The build quality is amazing, um the design, the the lighting signatures, the interior quality, the seats just a really impressive, impressive, impressive job of hyundai. This 2022 hyundai ioniq 5 is a really impressive car. They come in two trim: levels, sel and limited thats, the two main packages they start at forty, five thousand for the sel and fifty thousand for the limited. Now this also eligible for the seventy five hundred dollar federal tax credit uh. The sel, which is what you see here, has full led lights. It has the highway driving assist, which is kind of like tesla autopilot. In a way, it has a hands free, smart liftgate, with auto open its got a wireless charging pads, so you can put your phone there and it will wirelessly charge, which is great, the really cool ambient interior lighting. If you upgrade to the limited um youll get the remote parking assist the larger wheels, the blind spot monitoring and the the full glass roof. You also get a a two way vehicle charger, so you could actually send power out of the car which is kind of cool. I cant get over the design of this car. How just like 80s, like um retro, i guess and then a little bit of, futuristic blade runner. I mean something about this car really just captivated me. The rear lighting signatures, the headlights, the little side streaks everywhere, its just a really cool car, its properly designed full independent suspension flat underneath for aerodynamics, which is great um.

You know backup camera all that standard stuff. The lighting signature is really what got me, though. I just love the way: the lights look on this car. The charging port is on the passenger side in the back, and you can see it pops up in here with the fob. You got your dc fast charging when you pull this out. It does have ultra fast charging capability, which gives you 60 miles of range in five minutes, or you can go from 10 to 80 percent in under 18 minutes, which is really fast, very impressive. The back hatch area is very large, very roomy. You got all these cool little tie down points which is great. It is a powered rear trunk, which is great. The seats fold flat and the rear seats do kind of recline a little bit and they do go back and forth. This is the manual release for the charging door, which is kind of nice in case the mechanic mechanism fails on you, which is really nice. Youve got a nice little storage area underneath that you can store your charging cables or any other small items, just a nice little addition, there youve got these great door handles that pop out and are flush when youre driving. You can see with the seats folded down. Youve got really cool storage, you can throw mountain bikes or whatever you need in the back here. Im really impressed with this storage capability of this vehicle.

The interior trim in this car is so unique. Hyundai really knocked it out of the park. Its very bespoke to this car – it has a really cool vibe youve got ambient lighting back here, which is really neat, also forgot to mention this car does come with a 10 year 100 000 mile warranty on the battery and powertrain, which is great um. This matte paint is very eye catching its. It does have a tiny little front. Trunk uh, not as big as i would like, but at least it does have something, unlike the vw products, which dont have anything up there or any capability to store anything up front and you can get to all your fluids, your brake fluid your washer fluid things Like that, your 12 volt accessory batteries over here on this side how this thing goes set it up its, not the model s its its pretty quick though it works. I think its. What like five five point: five or five seconds, yeah Music, absolutely im gon na stop right there yep and were going downhill. This is not a smooth road which is impressive, so you know breaks at home. Yep no breaks very cool plug it in yeah. You do they did say that i think over their update, theyre talking about releasing it where you can do a wireless carplay. They do have a wireless charger right here, which is really nice. Can you set filter, theres filter? Oh okay, you can do this youll see on the vw you couldnt do this, which is car, has clever storage, uh, cubbies everywhere um everywhere you look around the car theres little storage nooks, all over the place and theres charging everywhere.

Theres charging usbs cigarette lighter theres. Usb chargers in the back seat, theres two back there theres ambient lighting on the speakers, ambient lighting in the doors really really interesting design choices and its also kind of bespoke to this car. If you go to look at other hyundais, you dont see a lot of these really cool design features and the lighting signatures i just cant get over. I just love the way they look um. You know this kind of led pixelated um. I guess one word you could call. It is retro futurism, which is kind of cool. The wheels are pretty neat, theyre uh, solid metal. Obviously, but you know a lot of cars, they have these little plastic inserts um to kind of give it this. The arrow effect with like metal underneath, but these are actually solid metal. This whole thing is metal, theres, no plastic on these wheels at all, even though it kind of looks that way, but its all done for aerodynamic efficiency. The tires do come with nitrogen, underneath the car is completely flat for aerodynamics, which is great four wheel, independent suspension and then going into the back seats, really comfortable, reclining back seats. They fold flat theres your two usbs right. There little net pockets everywhere, really really neat materials. This kind of like weave on the back on the sides of the seats, which is really cool, even get a little air conditioning vent on the side there, which is kind of cool i just i just – cannot get over how cool this interior looks, and i think He picked an amazing color combination with the gray matte outer uh paint with this kind of um kind of ivory white interior um.

I brought out the tape measure because i couldnt get over how long the doors are in the ionic compared to my tesla theyre. Very, very long and really um nice to get in, and out of i really like these subtle aerodynamic tweaks they did to the car on the outside. The car is very well designed very impressed.