me, looking at the engine decks, it gives me the feel of looking at a robot completely insulated or looking at something like a transformer cast. It looks so so good. This is the dough profile. The dough handles are in piano black finish and comes with side body cladding. To avoid scratches the doors were very comfortable to maneuver, to open and close.

It comes with a bottle holder and also it has an umbrella holder. There is a speaker attached in this car plus a stop light, which is very, very useful on highway driving or something. Let me show you the driver cabin now its completely a fortified cabin. Well craftsmanship. You can easily see there is a lever just behind the drivers seat to adjust the elevation. As for the drivers. Well – and it looks – premium – comes with the headrest. In fact, all the seats has adjustable headrests here. There is also a lever beneath the seat to move front and back now lets get into the dashboard. Nexon ev has made lot of improvements as well. The dash is concerned the car, the top variant, comes with steering mounted controls and the start and stop switch in this car, which is an added advantage. Plus you will see lot of uh. You know steering mounted controls in this car, as i said before, the regular wiper switches, as well as your headlamp adjustment switches. This car has a 7 inch harman, entertainment touchscreen, which i explained later. This has a nexon batch just behind the dash and you have a ac control switch. This car has automatic climate control system. The fog lamp switches were given over there, a defogger as well as your climb, assist and other major features were easily accessible to the driver. You also have 12 watts of a charging port which can be used for your mobile as well as for your tabs and a small coin holder in the front.

You have ac vents on the front as well as on the rear. This is the passenger seat comes with the headrest, the upholstery looks premium and it looks so stylish ultimate leather finish. The armrest has a small compartment beneath to it and it is very, very comfortable overall, the nexon ev dashboard has a premium uplift. This comes with the dual airbags: this is the vanity as well as you will have switches for your sky roof on the top of you, which i will explain later now, lets get into the gear. Knobs nexon ev comes with a very trendy gear lever. Youll have four options here: dry mode, sports mode, reverse and neutral. It looks so stylish the only disadvantage. What i heard is when you are driving the car in the bright sun. You cannot see which mode the car is in. Apart from that, it looks cool and stylish. This is the digital. Instrumental panel comes with total graphic display. This has lot of features inclusive in nixon eevee. The next one, ev top variant comes with a powered sky roof. This is very, very simple to operate and it is smooth as well. Let me show you its at the single touch the sky roof opens, and it was wonderful to see that it looks good now lets get into the passenger side. Nexon, as usual, has a very good leg room and the seats were so comfortable both at the back has the adjustable headrest and it comes with the leather premium finish.

Wherever is possible tata made sure they they give this human lines to denotes that it is a ev model and the number plates will come in green. They look stylish as well now lets get into the back profile. This is the back profile of nexon ev. You will have the nexon badge as well as the eevee badge, the nexon boot spaces 350 liters, and they also provides the cables and the plug ports to charge your car. So this is something very, very interesting for the first time buyers, because normally we all used to petrol or diesel. This makes you engaging at least for the initial period till you get used to it in the boot. You will also get a spare wheel beneath the sheet. This is the spare wheel over there overall nexons boot space is very, very comfortable for a long driving or to load things for any purposes you have. So this is the slot where you charge your car. Instead of petrol or desert very interesting, this comes with cc 22 standard charging port. The company says it will take 60 minutes to charge from 0 to 90 percent. You can use any 15 amp plug point to charge this car on a single charge. This car will give you 312 kilometer as a mileage overall nexon ev top variant comes with lot of exclusive features, such as child, safe safety, rear door, locks, rain, sensing wipers, rear ac vents seat belt reminders from the cluster panel voice alerts, as well as door.

Open indicators for me, if you consider suspension performance, maintenance, safety and budget on a compact suv, especially on the ev segment tata nexon ev, is a go to car. This has all the features, a mandatory ones and it is going to be a drivers. Paradise.